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2014 Mutans streptococci enumeration and genotype selection using different bacitracin-containing mediaJournal of Microbiological Methods.  103:53-57. 2014
2013 Comparative genotyping of Streptococcus mutans by repetitive extragenic palindromic polymerase chain reaction and multilocus sequence typing 2013
A Data Mining System for infection control surveillance
A rapid radiometric technique used to trap and quantitate 14CO2 evolved by slow-growing microorganismsCanadian Journal of Microbiology.  24:625-628.
Alterations to the cell wall of Histoplasma capsulatum yeasts during infection of macrophases or epithelial cellsJournal of Infectious Diseases.  175:1538-1544.
Antibiograms: Transforming data into knowledgeClinical Microbiology Newsletter.  22:5-8.
Antifungal susceptibilities of Cryptococcus neoformans cerebrospinal fluid isolates from AIDS patients in Kenya
Antimicrobial resistance in gram-negative bacteria isolated from the urinary tract in community-residing persons with spinal cord injuryArchives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  81:764-769.
Antimicrobial resistance in gram-negative bacteria isolated from the urinary tract in community-residing persons with spinal cord injury.Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  81:764-769.
Application of data mining to intensive care unit microbiologic dataEmerging Infectious Diseases.  5:454-457.
Assessment of clonality and serotypes of Streptococcus mutans among children by multilocus sequence typingEuropean Journal of Oral Sciences.  123:416-424.
Assessment of two multilocus sequence typing (MLST) schemes available for Streptococcus mutansArchives of Oral Biology.  60:1769-1776.
Association between Vancomycin-resistant enterococci bacteremia and ceftriaxone usageInfection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.  33:718-724.
Association between antecedent intravenous antimicrobial exposure and isolation of vancomycin-resistant enterococci.
Association between early childhood caries and colonization with streptococcus mutans genotypes from mothersPediatric Dentistry.  39:130-135.
Association of fluconazole pharmacodynamics with mortality in patients with candidemiaAntimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.  52:3022-3028.
Association rules and data mining in hospital infection control and public health surveillanceJournal of the American Medical Informatics Association.  5:373-381.
Atypical isolate of Cryptococcus neoformans cultured from sputum of a patient with pulmonary cancer and blastomycosisJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  7:316-318.
Automating clinical practice guidelines: A corporate-academic partnership
Bacteremia after spinal cord injury in initial versus subsequent hospitalizationsJournal of Spinal Cord Medicine.  24:96-100.
Central nervous system infections in transplant recipients by Cladophialophora bantianaSouthern Medical Journal.  101:292-296.
Characteristics of Streptococcus mutans genotypes and dental caries in childrenEuropean Journal of Oral Sciences.  121:148-155.
Chronic murine pulmonary blastomycosis induced by intratracheally inoculated Blastomyces dermatitidis conidiaThe American review of respiratory disease.  135:17-25.
Comparative in vitro antimicrobial susceptibilities of nosocomial isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii and synergistic activities of nine antimicrobial combinationsAntimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.  41:881-885.
Comparison of four DNA-based methods for strain delineation of Candida lusitaniaeJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  33:1467-1470.
Comparison of the MB/BacT system with a revised antibiotic supplement kit to the BACTEC 460 system for detection of mycobacteria in clinical specimensJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  36:3234-3238.
Comparison of two rapid latex agglutination tests for detection of cryptococcal capsular polysaccharideAmerican Journal of Clinical Pathology.  109:634-641.
Corrigendum to "Multiple locus variable tandem repeats analysis of meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus discriminates within USA pulsed-field gel electrophoresis types{star, open} [Journal of Hospital Infection 2009; 71: 333-339]" (DOI:10.1016/j.jhin.2008.12.011)Journal of Hospital Infection.  72:284.
Cross-reactivity of Aspergillus galactomannan in an HIV-infected patient with histoplasmosisMedical Mycology Case Reports.  1:119-122.
Cytokine Involvement in Immunomodulatory Activity Affected by Candida albicans MannanInfection and Immunity.  66:1384-1391.
Detection of oxacillin-resistance in staphylococcus aureus by MicroScan MIC panels in comparison to four other methodsDiagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease.  24:93-100.
Development of pulmonary infection in mice inoculated with Blastomyces dermatitidis conidiaAmerican Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.  149:500-509.
Development of pulmonary infection in mice inoculated with Blastomyces dermatitidis conidia.American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.  149:500-509.
Direct bacterial identification from positive BacT/Alert blood cultures using MicroScan overnight and rapid panelsDiagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease.  32:21-26.
Direct susceptibility testing with positive BacT/Alert blood cultures by using MicroScan overnight and rapid panelsJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  36:2052-2056.
Dissemination of Macrolide-Resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae Isolates Containing Both erm(B) and mef(A) in South KoreaJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  41:5787-5791.
Dissemination of community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a tertiary care hospitalSouthern Medical Journal.  101:40-45.
Donor-Related Coccidioidomycosis in Organ Transplant RecipientsClinical Infectious Diseases.  37:1265-1269.
Echinocandin resistance among Candida isolates at an academic medical centre 2005-15: Analysis of trends and outcomesJournal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.  73:1677-1680.
Effects of cyclophosphamide on murine candidiasisInfection and Immunity.  27:376-386.
Emergence of USA300 MRSA in a tertiary medical centre: implications for epidemiological studiesJournal of Hospital Infection.  68:208-213.
Emerging fungal resistanceClinics in Laboratory Medicine.  24:721-735.
Epidemiology of Aspergillus terreus at a University HospitalJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  41:5525-5529.
Exoenzyme y contributes to end-organ dysfunction caused by pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia in critically ill patients: An exploratory studyToxins.  12.
Experimental murine candidiasis: Pathological and immune responses in T-lymphocyte-depleted miceInfection and Immunity.  21:729-737.
Experimental murine candidiasis: cell-mediated immunity after cutaneous challengeInfection and Immunity.  27:140-149.
Experimental murine candidiasis: cell-mediated immunity after cutaneous challengeInfection and Immunity.  20:88-98.
Fungal-strain-dependent alterations in the time course and mortality of chronic murine pulmonary blastomycosisInfection and Immunity.  56:34-39.
Genetic Diversity and Evidence for Transmission of Streptococcus mutans by DiversiLab rep-PCRJournal of Microbiological Methods.  128:108-117.
Genetic diversity of plaque mutans streptococci with rep-PCRJournal of Dental Research.  90:331-335.
Genetic relatedness of levofloxacin-nonsusceptible Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates from North AmericaJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  41:2458-2464.
Genital tract methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus: Risk of vertical transmission in pregnant womenObstetrics and Gynecology.  111:113-118.
Genotypic characterization of Ureaplasma serovars from clinical isolates by pulsed-field gel electrophoresisJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  49:3325-3328.
Genotypic characterization of Ureaplasma species by pulsed field gel electrophoresisJournal of Microbiological Methods.  67:606-610.
Genotypic investigation of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii infections in a medical intensive care unitJournal of Hospital Infection.  37:125-135.
IL-1-induced murine osteoblast IL-6 production is mediated by the type 1 IL-1 receptor and is increased by 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D3Journal of Clinical Investigation.  91:1731-1742.
Immunization of mice by intracutaneous inoculation with viable virulent Cryptococcus neoformans: Immunological and histopathological parametersInfection and Immunity.  35:685-696.
Improvement of gram-negative susceptibility to fluoroquinolones after implementation of a pre-authorization policy for fluoroquinolone use: A decade-long experienceInfection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.  39:1419-1424.
Improving molecular detection of fungal DNA in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues: Comparison of five tissue DNA extraction methods using panfungal PCRJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  48:2147-2153.
Infection-induced endothelial amyloids impair memoryThe FASEB Journal.  33:10300-10314.
Initial management of candidemia at an academic medical center: Evaluation of the IDSA guidelinesDiagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease.  52:29-34.
Interleukin-1 is linked to the respiratory epithelial cytopathology of pertussisInfection and Immunity.  61:3123-3128.
Isolation of glycopeptides with skin test activity from dermatophytes.Infection and Immunity.  19:1031-1046.
Laboratory diagnosis of blastomycosisClinical Microbiology Newsletter.  7:53-56.
Laboratory diagnosis of histoplasmosisClinical Microbiology Newsletter.  21:95-99.
Maternal transmission of mutans streptococci in severe-early childhood cariesPediatric Dentistry.  31:193-201.
Michael A. Pfaller, M.D.Journal of Clinical Microbiology.  51:390-392.
Microascus cinereus (anamorph Scopulariopsis) brain abscess in a bone marrow transplant recipientJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  38:395-397.
Molecular identification of Aspergillus species collected for the transplant-associated infection surveillance networkJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  47:3138-3141.
Multiple-locus variable-number tandem-repeat analysis of meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus discriminates within USA pulsed-field gel electrophoresis typesJournal of Hospital Infection.  71:333-339.
Mutation frequency of NS5A in patients vertically infected with HCV genotype 1 predicts sustained virological response to peginterferon alfa-2b and ribavirin combination therapyJournal of Viral Hepatitis.  16:853-859.
Nosocomial pneumonia elicits an endothelial proteinopathy: Evidence for a source of neurotoxic amyloids in critically ill patientsAmerican Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.  198:1575-1578.
Nosocomial spread of Enterococcus faecium resistant to vancomycin and linezolid in a tertiary care medical centerJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  44:3368-3370.
Observational study of the epidemiology and outcomes of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus bacteraemia treated with newer antimicrobial agentsEpidemiology and Infection.  139:1342-1350.
Pathology information systems: Data mining leads to knowledge discoveryArchives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  122:409-411.
Patient-level analysis of incident vancomycin-resistant enterococci colonization and antibiotic days of therapyEpidemiology and Infection.  144:1748-1755.
Patterns of susceptibility of Aspergillus isolates recovered from patients enrolled in the transplant-associated infection surveillance networkJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  47:3271-3275.
Phaeoacremonium parasiticum infections confirmed by β-tubulin sequence analysis of case isolatesJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  44:2207-2211.
Pneumocystis pneumonia in hospitalized patients: A detailed examination of symptoms, management, and outcomes in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected and HIV-uninfected personsTransplant Infectious Disease.  14:510-518.
Prevalence of inducible clindamycin resistance among community- and hospital-associated Staphylococcus aureus isolatesJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  44:2481-2484.
Prototheca wickerhamii algaemia presenting as cholestatic hepatitis in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus: A case report and literature reviewMedical Mycology Case Reports.  2:19-22.
Pseudo-outbreak of brevundimonas diminuta attributed to contamination of culture medium supplementInfection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.  38:598-601.
Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection liberates transmissible, cytotoxic prion amyloidsThe FASEB Journal.  31:2785-2796.
Reduction of vancomycin-resistant enterococcal infections by limitation of broad-spectrum cephalosporin use in a trauma and burn intensive care unitShock.  14:259-264.
Renal mucormycosis: A case report and review of the literature
Repetitive extragenic palindromic PCR for study of Streptococcus mutans diversity and transmission in human populationsJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  48:599-602.
Research Paper: Association Rules and Data Mining in Hospital Infection Control and Public Health Surveillance.
Role of microbiology in epidemiology: Before and beyond 2000Epidemiologic Reviews.  22:131-135.
Streptococcus mutans serotypes and collagen-binding proteins Cnm/Cbm in children with caries analysed by PCR
The MB/BacT is a sensitive method of isolating Mycobacterium tuberculosis from clinical specimens in a laboratory with a low rate of isolation [2] (multiple letters)Journal of Clinical Microbiology.  38:3133-3134.
Time to positive culture results in neonatal Candida septicemiaJournal of Pediatrics.  142:564-565.
Transmission patterns of Streptococcus mutans demonstrated by a combined rep-PCR and MLST approachClinical Oral Investigations.  22:2847-2858.
Trends in frequency and susceptibilities of Candida glabrata bloodstream isolates at a University HospitalDiagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease.  39:199-201.
USA300 genotype community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus as a cause of surgical site infectionsJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  45:3431-3433.
Utility of real-time antifungal susceptibility testing for fluconazole in the treatment of candidemiaDiagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease.  50:119-124.
Vancomycin-resistant enterococci: 15 years and countingJournal of Hospital Infection.  53:159-171.
Virulent Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection converts antimicrobial amyloids into cytotoxic prionsThe FASEB Journal.  34:9156-9179.
When to use fluconazole
When to use fluconazole


Year Title Altmetric
2014 OsteomyeLitis.  799-814. 2014

Research Overview

  • Basic Science: Up until 1994, I was engaged in basic science research efforts directed to understanding the pathogenesis of pulmonary mycotic infections. First to describe a murine model of conidial induced pulmonary blastomycosis, which demonstrated that macrophages are essential cells in the initial host-parasite interaction.

    Clinical Microbiology/Applied: Due to the nature of clinical microbiology, my areas of investigation and publication are diverse and include mycology, bacteriology, mycobacteriology, and antimicrobial susceptibility testing. Most studies have involved the assessment of methods for providing more rapid or accurate test results to physicians. My special area of interest is in Mycology, specifically in the in vitro antifungal susceptibility, diagnostic methods, and molecular typing.

    Medical Informatics: The application of methodologies to facilitate the collection, management, and evaluation of information produced in medicine. These efforts lead to the system that is the basis of MedMined, Inc. and acquired by Cardinal Health in 2000.
  • Full Name

  • Stephen Moser