Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2018 'Beyond Gaming: Linking Flow, Brand Attitudes, and Purchase Intent in Realistic and Emergent Three-dimensional Virtual EnvironmentsInformation Technology and People2018
2016 E-lance enabled network exchanges within supply chains: The influence of network governance and social control mechanisms on network successInternational Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management.  9:1-20. 2016
2016 Social media engagement theory: Exploring the infuence of user engagement on social media usageJournal of End User Computing.  28:53-73. 2016
2016 Social Media Engagement Theory: Exploring the Influence of User Engagement on Social Media UsageJournal of Organization and End User Computing.  28:54-74. 2016
2015 Leading collaboration in online communitiesMIS Quarterly.  39:393-412. 2015
2013 Social network analysis in accounting information systems researchInternational Journal Of Accounting Information Systems.  14:127-137. 2013
2013 Online health communities: An assessment of the influence of participation on patient empowerment outcomesInformation Technology and People.  26:213-235. 2013
2012 Understanding the factors that influence the adoption and meaningful use of social media by physicians to share medical informationJournal of Medical Internet Research.  14. 2012
2012 The effects of leader-member exchange on member performance in virtual world teamsJournal of the Association for Information Systems.  13:861-885. 2012
2012 Would you share? Examining knowledge type and communication channel for knowledge sharing within and across the organizational boundaryInternational Journal of Knowledge Management.  8:1-21. 2012
2011 Stepping into the internet: New ventures in virtual worldsMIS Quarterly.  35:645-652. 2011
2010 Getting customers' ideas to work for you: Learning from dell how to succeed with online user innovation communitiesMIS Quarterly Executive.  9:213-228. 2010
2010 Online discussion group sustainability: Investigating the interplay between structural dynamics and social dynamics over timeJournal of the Association for Information Systems.  11:95-121. 2010
2009 The provision of online public goods: Examining social structure in an electronic network of practiceDecision Support Systems.  47:254-265. 2009
2009 Knowledge transfer in MNCs: Examining how intrinsic motivations and knowledge sourcing impact individual centrality and performanceJournal of International Management.  15:15-31. 2009
2009 Steal my idea! Organizational adoption of user innovations from a user innovation community: A case study of Dell IdeaStormDecision Support Systems.  48:303-312. 2009
2006 Do you know what i know? A shared understandings perspective on text-based communicationJournal of Computer-Mediated Communication.  12:66-87. 2006
2005 Why should I share? Examining social capital and knowledge contribution in electronic networks of practiceMIS Quarterly.  29:35-57. 2005
2004 Collective Action and Knowledge Contribution in Electronic Networks of PracticeJournal of the Association of Information Systems2004
2004 Public Goods or Virtual Commons? Applying Theories of Public Goods, Social Dilemmas and Collective Action to Electronic Networks of PracticeJournal of Information Technology Theory and Application2004
2004 Public Goods or Virtual Commons? Applying Theories of Public Goods, Social Dilemmas and Collective Action to Electronic Networks of PracticeJitta.  6. 2004
2003 Integrating Knowledge through Information Trading: Examining the Relationship between Boundary Spanning Communication and Individual PerformanceDecision Sciences.  34:261-286. 2003
2000 It is What One Does: Why People Participate and Help Others in Electronic Communities of PracticeJournal of Strategic Information Systems2000


Year Title Altmetric
2009 Open Innovation through Online Communities 2009
2008 Electronic Knowledge Networks: Processes and Structure 2008
2008 Knowledge Exchange in Electronic Networks of Practice: An Examination of Knowledge Types and Knowledge Flows 2008
2007 Governing e-collaboration in e-lance networks.  324-329. 2007
2007 Governing E-Collaboration in E-Lance Networks 2007
2006 Knowledge Exchange in Electronic Networks of Practice 2006
2005 Discovering communities of practice through social network analysis.  129-130. 2005
2005 Distinguishing work groups, virtual teams, and electronic networks of practice.  138-140. 2005
2005 Electronic networks of practice and communities of practice.  188-192. 2005
2005 Examining social structure in an electronic network of practice.  207-212. 2005
2005 Knowledge exchange in networks of practice.  272-277. 2005
2005 Inter-organizational Communities of Practice: A Review of Previous, Related Research 2005
2005 What are Electronic Networks of Practice and How Do These Online Social Structures Differ from Communities of Practice 2005
2004 Extending Richness with Reach: Participation and Knowledge Exchange in Electronic Networks of Practice 2004

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Management Information Systems, University of Maryland System : College Park 2002
  • Master of Business Administration in Business Administration and Management, Averett University 1994
  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Business Administration and Management, James Madison University 1990
  • Full Name

  • Molly Wasko