Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2018 Exploring Hidden Curricula in an Interprofessional Intensive Care Unit SimulationClinical Simulation in Nursing.  22:22-25. 2018
2018 Deep Vein Thrombosis: History and evolution of TreatmentClincial Advisor.  20-32. 2018
2018 Measuring Attitudes of Clinical Laboratory Science Students toward Interprofessional Education using the Readiness for Interprofessional Learning Scale (RIPLS)Clinical Laboratory Science2018
2017 Adverse Reactions to Transfusion of Blood Products and Best Practices for Prevention.Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North America.  29:271-290. 2017
2017 From Donor to Recipient: Considerations for Blood Transfusion Outcomes Research.Biological Research For Nursing.  19:491-498. 2017
2016 Incorporating Clinical Laboratory Science Students into Interprofessional SimulationClinical Laboratory Science.  29:247-251. 2016
2016 Primer on Interprofessional Simulation for Clinical Laboratory Science Programs: A Practical Guide to Structure and TerminologyClinical Laboratory Science.  29:241-246. 2016
2016 Small Scale, Low Resource Options for Introducing Clinical Laboratory Science Students to Interprofessional SimulationClinical Laboratory Science.  29:252-256. 2016
2016 Strengthening the Clinical Laboratory with Simulation-Enhanced Interprofessional EducationClinical Laboratory Science.  29:237-240. 2016
2014 Interprofessional Education: A Multi-patient, Team-Based Intensive Care Unit SimulationClinical Simulation in Nursing.  10:521-528. 2014
2012 Avoiding overtransfusion: an update on risks and latest indications.Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.  25:42-45. 2012
2009 PEG Warm Autoadsorption Is Useful for Removal of Both Warm and Cold AutoantibodiesTransfusion.  49:142A-142A. 2009
2009 The Significance of Distinguishing Anti-D plus C vs Anti-G During Pregnancy. A Case ReportTransfusion.  49:133A-134A. 2009
2007 Evaluation of a possible transfusion reaction with a positive direct antiglobulin test in a 29-year-old maleLaboratory Medicine.  38:719-720. 2007
2007 Organizing the antibody identification process.Clinical Laboratory Science.  20:122-126. 2007
2005 Transfusion safety: what has been done; what is still needed?Medical Laboratory Observer.  37:20-26. 2005
2001 Improving photopheresis in adults with low hematocritsTransfusion.  41:43S-43S. 2001


Year Title Altmetric
2018 Red Blood Cell and Platelet Preservation: Historical Perspectives and Current Trends 2018
2017 Antigens and Antibodies 2017
2017 Blood group antigens and antibodies.  113-142. 2017

Education And Training

  • Bachelor's Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science / Medical Technology / Technologist, Auburn University
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Education and Promotion, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Master of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science / Medical Technology / Technologist, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Full Name

  • Michelle Brown
  • Blazerid

  • mschimdt