Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2017 Consolation in the aftermath of robberies resembles post-aggression consolation in chimpanzees.PLoS ONE.  12:e0177725. 2017
2008 Peace ethologyBehaviour.  145:1497-1524. 2008
2008 Variable stress-responsiveness in wild type and domesticated fighting fish.Physiology and Behavior.  93:83-88. 2008
2007 Differences in aggression between wild-type and domesticated fighting fish are context dependentAnimal Behaviour.  73:75-83. 2007
1997 Postconflict behavior of captive brown capuchins in the presence and absence of attractive foodInternational Journal of Primatology.  18:703-725. 1997
1995 The self as reference point: Can animals do without it?Advances in Psychology -Amsterdam-.  112:193-215. 1995

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physiological Psychology / Psychobiology, Emory University
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  • Peter Verbeek
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  • pverbeek