Matter of Mind: A Neurologist's View of Brain-Behavior Relationships



  • © 2002 by Oxford University Press, Inc. All rights reserved. There are many ways to study the brain. Although anatomical and physiological studies can help us understand the substrates of behavior, most of what we have learned about how the brain mediates behavior comes from experiments of nature in which focal brain injuries induced by diseases, such as stroke, produce behavioral changes. This book focuses on what the lesion method has taught us about how the brain works. In this book a renowned neurologist recounts his experiences seeing patients with behavioral deficits caused by various brain disease and injuries, cognitive disorders, and memory disorders (such as aphasia, alexia, agraphia, agnosia, apraxia, and dementia), and explains what they have taught him about brain function and dysfunction. The book discusses brain behavior relationships, particularly issues related to neurological patients and their families.
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