• Dr. Shirey is an internationally recognized expert in nursing leadership and management. Her research focuses on studying nurse manager work complexity to better understand and influence authentic leadership practices. Dr. Shirey’s research identifies structures and processes required to maximize outcomes associated with nursing leadership. She teaches leadership, management, health policy, and scholarly writing in the DNP program. A prolific author and editor, Dr. Shirey is a mentor to developing authors.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2020 Sleep quality in school-aged children: A concept analysis 2020
    2020 Cost of Quality Pilot: A Systematic Methodology for Examining the Cost of Pressure Injury 2020
    2020 Interprofessional collaborative practice model to advance population health 2020
    2020 Corticosteroids in Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: A Principle-Based Concept Analysis 2020
    2020 Essential global health competencies for baccalaureate nursing students in the United States: A mixed methods Delphi study 2020
    2020 A model operationalizing sustainability in global nursing 2020
    2019 Should Nursing Institute Random Drug Screening? 2019
    2019 Evolution and Conceptual Foundations of Nonhospice Palliative Care 2019
    2019 What Do We Really Know About Adolescent Sexual Health Education: A Dimensional Concept Analysis 2019
    2019 Workplace Bullying and Newly Licensed Registered Nurses: An Evolutionary Concept Analysis 2019
    2019 A Curriculum to Expand Rural Health Care Access 2019
    2019 Integration of Authentic Leadership Lens for Building High Performing Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Teams 2019
    2018 Aligning Evidence-Based Practice with Translational Research 2018
    2018 Nurse manager succession planning: A cost–benefit analysis 2018
    2018 Designing large-scale improvement: Using an academic-practice partnership to enhance care transitions 2018
    2018 Shape of Things to Come 2018
    2017 Using data analytics as evidentiary support for financial outcome success in nurse-led population based clinics 2017
    2017 Supplementing intensivist staffing with nurse practitioners: Literature review 2017
    2017 Leadership practices for healthy work environments 2017
    2017 Building Research Infrastructure in Magnet® Hospitals: Current Status and Future Directions 2017
    2017 Interprofessional collaboration and care coordination: Models, strategies, and instruments 2017
    2017 Nurse communication strategies to improve patient outcomes in a surgical oncology setting 2017
    2017 Certified registered nurse anesthetist perceptions of factors impacting patient safety 2017
    2017 Editorial: Interprofessional Collaboration and Care Coordination: Models, Strategies, and Instruments 2017
    2017 Editorial: Onward and upward 2017
    2017 Interprofessional Clinical Rounding: Effects on Processes and Outcomes of Care 2017
    2017 Using data analytics as evidentiary support for financial outcome success in nurse-led population-based clinics 2017
    2016 Valuing History, Shaping the Future 2016
    2016 Journey toward editorial leadership 2016
    2016 Leadership transitions and the first 90 days 2016
    2015 Enhance your self-awareness to be an authentic leader 2015
    2015 The power of alignment 2015
    2015 Boundary spanning leadership practices for population health 2015
    2015 Guest editorial the power of alignment 2015
    2015 Nursing leader collaboration to drive quality improvement and implementation science 2015
    2015 Orchestrating energy for shifting busyness to strategic work 2015
    2015 Predictability of a professional practice model to affect nurse and patient outcomes 2015
    2015 Strategic Agility for Nursing Leadership 2015
    2014 A nurse manager succession planning model with associated empirical outcomes 2014
    2014 Care coordination: A model for the acute care hospital setting 2014
    2014 Guest editorial: Never stop improving 2014
    2014 Shaping your leadership legacy 2014
    2014 Whole scale change for real-time strategic application in complex health systems 2014
    2013 Meet the Editor 2013
    2013 Leaning in: Lessons for leadership career development 2013
    2013 Guest editorial 2013
    2013 Nurse manager engagement: What it means to nurse managers and staff nurses 2013
    2013 Nurse manager succession planning: Synthesis of the evidence 2013
    2013 Executive presence for strategic influence 2013
    2013 Nurse manager succession planning: A concept analysis 2013
    2013 Building scholarly writing capacity in the doctor of nursing practice program 2013
    2013 Professional comportment: The missing element in nursing practice 2013
    2013 Building a business case for Magnet designation in a small hospital 2013
    2013 Business Case for Magnet® in a Small Hospital 2013
    2013 Lewin's theory of planned change as a strategic resource 2013
    2013 Review: 'Walking a tight rope': An investigation of nurse managers' work stressors and coping experiences 2013
    2013 Nurse manager cognitive decision-making amidst stress and work complexity 2013
    2012 How resilient are your team members? 2012
    2012 Stakeholder analysis and mapping as targeted communication strategy 2012
    2012 Cultivating strategic thinking skills 2012
    2012 Guest editorial: Giving and receiving feedback 2012
    2012 Nursing sabbatical in the acute care hospital setting: A cost-benefit analysis 2012
    2012 Implementation of a caring theoretical framework in a multihospital system 2012
    2012 Thanks to reviewers 2012
    2012 Group think, organizational strategy, and change 2012
    2012 Giving and receiving feedback 2012
    2011 Use of a business case model for organizational change 2011
    2011 Establishing a sense of urgency for leading transformational change 2011
    2011 Meaningful recognition 2011
    2011 Addressing strategy execution challenges to lead sustainable change 2011
    2011 Nursing sabbatical in the acute care setting: what is the evidence? 2011
    2011 Re-showcasing differences between quality improvement, evidence-based practice, and research 2011
    2011 Showcasing differences between quality improvement, evidence-based practice, and rresearch 2011
    2010 Understanding nurse manager stress and work complexity: Factors that make a difference 2010
    2010 Building your personal leadership brand 2010
    2009 The nursing professional portfolio: Leveraging your talents 2009
    2009 Transferable skills and entrepreneurial strategy 2009
    2009 Discover your entrepreneurial strengths 2009
    2009 Thank you reviewers! 2009
    2009 Authentic leadership, organizational culture, and healthy work environments 2009
    2009 Building an extraordinary career in nursing: Promise, momentum, and harvest 2009
    2008 Nursing Practice Models for Acute and Critical Care: Overview of Care Delivery Models 2008
    2008 Preface 2008
    2008 The state of health care in America: Preface 2008
    2008 Leadership agenda for change toward healthy work environments in acute and critical care 2008
    2008 Building the leadership development pipeline: A 5-step succession planning model 2008
    2008 Project management tools for leaders and entrepreneurs 2008
    2008 Influences among us: A practical approach for leading change 2008
    2008 Sleepless in America: Nurse managers cope with stress and complexity 2008
    2008 Endurance and inspiration for the entrepreneur 2008
    2007 An evidence-based solution for minimizing stress and anger in nursing students 2007
    2007 An evidence-based understanding of entrepreneurship in nursing 2007
    2007 Leadership and organizational strategies to increase innovative thinking 2007
    2007 The entrepreneur and the business plan 2007
    2007 Competencies and tips for effective leadership: From novice to expert 2007
    2007 Moral intelligence for the leader and entrepreneur 2007
    2007 Innovation and entrepreneurship: Shaping your professional horizon 2007
    2007 Knowledge management: An innovative strategy for the future 2007
    2006 Building authentic leadership and enhancing entrepreneurial performance 2006
    2006 Authentic leadership: Foundation of a healthy work environment 2006
    2006 Ethical health care 2006
    2006 On intrapreneurship: From silos to collaboration 2006
    2006 Entrepreneurship: Turning your intellectual capital into tangible results 2006
    2006 Stress and coping in nurse managers: Two decades of research 2006
    2006 Authentic leaders creating healthy work environments for nursing practice 2006
    2006 Entrepreneurship: Is it in your DNA? 2006
    2006 Evidence-based practice: How nurse leaders can facilitate innovation 2006
    2006 Stress and burnout in nursing faculty 2006
    2005 2005 AONE award winner profiles: Nurse executive scholarship 2005
    2005 Nurturance: Concept clarification and theory in nursing administration practice 2005
    2005 Personal renewal for nurse leaders in the workplace 2005
    2005 The leader's role in promoting certification in nursing practice 2005
    2005 Celebrating certification in nursing: Forces of magnetism in action 2005
    2005 Ethical climate in nursing practice: The leader’s role 2005
    2004 2004 AONE award winner profiles: Organizational innovation in nursing leadership 2004
    2004 One hospital's experience with a CCRN drive. A successful approach. 2004
    2004 Development of a strategic initiative to enhance physician satisfaction in a not-for-profit hospital 2004
    2004 Expansion of the heart product line through growth of peripheral vascular services 2004
    2004 Performance improvement successes in the cardiac catheterization laboratory 2004
    2004 Social support in the workplace: Nurse leader implications 2004
    1990 Foreword 1990
    1989 Oncology nursing course manual and OCN certification primer 1989
    1985 Onward and Upward 1985
    1981 Antiarrhythmic and hemodynamic drips: A reference manual for critical care nurses 1981


    Year Title Altmetric
    2004 Preparing an organization for achieving Magnet designation 2004


    Year Title Altmetric
    2015 What is a nursing professional practice model? 2015
    2014 Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in advanced nursing practice. 2014
    2012 Sustaining success 2012
    2011 Authoritative leadership 2011
    2011 Managing competing priorities in the nurse manager role 2011
    2011 Organizational behavior and Magnet hospitals 2011
    2009 Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in advanced nursing practice 2009
    2008 Organizational behavior and Magnet hospitals 2008

    Research Overview

  • Authentic leadership; healthy work environments; nurse manager work complexity; transitional care coordination and interprofessional practice; health services outcomes research; scholarly writing; credentialing in nursing
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Administration, Indiana University System : Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis 2009
  • Master of Business Administration in Business Administration, Management and Operations, Tulane University 1992
  • Master of Science in Nursing Administration, Texas Woman's University 1986
  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Registered Nursing / Registered Nurse, Florida State University 1977
  • Awards And Honors

  • Fellow and Distinguished Scholar, 2018
  • Inaugural Excellence in Interprofessional Education Collaboration Award, Behavioral Health, Honorable Mention, 2017
  • Gage Award for Excellence in Population Health, Honorable Mention, 2017
  • Inaugural Suzanne Smith Memorial Award for Writing Excellence, 2016
  • Leader Legacy Award, 2015
  • Top 100 Alumni Legacy Leader Award, 2014
  • Capstone project mentor for DNP student, Jennifer Titzer, recipient of the 2013 Excellence in Advanced Nursing Practice Award, 2014
  • FSU College of Nursing Distinguished Graduate Award, 2014
  • Fellow, 2014
  • Best Abstract Award Co-Author with DNP student Lois Stallings-Welden at International Nursing Administration Research Conference, 2014
  • Ildaura Murillo-Rohde Award for Education Excellence, 2012
  • Innovation Award, 2011
  • Lifetime Membership Award, 2011
  • Fellow, 2010
  • Health Systems and Policy Dissertation Award, 2010
  • Professional Advancement Scholarship named in honor of Maria Shirey, 2010
  • Inductee, 2008
  • Outstanding PhD Graduate Award, 2007
  • Emily Holmquist Award, 2006
  • Marita Titler Conduct of Research Award Best Poster (Social Support and Stress in the Work Environment: Evidence Based Nursing Management Practice), 2005
  • Scholarship Award for Nurse Executives, 2005
  • The Circle of Excellence Value of Certification Award, 2005
  • Fellow, 2004
  • Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 2004
  • Jesse I. Cross Scholarship Award, 2004
  • Indiana University Travel Fellowship Award, 2004
  • Nursing Economics Foundation Scholarship in Nursing Administration, 2004
  • Organizational Innovation Award, 2004
  • The Circle of Excellence Multidisciplinary Team Award for The Code Blue Team at Deaconess Hospital, 2003
  • First Place Winner - Poster (Beyond the Cardiovascular Bedside: Implementation of a Community Peripheral Vascular Screening Program), 2003
  • The Circle of Excellence Leadership Award, 2002
  • Second Place Winner - Poster (The CCRN Drive at Deaconess Hospital), 2002
  • First Place Winner - (Poster Restructuring of a Code Blue Team with Emphasis on Outcomes), 2002
  • The Great 100 Nursing Alumni Award, 2001
  • Board Certified in Healthcare Management, 2001
  • Who's Who in Executives and Businesses, 1998
  • Inductee, 1992
  • Who's Who in Nursing, 1990
  • Judge for Outstanding Young People's Program, 1990
  • Nurse of the Year Award, 1980
  • Inductee, 1977
  • Student Nurse of the Year, 1976
  • Full Name

  • Maria Shirey