Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2018 Social enterprise in Antebellum America: the case of Nashoba (1824-1829)Management Decision.  24:99-119. 2018
2018 Telling their own stories: Māori entrepreneurship in the mainstream screen industryEntrepreneurship and Regional Development.  30:118-145. 2018
2017 Natural disasters, entrepreneurship, and creation after destruction: A conceptual approachInternational Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Research.  23:618-637. 2017
2014 Institutional entrepreneurship as emancipating institutional work: James Meredith and the Integrationist Movement at Ole MissManagement Decision.  20:114-134. 2014
2013 Firm culture and performance: Intensity's effects and limitsManagement Decision.  51:661-679. 2013
2013 Social Entrepreneurship and Broader Theories: Shedding New Light on the 'Bigger Picture'Journal of Social Entrepreneurship.  4:88-107. 2013
2012 Small firm entrepreneurial outsourcing: Traditional problems, nontraditional solutionsStrategic Outsourcing.  5:248-275. 2012
2012 Prior knowledge and new product and service introductions by entrepreneurial firms: The mediating role of technological innovationJournal of Small Business Management.  50:41-62. 2012
2011 The new wild west is green: Carbon offset markets, transactions, and providersAcademy of Management Executive.  25:37-49. 2011
2011 A 2×2 Conceptual Foundation for Entrepreneurial Discovery TheoryEntrepreneurship Theory and Practice.  35:359-374. 2011
2010 The transgenerational family effect on new venture growth strategyInternational Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.  12:3-16. 2010
2010 Using historic mutinies to understand defiance in modern organizationsManagement Decision.  16:270-287. 2010
2009 A model of social entrepreneurial discoveryJournal of Business Ethics.  87:325-336. 2009
2009 Entrepreneurship theory and the poverty of historicismManagement Decision.  15:109-133. 2009
2007 Southeast Asian Culture, Human Development, and Business CompetitivenessJournal of Asia Business Studies.  2:14-22. 2007
2007 Do business school professors make good executive managers?Academy of Management Executive.  21:29-50. 2007
2007 Dealer trade group: High-tech venturing in a low-tech industryEntrepreneurship Theory and Practice.  31:643-662. 2007
2007 Note to instructors for dealer trade group: High-tech venturing in a low-tech industryEntrepreneurship Theory and Practice.  31:663-666. 2007
2007 The golden age: Service management on transatlantic ocean linersManagement Decision.  13:172-191. 2007
2006 A conceptual history of entrepreneurial thoughtManagement Decision.  12:12-35. 2006
2002 Personality and situations in co-worker preference: Similarity and complementarity in worker compatibilityJournal of Business and Psychology.  17:223-243. 2002
2000 Development and Content Validation of a "Hyperdimensional" Taxonomy of Managerial CompetenceHuman Performance.  13:205-251. 2000


Year Title Altmetric
2013 Mutiny and its bounty: Leadership lessons from the age of discovery 2013


Year Title Altmetric
2008 Should i stay or should i go? Shiraishi garments company.  473-482. 2008

Research Overview

  • entrepreneurship, history, social enterprise
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  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Business Administration, Management and Operations, Morningside College
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  • Patrick Murphy