Current Issues in Voice Assessment and Intervention in the USA



  • In the United States of America (USA), it is estimated that 3–10% of the population experience voice problems at any one moment in time, with approximately one-third of all Americans reporting impaired voice production at some point in their lives (Roy et al., 2004). While there is a relatively high incidence of voice disorders in the USA, only 5.9% of those in the general population who experience dysphonia reportedly seek treatment. The relative lack of awareness about voice disorders and their underlying causes among the general population and health professionals have been cited as potential barriers to appropriate care (Schwartz et al., 2009). In contrast to many other countries, inadequate insurance coverage may also be a cause of failure to seek treatment for dysphonia in the USA, and may even result in delayed diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening diseases (Chen et al., 2007).
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