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2018 Factors associated with physical inactivity in adult breast cancer survivors-A population-based study.Cancer Medicine.  7:6331-6339. 2018
2017 Clinical and Genetic Risk Prediction of Subsequent CNS Tumors in Survivors of Childhood Cancer: A Report From the COG ALTE03N1 Study.Journal of Clinical Oncology.  35:3688-3696. 2017
2017 Abundance and molecular diversity of thraustochytrids in coastal waters of southern China.FEMS Microbiology Ecology.  93. 2017
2016 High type I error and misrepresentations in search for transgenerational epigenetic inheritance: response to Guerrero-Bosagna.Genome Biology.  17:154. 2016
2016 CELF4 Variant and Anthracycline-Related Cardiomyopathy: A Children's Oncology Group Genome-Wide Association Study.Journal of Clinical Oncology.  34:863-870. 2016
2015 Deleterious effects of endocrine disruptors are corrected in the mammalian germline by epigenome reprogramming.Genome Biology.  16:59. 2015
2014 Characterization of the imprinting signature of mouse embryo fibroblasts by RNA deep sequencing.Nucleic Acids Research.  42:1772-1783. 2014
2013 De novo DNA methylation in the male germ line occurs by default but is excluded at sites of H3K4 methylation.Cell Reports.  4:205-219. 2013
2012 Chromatin immunoprecipitation to characterize the epigenetic profiles of imprinted domainsMethods in Molecular Biology.  925:159-172. 2012
2012 Chromatin immunoprecipitation to characterize the epigenetic profiles of imprinted domains.Methods in Molecular Biology.  925:159-172. 2012
2012 More than insulator: multiple roles of CTCF at the H19-Igf2 imprinted domain.Frontiers in Genetics.  3:214. 2012
2011 Effects of endocrine disruptors on imprinted gene expression in the mouse embryo.Epigenetics.  6:937-950. 2011
2011 Chromosome-wide analysis of parental allele-specific chromatin and DNA methylation.Molecular and Cellular Biology.  31:1757-1770. 2011
2011 MIRA-SNuPE, a quantitative, multiplex method for measuring allele-specific DNA methylation.Epigenetics.  6:212-223. 2011
2010 Coordinated allele-specific histone acetylation at the differentially methylated regions of imprinted genes.Nucleic Acids Research.  38:7974-7990. 2010
2010 CTCF-dependent chromatin bias constitutes transient epigenetic memory of the mother at the H19-Igf2 imprinting control region in prospermatogonia.PLoS Genetics.  6:e1001224. 2010
2010 Complete biallelic insulation at the H19/Igf2 imprinting control region position results in fetal growth retardation and perinatal lethality.PLoS ONE.  5:e12630. 2010
2010 Allele-specific H3K79 Di- versus trimethylation distinguishes opposite parental alleles at imprinted regions.Molecular and Cellular Biology.  30:2693-2707. 2010
2009 The 3'-flap pocket of human flap endonuclease 1 is critical for substrate binding and catalysis.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  284:22184-22194. 2009
2008 Overexpression and hypomethylation of flap endonuclease 1 gene in breast and other cancers.Cell Growth and Differentiation.  6:1710-1717. 2008
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2007 Fen1 mutations result in autoimmunity, chronic inflammation and cancers.Nature Medicine.  13:812-819. 2007
2007 Concerted action of exonuclease and Gap-dependent endonuclease activities of FEN-1 contributes to the resolution of triplet repeat sequences (CTG)n- and (GAA)n-derived secondary structures formed during maturation of Okazaki fragments.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  282:3465-3477. 2007
2005 Characterization of the 3' --> 5' exonuclease activity found in human nucleoside diphosphate kinase 1 (NDK1) and several of its homologues.Biochemistry.  44:15774-15786. 2005
2005 Multiple but dissectible functions of FEN-1 nucleases in nucleic acid processing, genome stability and diseases.BioEssays.  27:717-729. 2005
2005 Dual negative regulatory mechanisms of RecX on RecA functions in radiation resistance, DNA recombination and consequent genome instability in Deinococcus radiodurans.DNA Repair.  4:671-678. 2005
2003 Enhanced transformation of plant cells following co-bombardment of VirE2 protein of Agrobacterium tumefaciens with DNA substrateCurrent Science.  85:1343-1347. 2003
2003 Transient expression of foreign genes in mature wheat embryo explants following particle bombardmentPhysiology and Molecular Biology of Plants.  9:217-223. 2003


Year Title Altmetric
2007 Nucleases in DNA repair, replication and recombination: Flap endonuclease-1 as a paradigm.  267-300. 2007

Research Overview

  • As an integral member of the Institute for Cancer Outcomes and Survivorship at UAB, my goal is to understand the molecular and epigenetic basis of adverse outcomes in childhood cancer survivors. Anthracycline-related cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure is the leading cause of late morbidity in survivors of childhood cancers. There is a dose-dependent association between anthracycline exposure and cardiomyopathy risk, suggesting that genetic predisposition possibly modifies this association. I am following an integrative genomics approach to understand whether genetic and epigenetic predisposition can place childhood cancer survivors at an increased risk for developing treatment-related complications and therefore allow for targeted therapy, thus reducing morbidity in children with cancer.
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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Biology, Foreign University
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  • Purnima Singh
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  • 205-638-2121