Comparative study of diastereoisomer interconversion in chiral BINOL-ate and diamine platinum complexes of conformationally flexible NUPHOS diphosphines

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  • A thorough and detailed study of diastereointerconversion in the chiral platinum complexes [(NUPHOS)Pt{(S)-BINOL}] (3a-e) has been undertaken and compared with the results of a similar study with [(BIPHEP)Pt{(S)-BINOL}]. Rate data revealed that this process obeys first-order relaxation kinetics, and rate constants for conversion of the minor to the major diastereoisomer have been obtained. Eyring analysis of the data gave ΔH ‡ and ΔS ‡ values of 22-25 kcal mol -1 and -1 to -16 eu, respectively. In combination with computational analysis, these studies indicate that atropinversion most likely occurs via an on-metal pathway involving a planar seven-membered transition state. Substitution of (S)-BINOL for (S,S)-DPEN results in a marked reduction in the barrier to atropinversion; a ΔH ‡ value of 17 kcal mol -1 has been determined for the conversion of δ-[(Ph 4 -NUPHOS)Pt{(S,S)-DPEN}]-Cl 2 to λ-[(Ph 4 -NUPHOS)Pt{(S,S)-DPEN}]Cl 2 , which could indicate that an alternative mechanism operates.
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  • Doherty S; Newman CR; Rath RK; Van Den Berg JA; Hardacre C; Nieuwenhuyzen M; Knight JG
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