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2018 Modular Self-Assembly of Protein Cage Lattices for Multistep Catalysis 2018
2017 Pathways for gold nucleation and growth over protein cages 2017
2017 Targeted mutagenesis of the P22 portal protein reveals the mechanism of signal transmission during DNA packaging 2017
2017 Self-assembly of P22 protein cages with polyamidoamine dendrimer and inorganic nanoparticles 2017
2017 φX174 procapsid assembly: Effects of an inhibitory external scaffolding protein and resistant coat proteins in vitro 2017
2016 Poxvirus uracil-DNA glycosylase—An unusual member of the family I uracil-DNA glycosylases 2016
2016 Detecting asymmetry in the presence of symmetry with maximum likelihood threedimensional reconstructions of viruses from electron microscope images 2016
2016 Follow the Yellow Brick Road: A Paradigm Shift in Virus Assembly 2016
2016 Identification of the calmodulin-binding domains of Fas death receptor 2016
2016 Cyclophilin A stabilizes the HIV-1 capsid through a novel non-canonical binding site 2016
2016 Structural plasticity of the protein plug that traps newly packaged genomes in podoviridae virions 2016
2015 A multilaboratory comparison of calibration accuracy and the performance of external references in analytical ultracentrifugation 2015
2015 Higher Order Assembly of Virus-like Particles (VLPs) Mediated by Multi-valent Protein Linkers 2015
2015 P22 virus-like particles constructed Au/CdS plasmonic photocatalytic nanostructures for enhanced photoactivity 2015
2015 Selective biotemplated synthesis of TiO2 inside a protein cage 2015
2015 Structural insights into the stabilization of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 capsid protein by the cyclophilin-binding domain and implications on the virus cycle 2015
2014 The role of the coat protein A-domain in P22 bacteriophage maturation 2014
2014 Charge detection mass spectrometry of bacteriophage P22 procapsid distributions above 20 MDa 2014
2014 Formation mechanism of chalcogenide nanocrystals confined inside genetically engineered virus-like particles 2014
2014 Higher-order structure of the rous sarcoma virus SP assembly domain 2014
2013 φ29 Scaffolding and connector structure-function relationship studied by trans-complementation 2013
2013 Stabilizing viral nano-reactors for nerve-agent degradation 2013
2013 Structural and functional characterization of the mumps virus phosphoprotein 2013
2013 Gap2 promotes the formation of a stable protein complex required for mature Fap1 biogenesis 2013
2013 Engineering nanocages with polyglutamate domains for coupling to hydroxyapatite biomaterials and allograft bone 2013
2013 Directed self-assembly of CdS quantum dots on bacteriophage P22 coat protein templates 2013
2012 Coconfinement of fluorescent proteins: Spatially enforced communication of GFP and mCherry encapsulated within the P22 capsid 2012
2012 Virus-like particle nanoreactors: Programmed encapsulation of the thermostable CelB glycosidase inside the P22 capsid 2012
2012 Use of the interior cavity of the P22 capsid for site-specific initiation of atom-transfer radical polymerization with high-density cargo loading 2012
2012 Nanoreactors by programmed enzyme encapsulation inside the capsid of the bacteriophage P22 2012
2012 Building the machines: Scaffolding protein functions during bacteriophage morphogenesis 2012
2012 Site-directed coordination chemistry with P22 virus-like particles 2012
2011 Materials design using genetically engineered proteins 2011
2011 Genetically programmed in vivo packaging of protein cargo and its controlled release from bacteriophage P22 2011
2011 A retroviral chimeric capsid protein reveals the role of the N-terminal β-hairpin in mature core assembly. 2011
2011 New approaches for antiviral targeting of HIV assembly. 2011
2011 Templated assembly of organic-inorganic materials using the core shell structure of the P22 bacteriophage 2011
2011 Three-dimensional structure of a viral genome-delivery portal vertex 2011
2010 Fabrication of ordered nanostructures of sulfide nanocrystal assemblies over self-assembled genetically engineered P22 coat protein 2010
2010 Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Analysis of HIV-1 Capsid Assembly and Maturation 2010
2010 Myristate exposure in the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 matrix protein is modulated by pH 2010
2010 Mind the gap: How some viruses infect their hosts 2010
2010 Implementation of P22 viral capsids as nanoplatforms 2010
2010 Escherichia coli bacteria-templated synthesis of nanoporous cadmium sulfide hollow microrods for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen production 2010
2010 A docking model based on mass spectrometric and biochemical data describes phage packaging motor incorporation 2010
2010 Polymer-virus core-shell structures prepared via co-assembly and template synthesis methods 2010
2009 In vitro incorporation of the phage Phi29 connector complex 2009
2009 Characterization of a mumps virus nucleocapsidlike particle 2009
2009 Synthesis of biotin-tagged chemical cross-linkers and their applications for mass spectrometry 2009
2009 The P22 Tail Machine at Subnanometer Resolution Reveals the Architecture of an Infection Conduit 2009
2008 Controlled assembly of bifunctional chimeric protein cages and composition analysis using noncovalent mass spectrometry 2008
2008 Detection of Intermediates and Kinetic Control during Assembly of Bacteriophage P22 Procapsid 2008
2008 Send for reinforcements! Conserved binding of capsid decoration proteins. 2008
2008 Probing Conserved Helical Modules of Portal Complexes by Mass Spectrometry-based Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange 2008
2008 Hydrogen/deuterium exchange on protein solutions containing nucleic acids: Utility of protamine sulfate 2008
2008 Development of bacteriophage P22 a platform for molecular display: Genetic and chemical modifications of the procapsid exterior surface 2008
2008 Incorporation of scaffolding protein gpO in bacteriophages P2 and P4 2008
2007 Subunit conformations and assembly states of a DNA-translocating motor: the terminase of bacteriophage P22. 2007
2007 An aggregation-prone intermediate species is present in the unfolding pathway of the monomeric portal protein of bacteriophage P22: Implications for portal assembly 2007
2007 Molecular Dissection of Ø29 Scaffolding Protein Function in an in Vitro Assembly System 2007
2007 Macromolecular mass spectrometry and electron microscopy as complementary tools for investigation of the heterogeneity of bacteriophage portal assemblies 2007
2006 Dynamic motions of free and bound Ø29 scaffolding protein identified by hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry 2006
2006 Identification of subunit-subunit interactions in bacteriophage P22 procapsids by chemical cross-linking and mass spectrometry. 2006
2005 Three-dimensional structure of the bacteriophage P22 tail machine 2005
2005 In vitro assembly of bacteriophages: Folding, kinetic control and intermediates 2005
2005 Domain study of bacteriophage p22 coat protein and characterization of the capsid lattice transformation by hydrogen/deuterium exchange. 2005
2005 Kinetic and mass spectrometry-based investigation of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 assembly and maturation. 2005
2004 Investigation of N-terminal domain charged residues on the assembly and stability of HIV-1 CA. 2004
2004 Key interactions in HIV-1 maturation identified by hydrogen-deuterium exchange. 2004
2004 High-sensitivity mass spectrometry for imaging subunit interactions: hydrogen/deuterium exchange. 2004
2003 Coat protein fold and maturation transition of bacteriophage P22 seen at subnanometer resolutions 2003
2003 Identification of novel interactions in HIV-1 capsid protein assembly by high-resolution mass spectrometry 2003
2003 Mechanism of scaffolding-assisted viral assembly. 2003
2003 Viral genome organization. 2003
2002 Mapping of protein:protein contact surfaces by hydrogen/deuterium exchange, followed by on-line high-performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization fourier-transform ion-cyclotron-resonance mass analysis 2002
2002 Preliminary crystallographic analysis of the bacteriophage P22 portal protein 2002
2002 A P22 scaffold protein mutation increases the robustness of head assembly in the presence of excess portal protein. 2002
2002 Kinetic analysis of the role of intersubunit interactions in human immunodeficiency virus type 1 capsid protein assembly in vitro. 2002
2002 DNA packaging: A new class of molecular motors 2002
2002 Bacteriophage p22 portal vertex formation in vivo 2002
2001 Structure of bacteriophage P22 portal protein in relation to assembly: Investigation by Raman spectroscopy 2001
2001 Kinetic and calorimetric evidence for two distinct scaffolding protein binding populations within the bacteriophage P22 procapsid 2001
2001 Structural Transformations Accompanying the Assembly of Bacteriophage P22 Portal Protein Rings in Vitro 2001
2001 Hydrogen-deuterium exchange as a probe of folding and assembly in viral capsids 2001
2001 Characterization of subunit structural changes accompanying assembly of the bacteriophage P22 procapsid. 2001
2000 Structure of the coat protein-binding domain of the scaffolding protein from a double-stranded DNA virus 2000
2000 Identification of additional coat-scaffolding interactions in a bacteriophage P22 mutant defective in maturation 2000
2000 Visualization of the maturation transition in bacteriophage P22 by electron cryomicroscopy 2000
1999 Identification and characterization of the domain structure of bacteriophage P22 coat protein. 1999
1999 Cavity defects in the procapsid of bacteriophage P22 and the mechanism of capsid maturation. 1999
1999 Mechanism of scaffolding-directed virus assembly suggested by comparison of scaffolding-containing and scaffolding-lacking P22 procapsids 1999
1999 Solution x-ray scattering-based estimation of electron cryomicroscopy imaging parameters for reconstruction of virus particles 1999
1998 Local rules simulation of the kinetics of virus capsid self-assembly. 1998
1998 Electrostatic interactions drive scaffolding/coat protein binding and procapsid maturation in bacteriophage P22. 1998
1998 Mechanism of capsid maturation in a double-stranded DNA virus. 1998
1998 A helical coat protein recognition domain of the bacteriophage P22 scaffolding protein 1998
1998 Functional domains of bacteriophage P22 scaffolding protein. 1998
1998 Inhibiting virus-capsid assembly by altering the polymerisation pathway. 1998
1997 Bacteriophage P22 scaffolding protein forms oligomers in solution. 1997
1997 Cloning, purification, and preliminary characterization by circular dichroism and NMR of a carboxyl-terminal domain of the bacteriophage p22 scaffolding protein 1997
1996 Three-dimensional structure of scaffolding-containing phage P22 procapsids by electron cryo-microscopy 1996
1996 Structural transitions in the scaffolding and coat proteins of P22 virus during assembly and disassembly. 1996
1996 The use of hydrostatic pressure as a tool to study viruses and other macromolecular assemblages 1996
1995 New high sensitivity sedimentation methods: Application to the analysis of the assembly of bacteriophage P22 1995
1995 Role of Entropic Interactions in Viral Capsids: Single Amino Acid Substitutions in P22 Bacteriophage Coat Protein Resulting in Loss of Capsid Stability 1995
1994 Pressure denaturation of the bacteriophage P22 coat protein and its entropic stabilization in icosahedral shells 1994
1993 Assembly of bacteriophage P22: a model for ds-DNA virus assembly. 1993
1993 Inhibition of Viral Capsid Assembly by 1,1′-Bi(4-anilinonaphthalene-5-sulfonic Acid) 1993
1993 Nucleation and growth phases in the polymerization of coat and scaffolding subunits into icosahedral procapsid shells 1993
1993 Subunit Conformational Changes Accompanying Bacteriophage P22 Capsid Maturation 1993
1993 Three-dimensional transformation of capsids associated with genome packaging in a bacterial virus 1993
1990 Conformational States of the Bacteriophage P22 Capsid Subunit in Relation to Self-Assembly 1990
1988 Scaffolding protein regulates the polymerization of P22 coat subunits into icosahedral shells in vitro. 1988
1987 Structural Studies of Acetylated and Control Inner Core Histones 1987
1983 Studies on synthetic chromatins containing poly(dA-dT) X poly(dA-dT) and poly(dG-dC) X poly(dG-dC). 1983


Year Title Altmetric
2010 Investigating viral structure, function and dynamics with mass spectrometry.  103-130. 2010

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