Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2018 Advancements in Free-Radical Pathologies and an Important Treatment Solution with a Free-Radical Inhibitor. 2018
2017 Advancing Discontinuous Fiber-Reinforced Composites above Critical Length for Replacing Current Dental Composites and Amalgam. 2017
2017 Free-radicals and advanced chemistries involved in cell membrane organization influence oxygen diffusion and pathology treatment 2017
2017 Important Dental Fiber-Reinforced Composite Molding Compound Breakthroughs. 2017
2016 Mechanical Properties Comparing Composite Fiber Length to Amalgam. 2016
2016 Triclosan antimicrobial polymers. 2016
2015 Triclosan Computational Conformational Chemistry Analysis for Antimicrobial Properties in Polymers. 2015
2014 Titanium Implant Osseointegration Problems with Alternate Solutions Using Epoxy/Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Composite. 2014
2014 Computational conformational antimicrobial analysis developing mechanomolecular theory for polymer biomaterials in materials science and engineering. 2014
2013 Free-radical polymer science structural cancer model: a review. 2013
2012 Reactive Secondary Sequence Oxidative Pathology Polymer Model and Antioxidant Tests. 2012
2011 Bisphenyl-polymer/carbon-fiber-reinforced composite compared to titanium alloy bone implant 2011
2007 Micromechanics for fiber volume percent with a photocure vinyl ester composite 2007
2007 Fracture toughness micromechanics by energy methods with a photocure fiber-reinforced composite 2007
2006 Stress-transfer micromechanics for fiber length with a photocure vinyl ester composite 2006
2005 Discontinuous fiber-reinforced composites above critical length 2005

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  • Richard Petersen