Human and nonhuman primate lymphocytes engrafted into SCID mice reside in unique mesenteric lymphoid structures

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  • The present study compares the location and phenotype of B lineage lymphocytes in tissues from SCID mice engrafted with PBMC of human, chimpanzee, and pig-tailed macaque origin. In mice repopulated with both human and nonhuman primate lymphocytes, plasma cells were found in the peritoneal cavity in vascularized structures located in the mesentery near the pancreas, intestines, and spleen. The predominant isotype of the plasma cells was IgG; IgM and IgA cells were also present. κ and λ light chains were expressed by 62% and 38% of the Ig-containing cells, respectively. J chain expression occurred in most cells irrespective of the Ig isotype. In the SCID mice engrafted with human lymphocytes, a few IgM-containing cells were found in the spleen; plasma cells were not found in other tissues, including the intestine. The aggregation of plasma cells did not appear to be a result of infection with EBV. T cells were rarely found in the lymphoid aggregates but were recovered from the spleen and peritoneal lavage. Human Ig levels in the serum of engrafted mice reflected the isotype distribution of the cells with IgG > IgM ≤ IgA.
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  • Donze HH; Cummins JE; Schwiebert RS; Fultz PN; Jackson S; Mestecky J
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