Nitric oxide reaction with lipid peroxyl radicals spares alpha-tocopherol during lipid peroxidation. Greater oxidant protection from the pair nitric oxide/alpha-tocopherol than alpha-tocopherol/ascorbate.

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  • The reactions of nitric oxide ((.)NO) and alpha-tocopherol (alpha-TH) during membrane lipid oxidation were examined and compared with the pair alpha-TH/ascorbate. Nitric oxide serves as a more potent inhibitor of lipid peroxidation propagation reactions than alpha-TH and protects alpha-TH from oxidation. Mass spectrometry, oxygen and (.)NO consumption, conjugated diene analyses, and alpha-TH fluorescence determinations all demonstrated that (.)NO preferentially reacts with lipid radical species, with alpha-TH consumption not occurring until (.)NO concentrations fell below a critical level. In addition, alpha-TH and (.)NO cooperatively inhibit lipid peroxidation, exhibiting greater antioxidant capacity than the pair alpha-TH/ascorbate. Pulse radiolysis analysis showed no direct reaction between (.)NO and alpha-tocopheroxyl radical (alpha-T(.)), inferring that peroxyl radical termination reactions are the principal lipid-protective mechanism mediated by (.)NO. These observations support the concept that (.)NO is a potent chain breaking antioxidant toward peroxidizing lipids, due to facile radical-radical termination reactions with lipid radical species, thus preventing alpha-TH loss. The reduction of alpha-T(.) by ascorbate was a comparatively less efficient mechanism for preserving alpha-TH than (.)NO-mediated termination of peroxyl radicals, due to slower reaction kinetics and limited transfer of reducing equivalents from the aqueous phase. Thus, the high lipid/water partition coefficient of (.)NO, its capacity to diffuse and concentrate in lipophilic milieu, and a potent reactivity toward lipid radical species reveal how (.)NO can play a critical role in regulating membrane and lipoprotein lipid oxidation reactions.
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  • Amidines, Antioxidants, Ascorbic Acid, Free Radicals, Linoleic Acid, Lipid Peroxidation, Nitric Oxide, Oxidation-Reduction, Vitamin E
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  • Rubbo H; Radi R; Anselmi D; Kirk M; Barnes S; Butler J; Eiserich JP; Freeman BA
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