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2017 Cellular and Molecular Dynamics of Th17 Differentiation and its Developmental Plasticity in the Intestinal Immune Response.Frontiers in Immunology.  8:254. 2017
2015 IL-1 signaling modulates activation of STAT transcription factors to antagonize retinoic acid signaling and control the TH17 cell-iTreg cell balance.Nature Immunology.  16:286-295. 2015
2013 The Th17 family: flexibility follows function.Immunological Reviews.  252:89-103. 2013
2012 Th22 cells are an important source of IL-22 for host protection against enteropathogenic bacteria.Immunity.  37:1061-1075. 2012
2010 Leishmania donovani isolates with antimony-resistant but not -sensitive phenotype inhibit sodium antimony gluconate-induced dendritic cell activation.PLoS Pathogens.  6:e1000907. 2010
2009 KMP-11 DNA immunization significantly protects against L. donovani infection but requires exogenous IL-12 as an adjuvant for comparable protection against L. major.Vaccine.  27:1306-1316. 2009
2008 Virulence attenuation of a UDP-galactose/N-acetylglucosamine beta1,4 galactosyltransferase expressing Leishmania donovani promastigote.Glycoconjugate Journal.  25:459-472. 2008
2007 Hybrid cell vaccination resolves Leishmania donovani infection by eliciting a strong CD8+ cytotoxic T-lymphocyte response with concomitant suppression of interleukin-10 (IL-10) but not IL-4 or IL-13.Infection and Immunity.  75:5956-5966. 2007
2007 HLA class I-restricted T cell epitopes of the kinetoplastid membrane protein-11 presented by Leishmania donovani-infected human macrophages.Journal of Infectious Diseases.  195:1373-1380. 2007
2006 Mapping the antigenicity of the parasites in Leishmania donovani infection by proteome serology.PLoS ONE.  1:e40. 2006
2005 Identification of new antigens in visceral leishmaniasis by expression cloning and immunoblotting with sera of kala-azar patients from Bihar, India.Infection and Immunity.  73:7018-7021. 2005
2005 Kinetoplastid membrane protein-11 DNA vaccination induces complete protection against both pentavalent antimonial-sensitive and -resistant strains of Leishmania donovani that correlates with inducible nitric oxide synthase activity and IL-4 generation: evidence for mixed Th1- and Th2-like responses in visceral leishmaniasis.Journal of Immunology.  174:7160-7171. 2005
2003 Infectivity and attenuation of Leishmania donovani promastigotes. II: Association of the loss of parasite infectivity with the terminal galactosylation of precursor acceptors present in virulent parasites by the developmentally regulated galactosyltransferase.Parasite Immunology.  25:517-520. 2003

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Jadavpur University
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  • Rajatava Basu