Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2021 Hepatobiliary cancers, Version 2.2021Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network : JNCCN.  19:541-565. 2021
2020 The Clinical Benefit of Adjuvant Therapy in Long-Term Survival of Early-Stage Ampullary Carcinoma: A Single Institutional Experience.Journal of Clinical Medicine Research.  12:560-567. 2020
2020 The Novel Use of Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Remnant Adrenal Tissue in Nelson SyndromeAACE Clinical Case Reports.  6:e33-e36. 2020
2019 Repeat gamma knife stereotactic radiosurgery in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia: A single-center experience and focused review of the literatureJournal of Clinical Neuroscience.  70:102-107. 2019
2019 Feasibility of Dose Escalating [18F]fluciclovine Positron Emission Tomography Positive Pelvic Lymph Nodes During Moderately Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy for High-Risk Prostate CancerAdvances in Radiation Oncology.  4:649-658. 2019
2019 Therapeutic options for ampullary carcinomas. A reviewOncology Reviews.  13:156-160. 2019
2019 Disparities in clinical outcomes across age, sex and race among patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma: a single center experienceAnnals of Oncology.  30:iv64. 2019
2019 Efficacy and tolerability of the combination of Liposomal irinotecan and 5-fluorouracil/leucovorin in advanced pancreatic cancers: post-approval clinic experienceAnnals of Oncology.  30:iv74. 2019
2019 Neoadjuvant modified FOLFIRINOX or gemcitabine-nab paclitaxel followed by stereotactic body radiotherapy for patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancerAnnals of Oncology.  30:iv67. 2019
2019 Recent advances in the systemic treatment of gastrointestinal malignancyIndian Journal of Medical and Paediatric Oncology.  40:336-340. 2019
2019 Stereotactic body radiotherapy in locally advanced pancreatic adenocarcinoma: A single institution experienceAnnals of Oncology.  30:iv89. 2019
2019 Hepatobiliary cancers, version 2.2019 featured updates to the NCCN guidelinesJournal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network : JNCCN.  17:302-310. 2019
2019 Advances in pancreatic cancer biomarkersOncology Reviews.  13:69-76. 2019
2019 Prostate Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy With a Focal Simultaneous Integrated Boost: Acute Toxicity and Dosimetry Results From a Prospective TrialAdvances in Radiation Oncology.  4:90-95. 2019
2017 Subcutaneous adipose tissue characteristics and the risk of biochemical recurrence in men with high-risk prostate cancerUrologic Oncology: seminars and original investigations.  35:663.e15-663.e21. 2017
2017 Hepatobiliary cancers, version 1.2017 featured updates to the NCCN guidelinesJournal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network : JNCCN.  15:563-573. 2017
2017 NCCN Guidelines Insights: Hepatobiliary Cancers, Version 1.2017.Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network : JNCCN.  15:563-573. 2017
2016 Improved Postoperative Survival for Intraductal-Growth Subtype of Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma. 2016
2016 Improved postoperative survival for intraductal- growth subtype of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma 2016
2016 Impact of adjuvant chemoradiation on survival in patients with resectable cholangiocarcinoma 2016
2016 Protocol RAD 0902: A Pilot Study of Transarterial Chemoembolization Followed by Stereotactic Radiation Therapy for Locally Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma. 2016
2016 Successful hepatocellular carcinoma downstaging with transarterial chemoembolization followed by stereotactic radiotherapyLiver Transplantation.  22:547-551. 2016
2016 Factors associated with increased incidence of severe toxicities following yttrium-90 resin microspheres in the treatment of hepatic malignanciesWorld Journal of Gastroenterology.  22:3006-3014. 2016
2016 Pelvic radiotherapy versus radical prostatectomy with limited lymph node sampling for high-grade prostate adenocarcinomaProstate Cancer.  2016. 2016
2015 Patterns of Failure for Lymph Node-Positive Resected Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma After Adjuvant Radiotherapy or Gemcitabine-based Chemotherapy AloneJournal of Gastrointestinal Cancer.  46:149-155. 2015
2015 Adjuvant stereotactic body radiotherapy following transarterial chemoembolization in patients with non-resectable hepatocellular carcinoma tumours of ≥3 cm 2015
2015 Continuous chemoradiation following complete response to neo-adjuvant chemotherapy provides improved outcomes in muscle invasive urothelial carcinomaJournal of Solid Tumors.  5:59-68. 2015
2014 Reduced radiation tolerance of penile structures associated with dose-escalated hypofractionated prostate radiotherapyUrology.  84:1383-1388. 2014
2014 Different rectal toxicity tolerance with and without simultaneous conventionally-fractionated pelvic lymph node treatment in patients receiving hypofractionated prostate radiotherapyRadiation Oncology.  9. 2014
2014 A technique using 99mTc-mebrofenin SPECT for radiotherapy treatment planning for liver cancers or metastasesMedical Dosimetry.  39:7-11. 2014
2014 PSA response to neoadjuvant androgen deprivation is an independent prognostic marker and may identify patients who benefit from treatment escalationUrologic Oncology: seminars and original investigations.  32:687-693. 2014
2013 Efficacy and toxicity of conventionally fractionated pelvic radiation with a hypofractionated simultaneous versus conventionally fractionated sequential boost for patients with high-risk prostate cancerActa Oncologica.  52:1181-1188. 2013
2013 Patient benefit from salvage radiation for prostate cancer.Journal of Clinical Oncology.  31:175. 2013
2013 Flattening filter-free linac improves treatment delivery efficiency in stereotactic body radiation therapyJournal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.  14:4126. 2013
2013 Flattening filter-free linac improves treatment delivery efficiency in stereotactic body radiation therapyJournal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.  14:64-71. 2013
2013 Optimal planning target volume margins for elective pelvic lymphatic radiotherapy in high-risk prostate cancer patients.ISRN Oncology.  2013:941269. 2013
2012 Radiation necrosis in the brain: Imaging features and differentiation from tumor recurrence 2012
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1999 Hyper-fractionated radiotherapy for soft tissue sarcoma: results of the second study of hyper-fractionated radiotherapy.Sarcoma.  3:157-165. 1999
1998 Extragonadal germ-cell tumors: a ten-year experience. 1998
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1996 Efficacy of vitamin A in the prevention of loco-regional recurrence and second primaries in head and neck cancer.Oral Oncology.  32B:373-376. 1996

Education And Training

  • Regional Cancer Center, Residency
  • Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Trust, Residency
  • Velindre & Singleton NHS Trust, Residency
  • Velindre & Singleton NHS Trust, Residency
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center, Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center, PA, Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Kerala 1988
  • Full Name

  • Rojymon Jacob