Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2018 Legitimacy theory may explain the failure of global adoption of IFRS: the case of Europe and the U.S.Journal of Management and Governance.  22:501-534. 2018
2018 A Call to Practitioners: You can play a bigger role in academia and share your experience with accounting students who are hungry for real-world knowledge.Strategic Finance2018
2017 Implications for IFRS Principles-Based and U.S. GAAP Rules-Based Applications: Are Accountants' Decisions Affected by Work Location and Core Self-Evaluations?Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation2017
2017 Multinational Managers' Perceptions of How Culture and MCS Affects Firm PerformanceJournal of International Business and Cultural Studies2017
2017 NABA and IMA: Diversity in the ProfessionStrategic Finance2017
2016 The Significance of Practitioners in Accounting Education and has been subsequently titled, A Call for Practitioners to Play a More Participative Role in Academia.Strategic Finance2016
2015 The market reaction to SEC IFRS-related announcements: The case of american depository receipt (ADR) firms in the U.S.Accounting Horizons.  28:579-603. 2015
2015 The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Earnings Management: Empirical Evidence from the Top 5,000 Non-Listed Stock Italian CompaniesRatio Mathematica: Journal of Foundations and Applications of Mathematics.  13:45-64. 2015
2013 The Effect of Personality Type on Accountant's Judgment: Implications for IFRS ApplicationJournal Of Accounting, Ethics, And Public Policy.  14:881-897. 2013
2012 Out of Africa: Managing Risk in Global BusinessStrategic Finance2012
2011 2010 Accounting Program Annual Report2010 Accounting Program Annual Report2011
2010 Nationality and differences in auditor risk assessment: A research note with experimental evidenceAccounting, Organizations and Society.  35:558-564. 2010
2010 Discussion of "IFRS adoption in Europe and investment-cash flow sensitivity: Outsider versus insider economies"International Journal of Accounting.  45:169-172. 2010
2010 An Additional Source of Financial Analysts' Earnings Forecast ErrorsJournal Of Accounting Auditing And Finance.  25:27-51. 2010
2010 An additional source of financial analysts' earnings forecast errors: Imperfect adjustments for cost behaviorJournal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance.  25:27-51. 2010
2010 Analysts' Earnings Forecast Errors and Cost BehaviorCenter for Accounting Research and Education Conference (CARE) at Nortre Dame University2010
2007 The value relevance of accounting income reported by DAX-30 German companiesJournal of International Financial Management and Accounting.  18:151-191. 2007
2007 Editorial CommentJournal of Urology, The.  177:101. 2007
2006 Developing countries converging with developed-country accounting standards: Evidence from South Africa and MexicoInternational Journal of Accounting.  41:141-162. 2006
2005 Assessing the Quality of International Accounting Standards Disclosures Across South Africa, the U.K. and the U.S.,' Co-Author: Sandra SheltonAdvances In International Accounting.  19:155-170. 2005
2004 An Analysis of International Accounting Research in U.S. and Non-U.S. Based Academic Accounting JournalsJournal of International Accounting Research.  3:1-20. 2004
2004 The Effect of Revised IAS 14 on Segment ReportingThe European Accounting Review.  13:213-234. 2004
2001 High-Tech Incorporated: A Strategic Cost Management Accounting Writing Intensive CaseInstitute of Management Accountants: E-Journal2001
1999 An analysis of the authorship of international accounting research in U.S. journals and AOS: 1980 through 1996International Journal of Accounting.  34:261-282. 1999
1999 Preliminary Support for the FASB's Revised Segment Reporting RequirementResearch In Accounting Regulation.  13:43-53. 1999
1997 International Accounting, Financial Reporting and AnalysisAccounting Review.  177-178. 1997
1996 Accounting Program Augmentation: NABA Meets the ChallengeAccounting Education: A Journal Of Theory, Practice, And Research.  1996:137-145. 1996
1996 An Analysis of the Authorship of International Accounting Research in U.S. Journals and AOSInternational Journal of Accounting.  1-22. 1996
1996 Setting the Standards for Financial Reporting: FASB and the Struggle for Control of a Critical ProcessInternational Journal of Accounting.  31:139-142. 1996
1995 Enhancing Students' Professional Education through the National Association of Black AccountantsIssues in Accounting Education.  Spr1995:159-171. 1995
1995 The Information Content of Geographic Segment DisclosuresAdvances In International Accounting.  31-45. 1995
1993 Using case studies in teaching accounting: A quasi-experimental studyAccounting Education.  2:1-10. 1993
1993 An Analysis of International Accounting Research in U.S.Accounting Horizons1993
1993 DR Scott's Conceptual FrameworkAccounting Historians Journal.  Dec 1993:95-116. 1993
1992 Looking at Academics as a Career Option in a Tough EconomyChapter to Chapter1992
1990 Municipal financial reporting and competition among underwriters for new issues of general obligation bondsContemporary Accounting Research.  6:573-592. 1990
1989 Constructing a Production Line in Teaching Process CostingJournal of Education for Business.  10-14. 1989
1989 Hierachy, History, and Human Nature: The Social Oorigins of Historical ConsciousnessAccounting Historians Journal.  242-245. 1989
1989 Income Disclosure, Descriptive Power and Cash FlowsResearch In Accounting Regulation.  153-182. 1989
1989 The Predictive Accuracy of Alternative Income Reporting Formats: An Empirical InvestigationAdvances In Accounting.  7. 1989
1989 The Significance of an ‘Orientation Postulate’Abacus.  25:97-115. 1989
1988 On the use of electronic spreadsheet assignments in the cost accounting classJournal of Research on Computing in Education.  20:384-391. 1988
1986 Using Exponential Smoothing to Compute Recrurring IncomeManagement Accounting1986


Year Title Altmetric
2016 Managerial Accounting 2016
2012 AACSB 5th Year Maintenance Report 2012
2012 Financial Reporting in Developing Countries 2012
2005 IAS Versus U.S. GAAP: Assessing the Quality of Financial Reporting in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  Ed. 18.  2005
2005 Cost Accounting: Foundations and Evolutions 2005

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting, University of Alabama
  • Master of Accounting in Accounting and Related Services, University of Illinois System : Chicago
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  • UAB President's Diversity Champion Award, 2017
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  • UAB President's Diversity Award, 2014
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  • Jenice Prather-Kinsey
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