• Vice Director for Clinical Services, Division of Cardiovascular Diseases, UAB. Oversee, organize and direct all clinical activities in the division of cardiology, oversee divisional quality and safety activities, and assist in faculty recruitment.
    General cardiologist with interest in heart failure, valvular heart disease, hypertension, primary and secondary prevention of coronary artery disease.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2019 Complete white out of a single transplanted lung in the immediate postoperative period 2019
    2018 Left ventricular torsion shear angle volume approach for noninvasive evaluation of diastolic dysfunction in preserved ejection fraction 2018
    2013 Response to letter regarding article, magnetic resonance imaging with 3-dimensional analysis of left ventricular remodeling in isolated mitral regurgitation: Implications beyond dimensions 2013
    2012 Magnetic resonance imaging with 3-dimensional analysis of left ventricular remodeling in isolated mitral regurgitation: Implications beyond dimensions 2012
    2011 Left ventricular diastolic function and exercise capacity in community-dwelling adults ≥65 years of age without heart failure 2011
    2010 Mild hyperkalemia and outcomes in chronic heart failure: A propensity matched study 2010
    2010 Oral potassium supplement use and outcomes in chronic heart failure: A propensity-matched study 2010
    2010 Blunting of the Heart Rate Response to Adenosine and Regadenoson in Relation to Hyperglycemia and the Metabolic Syndrome 2010
    2010 Effects of right ventricular ejection fraction on outcomes in chronic systolic heart failure 2010
    2009 A dual propagation contours technique for semi-automated assessment of systolic and diastolic cardiac function by CMR 2009
    2009 The Scope of Coronary Heart Disease in Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease 2009
    2008 Marked regional left ventricular heterogeneity in hypertensive left ventricular hypertrophy patients: A losartan intervention for endpoint reduction in hypertension (LIFE) cardiovascular magnetic resonance and echocardiographic substudy 2008
    2008 Feasibility of primary clot extraction prior to percutaneous coronary intervention in acute myocardial infarction 2008
    2008 Systolic dysfunction portends increased mortality among those waiting for renal transplant 2008
    2008 Serial Evaluations of Myocardial Infarct Size After Alcohol Septal Ablation in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Effects of the Changes on Clinical Status and Left Ventricular Outflow Pressure Gradients 2008
    2007 The impact of left ventricular systolic dysfunction on survival after renal transplantation 2007
    2007 Predictors of Survival in Patients With End-Stage Renal Disease Evaluated for Kidney Transplantation 2007
    2007 VALIDD should not invalidate angiotensin-receptor blockers 2007
    2007 Origin of all three major coronary arteries from the right sinus of valsalva: Clinical, angiographic, and magnetic resonance imaging findings and incidence in a select referral population 2007
    2007 Chronic Kidney Disease Associated Mortality in Diastolic Versus Systolic Heart Failure: A Propensity Matched Study†The Digitalis Investigation Group study was conducted and supported by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in collaboration with the Digitalis Investigation Group Investigators ... 2007
    2007 Transthoracic echocardiography guided procedures in the catheterization laboratory. 2007
    2006 Outcomes in ambulatory chronic systolic and diastolic heart failure: A propensity score analysis 2006
    2006 Eplerenone prevents adverse cardiac remodelling induced by pressure overload in atrial natriuretic peptide-null mice 2006
    2005 Incident atrial fibrillation and mortality in older adults with heart failure 2005
    2005 A propensity score analysis of the impact of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors on long-term survival of older adults with heart failure and perceived contraindications 2005
    2004 Atrial natriuretic peptide dose-dependently inhibits pressure overload-induced cardiac remodeling 2004
    2004 Impact of atrial fibrillation on mortality and readmission in older adults hospitalized with heart failure 2004
    2004 Volume overload results in exaggerated cardiac hypertrophy in the atrial natriuretic peptide knockout mouse 2004
    2003 Effects of pressure overload on extracellular matrix expression in the heart of the atrial natriuretic peptide-null mouse 2003
    2003 Prevalence of renal artery stenosis in high-risk veterans referred to cardiac catheterization 2003
    2003 Prevalence of renal artery stenosis in high-risk veterans referred to cardiac catheterization. 2003
    2003 Pressure-independent enhancement of cardiac hypertrophy in atrial natriuretic peptide-deficient mice 2003
    2002 Differential ANG II generation in plasma and tissue of mice with decreased expression of the ACE gene 2002
    2002 Angiotensin II receptor blockade does not improve left ventricular function and remodeling in subacute mitral regurgitation in the dog 2002
    2001 Genetic variation in angiotensin-converting enzyme does not prevent development of cardiac hypertrophy or upregulation of angiotensin II in response to aortocaval fistula 2001
    2000 Felodipine improves left ventricular emptying in patients with chronic heart failure: V-HeFT III echocardiographic substudy of multicenter reproducibility and detecting functional change 2000
    1999 Color Doppler velocity accuracy proximal to regurgitant orifices: Influence of orifice aspect ratio 1999
    1999 Anti-ischemic effects of Amlodipine in patients with stable angina pectoris and myocardial ischemia during daily life 1999
    1998 Analysis of the proximal orifice flowfield under pulsatile flow conditions and confining wall geometry: Implications in valvular regurgitation 1998
    1998 Gene polymorphisms for PAI-1 are associated with the angiographic Extent of coronary artery disease 1998
    1997 An improved flow evaluation scheme in orifices of different aspect ratios 1997
    1997 Evaluation of the proximal flow field to circular and noncircular orifices of different aspect ratios 1997
    1996 Time dependent characteristics of valvular regurgitation: A numerical investigation 1996
    1996 Accuracy of color Doppler velocity in the flow field proximal to a regurgitant orifice: Implications for color Doppler quantitation of valvular incompetence 1996
    1995 A numerical and experimental investigation of the flow acceleration region proximal to an orifice 1995
    1993 Rapid assessment of aortic regurgitation and left ventricular function using cine nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and the proximal convergence zone 1993
    1990 Doppler echocardiographic evaluation of mitral regurgitation 1990
    1988 Color doppler echocardiography 1988
    1987 Evaluation of aortic insufficiency by Doppler color flow mapping 1987
    1987 Evaluation of pacemaker dynamics by Doppler echocardiography 1987
    1987 Recent Advances in Color Doppler Evaluation of Valvular Regurgitation 1987
    1986 Diagnosis and Quantitation of Valvular Regurgitation by Color Doppler Flow Mapping 1986

    Research Overview

  • Echocardiography
    Congestive heart failure
    Ventricular remodeling
  • Principal Investigator On

  • Private Grant  awarded by SCIOS, INC. 2007 - 2012
  • Education And Training

  • North Carolina Baptist Hospital/Bowman Gray SOM, Internship 1981
  • North Carolina Baptist Hospital/Bowman Gray SOM, Residency 1983
  • UAB Division of Cardiovascular Diseases, Department of Medicine, Postdoctoral Fellowship 1986
  • UAB Division of Cardiology, Postdoctoral Fellowship 1984
  • Full Name

  • Gilbert Perry