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2018 Corrigendum: Daily or weekly dosing with EGFR inhibitors, gefitinib and lapatinib, and AKT inhibitor MK2206 in mammary cancer models (Oncology Reports (2018) 40 (1545-1553) DOI: 10.3892/or.2018.6313)Oncology Reports.  41:718. 2018
2018 Daily or weekly dosing with EGFR inhibitors, gefitinib and lapatinib, and AKt inhibitor MK2206 in mammary cancer modelsOncology Reports.  40:1545-1553. 2018
2017 Lack of chemopreventive efficacy of metformin in rodent models of urinary bladder, head and neck, and colon/intestine cancerOncology Letters.  14:3480-3486. 2017
2016 5MeCDDO blocks metabolic activation but not progression of breast, intestine, and tongue cancers. Is antioxidant response element a prevention target?Cancer Prevention Research.  9:616-623. 2016
2015 Lack of effect of metformin on mammary carcinogenesis in nondiabetic rat and mouse modelsCancer Prevention Research.  8:231-239. 2015
2015 Prevention of chemically induced urinary bladder cancers by naproxen: Protocols to reduce gastric toxicity in humans do not alter preventive efficacyCancer Prevention Research.  8:296-302. 2015
2014 Preventive effects of NSAIDs, NO-NSAIDs, and NSAIDs plus difluoromethylornithine in a chemically induced urinary bladder cancer modelCancer Prevention Research.  7:246-254. 2014
2014 Osteopontin facilitates ultraviolet B-induced squamous cell carcinoma developmentJournal of Dermatological Science.  75:121-132. 2014
2013 Effect of intermittent dosing regimens of erlotinib on methylnitrosourea- induced mammary carcinogenesisCancer Prevention Research.  6:448-454. 2013
2012 Chemopreventive efficacy of Targretin in rodent models of urinary bladder, colon/intestine, head and neck and mammary cancersOncology Reports.  27:1400-1406. 2012
2011 Effects of 5,6-benzoflavone, indole-3-carbinol (I3C) and diindolylmethane (DIM) on chemically-induced mammary carcinogenesis: Is DIM a substitute for I3C?Oncology Reports.  26:731-736. 2011
2011 Efficacy of the EGFr inhibitor Iressa on development of chemically-induced urinary bladder cancers: Dose dependency and modulation of biomarkersOncology Reports.  25:1389-1397. 2011
2010 Screening Agents for Preventive Efficacy in a Bladder Cancer Model: Study Design, End Points, and Gefitinib and Naproxen EfficacyJournal of Urology, The.  183:1598-1603. 2010
2010 Establishment and characterization of an osteopontin-null cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma cell lineIn Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology - Animal.  46:87-91. 2010
2009 Chemopreventive efficacy of naproxen and nitric oxide-naproxen in rodent models of colon, urinary bladder, and mammary cancersCancer Prevention Research.  2:951-956. 2009
2009 Mycoplasma pulmonis and lymphoma in bioassays in ratsVeterinary Pathology.  46:952-959. 2009
2009 Lack of efficacy of the statins atorvastatin and lovastatin in rodent mammary carcinogenesisCancer Prevention Research.  2:161-167. 2009
2009 Mycoplasma pulmonis and lymphomaEnvironmental and Molecular Mutagenesis.  50:1-3. 2009
2008 Rosiglitazone, a PPAR gamma agonist: Potent promoter of hydroxybutyl(butyl)nitrosamine-induced urinary bladder cancersInternational Journal of Cancer.  123:2254-2259. 2008
2008 Effect of cranberry juice concentrate on chemically-induced urinary bladder cancersOncology Reports.  19:1565-1570. 2008
2008 Effects of gefitinib (Iressa) on mammary cancers: Preventive studies with varied dosages, combinations with vorozole or targretin, and biomarker changesMolecular Cancer Therapeutics.  7:972-979. 2008
2007 Short-term modulation of cell proliferation and apoptosis and preventive/therapeutic efficacy of various agents in a mammary cancer modelClinical Cancer Research.  13:5488-5496. 2007
2007 Preventive effects of polyphenon E on urinary bladder and mammary cancers in rats and correlations with serum and urine levels of tea polyphenolsMolecular Cancer Therapeutics.  6:2022-2028. 2007
2006 Papilloma development is delayed in osteopontin-null mice: Implicating an antiapoptosis role for osteopontinCancer Research.  66:7119-7127. 2006
2006 Effects of the farnesyl transferase inhibitor R115777 (Zarnestra) on mammary carcinogenesis: Prevention, therapy, and role of HaRas mutationsMolecular Cancer Therapeutics.  5:1073-1078. 2006
2005 4-Hydroxybutyl(butyl)nitrosamine-induced urinary bladder cancers in mice: Characterization of FHIT and survivin expression and chemopreventive effects of indomethacinCarcinogenesis.  26:571-578. 2005
2005 Efficacy of Targretin on methylnitosourea-induced mammary cancers: Prevention and therapy dose-response curves and effects on proliferation and apoptosisCarcinogenesis.  26:441-448. 2005
2004 Efficacy of 9-cis-retinoic acid and N-(4-hydroxyphenyl) retinamide alone and in combination in mammary cancer preventionOncology Reports.  11:465-469. 2004
2004 Letter to the editor (multiple letters)Veterinary Pathology.  41:540. 2004
2002 Prevention of methylnitrosourea-induced mammary cancers by 9-cis-retinoic acid and/or vitamin D3Oncology Reports.  9:533-537. 2002
2001 Effects of acute and chronic body weight gain reductions in the evaluation of agents for efficacy in mammary cancer prevention.Oncology Reports.  8:373-379. 2001
1999 Effect of reduced body weight gain on the evaluation of chemopreventive agents in the methylnitrosourea-induced mammary cancer modelCarcinogenesis.  20:71-76. 1999
1998 Chemopreventive effects of the aromatase inhibitor vorozole (R 83842) in the methylnitrosourea-induced mammary cancer modelCarcinogenesis.  19:1345-1351. 1998
1998 Anhydroretinol, a retinoid active in preventing mammary cancer induced in rats by N-methyl-N-nitrosoureaOncology Reports.  5:857-860. 1998
1997 Hormone levels and mammary epithelial cell proliferation in rats treated with a regimen of estradiol and progesterone that mimics the preventive effect of pregnancy against mammary cancerAnticancer Research.  17:4639-4645. 1997
1997 Hormone levels and mammary epithelial cell proliferation in rats treated with a regimen of estradiol and progesterone that mimics the preventive effect of pregnancy against mammary cancer.Anticancer Research.  17:4639-4645. 1997
1997 Chemopreventive efficacy of anethole trithione, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, miconazole and phenethylisothiocyanate in the DMBA-induced rat mammary cancer modelInternational Journal of Cancer.  72:95-101. 1997
1995 Chemoprevention of chemically-induced mammary carcinogenesis by indole-3-carbinolAnticancer Research.  15:709-716. 1995
1993 Chemoprevention by indomethacin of N-butyl-N-(4-hydroxybutyl)-nitrosamine-induced urinary bladder tumorsAnticancer Research.  13:33-36. 1993
1993 Effects of viral and mycoplasmal infections, ammonia exposure, vitamin A deficiency, host age, and organism strain on adherence of Mycoplasma pulmonis in cultured rat tracheasLaboratory Animal Science.  43:417-424. 1993
1992 Effects of folate deficiency and supplementation on methylnitrosourea-induced rat mammary tumorsJNCI: Journal of the National Cancer Institute.  84:1740-1744. 1992
1991 Effect of canthaxanthin on chemically induced mammary carcinogenesisOncology.  48:239-245. 1991
1990 Effect of Miso (Japanese Soybean Paste) and NaCl on DMBA-Induced Rat Mammary TumorsNutrition and Cancer.  14. 1990
1990 Effect of retinyl acetate and 4-hydroxyphenylretinamide on initiation of chemically-induced mammary tumorsAnticancer Research.  10:661-666. 1990
1988 Short-term hormone treatment as a chemopreventive method against mammary cancer initiation in ratsAnticancer Research.  8:113-117. 1988
1986 Suppression by pregnancy of chemically induced preneoplastic cells of the rat mammary gland.Anticancer Research.  6:1395-1400. 1986
1985 Nonspecific lymphocyte responses in F344 and LEW rats: Susceptibility to murine respiratory mycoplasmosis and examination of cellular basis for strain differencesInfection and Immunity.  49:152-158. 1985
1981 Tumorigenicity of 7, 12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene, its hydroxy-methylated derivatives and selected dihydrodiols in the newborn mouseCarcinogenesis.  2:511-514. 1981
1978 Extradural lymphosarcoma in six catsJournal of Small Animal Practice.  19:409-416. 1978
1978 M. M. JULIANAJournal of Small Animal Practice.  19:409-416. 1978
1977 Polycystic kidney disease in a catJournal of Small Animal Practice.  18:663-666. 1977

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Pathology Residency Program, University of Alabama at Birmingham 1988
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Pennsylvania 1972
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  • M Juliana