Hypnosis and mind-body interactions



  • The history of hypnosis is rich in its examination of mind-body interactions. Early reports of mesmeric cures extolled its ability to heal physical illness, psychosomatic disorders were analyzed and treated through hypnotic sessions, and subsequent papers provided numerous examples of its promise for reducing surgical and other forms of pain. As technology evolved, researchers also became increasingly well equipped to study the physiological concomitants of both the hypnotic state and hypnotic suggestions. This article, in an attempt to address the issue of hypnosis and mind-body interactions, presents a summary of research on the potential for hypnosis to alter physiological processes in response to hypnotic suggestions. It reviews the literature on hypnosis and the body and that covers the use of hypnosis both in changing physiological systems and in treating physical symptoms or conditions. Furthermore, it assesses the evidence as a whole and offer recommendations for future investigations.
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