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2019 The impact of donor and recipient common clinical and genetic variation on estimated glomerular filtration rate in a European renal transplant populationAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  19:2262-2273. 2019
2019 Variation in use of procurement biopsies and its implications for discard of deceased donor kidneys recovered for transplantationAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  19:2241-2251. 2019
2019 Time for reform in transplant program–specific reporting: AST/ASTS transplant metrics taskforceAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  19:1888-1895. 2019
2019 Long-term follow-up of the DeKAF cross-sectional cohort studyAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  19:1432-1443. 2019
2019 Allograft and patient survival after sequential HSCT and kidney transplantation from the same donor—A multicenter analysisAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  19:475-487. 2019
2019 Tacrolimus troughs and genetic determinants of metabolism in kidney transplant recipients: A comparison of four ancestry groupsAmerican Journal of Transplantation2019
2018 Apolipoprotein L1 and Chronic Kidney Disease Risk in Young Potential Living Kidney DonorsAnnals of Surgery.  267:1161-1168. 2018
2018 Expanding clarity or confusion? Volatility of the 5-tier ratings assessing quality of transplant centers in the United StatesAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  18:1494-1501. 2018
2018 Late graft failure after kidney transplantation as the consequence of late versus early eventsAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  18:1158-1167. 2018
2018 Xenotransplantation - The current status and prospectsBritish Medical Bulletin.  125:5-14. 2018
2017 Effect of Replacing Race With Apolipoprotein L1 Genotype in Calculation of Kidney Donor Risk IndexAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  17:1540-1548. 2017
2017 Access to kidney transplantation among HIV-infected waitlist candidatesClinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.  12:467-475. 2017
2015 Apolipoprotein L1 gene variants in deceased organ donors are associated with renal allograft failureAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  15:1615-1622. 2015
2015 Identification of strategies to facilitate organ donation among african americans using the nominal group techniqueClinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.  10:286-293. 2015
2015 Medical management of chronic kidney disease in the renal transplant recipientCurrent Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension.  24:587-593. 2015
2014 Kidneys at higher risk of discard: Expanding the role of dual kidney transplantationAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  14:404-415. 2014
2013 Future of medicare immunosuppressive drug coverage for kidney transplant recipients in the United StatesClinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.  8:1258-1266. 2013
2012 Erratum: A realistic proposal-incentives may increase donation - We need trials now! (American Journal of Transplantation (2012) 12 (1957-1958) DOI:10.1111/j.1600-6143.2012.04117.x)American Journal of Transplantation.  12:2261. 2012
2012 Report of a consensus conference on transplant program quality and surveillanceAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  12:1988-1996. 2012
2012 The APOL1 genotype of African American kidney transplant recipients does not impact 5-year allograft survivalAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  12:1924-1928. 2012
2012 Counseling patients for kidney transplantation: Awkward conversations?American Journal of Transplantation.  12:273-274. 2012
2012 A realistic proposal - Incentives may increase donation - We need trials now!American Journal of Transplantation.  12:1957-1958. 2012
2011 Our evolving understanding of late kidney allograft failureCurrent Opinion in Organ Transplantation.  16:594-599. 2011
2011 The PROMISE study: A phase 2b multicenter study of voclosporin (ISA247) versus tacrolimus in de Novo kidney transplantationAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  11:2675-2684. 2011
2011 Advances in kidney transplant immunosuppression: Emerging biologicsDialysis and Transplantation.  40:30-32. 2011
2010 Living donor nephrectomy: Understanding long-term risk in minority populationsAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  10:2574-2576. 2010
2010 Inflammation in areas of tubular atrophy in kidney allograft biopsies: A potent predictor of allograft failureAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  10:2066-2073. 2010
2010 Optimizing medication adherence: An ongoing opportunity to improve outcomes after kidney transplantationClinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.  5:1305-1311. 2010
2010 Histopathologic clusters differentiate subgroups within the nonspecific diagnoses of CAN or CR: Preliminary data from the DeKAF studyAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  10:315-323. 2010
2010 Pathological and clinical characterization of the 'Troubled transplant': Data from the DeKAF studyAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  10:324-330. 2010
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2009 Barriers to preemptive kidney transplantationAmerican Journal of Nursing.  109:28-37. 2009
2009 Use of cardioprotective medications in kidney transplant recipientsAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  9:1811-1815. 2009
2009 Fixed- or controlled-dose mycophenolate mofetil with standard- or reduced-dose calcineurin inhibitors: The opticept trialAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  9:1607-1619. 2009
2009 Transplant tourism and unregulated black-market trafficking of organsAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  9:1484. 2009
2009 A Festschrift honoring Dr. John J. Curtis.Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.  4:2027-2028. 2009
2009 Bortezomib successfully reduces monoclonal serum free light chain levels in a patient with recurrent myeloma and cast nephropathy in the renal transplant.Clinical Transplants.  439-441. 2009
2009 Must health literacy be a prerequisite for kidney transplantation?Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.  4:16-17. 2009
2008 Phase 1 dose-escalation study of CP-690 550 in stable renal allograft recipients: Preliminary findings of safety, tolerability, effects on lymphocyte subsets and pharmacokineticsAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  8:1711-1718. 2008
2008 Transplant tourism: A modern iteration of an ancient problemCurrent Opinion in Organ Transplantation.  13:395-399. 2008
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2003 Equivalent Pharmacokinetics of Mycophenolate Mofetil in African-American and Caucasian Male and Female Stable Renal Allograft RecipientsAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  3:1581-1586. 2003
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2003 Determinants of cardiovascular mortality after renal transplantation: A role for cytomegalovirus?American Journal of Transplantation.  3:79-81. 2003
2003 Diabetes mellitus after kidney transplantationAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  3:512-513. 2003
2003 The report of a national conference on the wait list for kidney transplantationAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  3:775-785. 2003
2002 Addressing minority issues in renal transplantation: Is more equitable access an achievable goal?American Journal of Transplantation.  2:1-3. 2002
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Year Title Altmetric
2013 Mycophenolates.  250-266. 2013
2011 Immunosuppression: Past, present, and future.  19-30. 2011
2008 Hypertension in Renal Transplant Recipients.  675-679. 2008

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