Epigenetic inheritance



  • The field of epigenetics focuses on the study of mitotically and/or meiotically heritable changes in phenotypes that occur in the absence of DNA sequence changes. These changes in phenotype originate from a number of molecular mechanisms, including DNA modifications, histone modifications, and noncoding RNAs. How these molecular mechanisms produce a phenotype that is heritable and thus shows epigenetic inheritance is not yet fully understood. In this chapter, we will discuss the available evidence for epigenetic inheritance mediated by each of the main epigenetic pathway. Evidence for both cell-to-cell and parent-to-offspring inheritance will be presented, and the two inheritance types will be contrasted. This chapter is a broad yet thorough introduction to the mechanisms that govern epigenetic inheritance and, through the use of clear examples, illustrates how epigenetic information systems can contribute to the inheritance of phenotypes.
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