In vitro differentiation and measurement of B cell progenitor activity in culture.

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  • As well as other blood cells, B lymphocytes originate from hematopoietic stem cells. However, it is not fully understood how their production is controlled. In the serum-free, stromal-cell-free B cell differentiation culture described here, early steps of the B lineage differentiation process are reproduced under defined conditions. This assay is useful for examining the direct effects of various soluble factors on B cell progenitors because it does not contain stromal cells or unknown factors. Additionally, this assay yields sufficient cloning to measure B cell progenitors from single cell cultures. Stromal cell coculture assays are also described that cover a wider category of precursors such as human B cell progenitors.
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  • Kouro T; Yokota T; Welner R; Kincade PW
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  • Chapter 22