Aggregation patterns of bile salts: crystal structure of calcium cholate chloride heptahydrate.

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  • Crystals of calcium cholate chloride heptahydrate, CaC24H39O7Cl . 7H2O, are monoclinic, space group P2(1), with a = 11.918(2), b = 8.636(1), c = 15.302(3) A, beta = 97.93(3) degrees, V = 1559.9(8) A3, and Z = 2. A trial structure was obtained by Patterson and Fourier techniques and was refined by full-matrix least-squares calculations using absorption corrected CuK-alpha diffractometer data. The final R index is 0.047. The crystal structure contains bilayer-type arrangements, with hydrophobic portions of cholate rings sandwiched between layers of polar groups that are interacting with calcium ions and water molecules. The calcium ion is coordinated to five water molecules and to the two carboxylate oxygen atoms of the cholate residue. Two additional water molecules are involved only in crystal packing through the formation of hydrogen bonds. Cholate-cholate hydrophobic interactions involve contacts between the hydrocarbon portions of the carboxylate sidechains and the A and B rings. This results in a staggered packing pattern that is nearly identical to that found in crystals of sodium cholate and rubidium deoxycholate. Similar bilayer aggregation patterns may also be involved in the formation of bile salt micelles in aqueous media. The characteristic bilayer packing arrangement can accommodate a variety of cation-binding patterns, as evidenced by the finding that calcium, sodium, and rubidium ions interact with the polar faces of the bilayers in different ways. The carboxylate sidechain displays two different conformations in the crystal structure of calcium cholate chloride heptahydrate. Variation in sidechain conformation may be of importance in the adjustment required to accommodate different cation coordination schemes.
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  • Bile Acids and Salts, Calcium, Cholic Acid, Cholic Acids, Crystallization, Micelles, Molecular Conformation, X-Ray Diffraction
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  • Hogan A; Ealick SE; Bugg CE; Barnes S
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