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Year Title Altmetric
2020 Re: New allopathic medical schools train fewer family physicians than older onesJournal of the American Board of Family Medicine.  33:154-155. 2020
2019 Integration of Interprofessional Education (IPE) Core Competencies Into Health Care Education: IPE Meets Culinary Medicine 2019
2014 Journeying through health disparities-two family physicians' storiesFamily Medicine.  46:474-475. 2014
2010 Response to "Let's break down the barriers".Family Medicine.  42:743. 2010
2010 Response to "let's break down the barriers"Family Medicine.  42:743. 2010
2006 A randomized controlled trial of dietary fiber intake on serum lipidsEuropean Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  60:62-68. 2006
2004 Effect of dietary fiber intake on blood pressure: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trialJournal of Hypertension.  22:73-80. 2004
2002 Factors associated with hypertension control in the general population of the United StatesArchives of Internal Medicine.  162:1051-1058. 2002
2000 Patient education in our officesJournal of Family Practice.  49:327-328. 2000
1999 Prevalence of high-risk behaviors and obesity among low-income patients attending primary care clinics in Louisiana. 1999
1993 Louisiana's need for primary care physicians: let's not forget the role of medical education. 1993
1993 Who’s to blame for the low production of generalist graduates?Academic Medicine.  68:670-671. 1993
1992 A game and puppet for kidsPostgraduate Medicine.  91:82. 1992
1986 Aseptic meningitis and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole.Journal of Family Practice.  23:314. 1986
1986 Bite of the venomous lizard, the Gila monsterPostgraduate Medicine.  79:297-302. 1986
1986 Meralgia parestheticaAmerican Family Physician.  33:141-144. 1986
1985 Medical computing: the remote database.Journal of the Mississippi State Medical Association.  26:171-173. 1985
1984 Severe neutropenia and infectious mononucleosis: brief report.Journal of the Mississippi State Medical Association.  25:295-297. 1984
1984 Preventing Heart AttacksSouthern Medical Journal.  77:1216. 1984

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