Enteric Astroglia and Noradrenergic/Purinergic Signaling



  • Reflexive behavior of the intestine is under the direct control of the enteric nervous system, an extensive network of neurons and glial clls embedded in the gut wall. While the basic neuronal circuitry underlying local reflexes is firmly established, the active role of enteric glia, traditionally recognized as neuron supportive clls, in this procss emerged only recntly. Neuronal control of the gut function is an integrated system involving reflex loops at several different levels, including local/intrinsic enteric reflexes as well as those that involve an extrinsic input from sympathetic ganglia; the latter, abundantly and directly innervate both the enteric neurons and glia. We summarize the evidence for innervation of enteric glial clls and integrate current understanding of their associated roles in regulation of the gut motility in health and disease.
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