• My name is Muhammad Maqbool. I work as an Associate Professor of Health Physics in the Department of Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences, School of Health Professions at UAB, since May 2017. I have obtained my Ph.D. degree in Condensed Matter Physics & Photonics from Ohio University, USA. I have obtained M.S. degree in Medical & Radiation Physics from the University of Birmingham, UK. I got my first degree from the University of Peshawar, Pakistan. Before joining UAB as a faculty member, I worked as Associate Professor of Physics & Medical Physics at Ball State University for 9 years. I also worked as an Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of Mount Olive. I teach several courses in the Master of Science in Health Physics program and Master of Science in Nuclear Medicine Tech nology. Those courses include Principles of Health Physics, Medical Radiation Physics, Principles of Radiation Dosimetry, Physics of Medical Imaging, Nonionizing Radiation, Advanced Radiation Biology and Research Methodology & Publications Analysis and Computed Tomography and Laser Safety.

    I am actively engaged in research and published 78 research papers in highly reputed peer-reviewed journals. I have obtained a US Patent for inventing the Smallest AlN:Ti microlaser on optical fibers in whispering gallery mode. My student also obtained the best researcher award in the Health Physics Society 64th Annual Meeting held in Orlando, Florida, USA, on July 7-11, 2019. I have published two books and book chapters. My recent book An Introduction to Medical Physics is used as a recommended textbook at UAB and reference book at other Universities. Currently several graduate students work on their research projects with me. I work as consultant for many national and international organizations. I also work as grant reviewers for research funding bodies. I have established research and professional collaboration with many researchers within UAB and other Universities in USA and abroad.

    I actively take part in professional bodies and organizations in my field. Currently I serve as the President of Alabama Chapter of Health Physics Society. I work as Chair of the Gamma rays, x-rays and ultraviolet ray photonics technical section of the Optical Society of America. I am an active member of several professional organizations including Health Physics Society, American Physical Society and Optical Society of America.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2021 Review on the hazardous applications and photodegradation mechanisms of chlorophenols over different photocatalystsEnvironmental Research.  195. 2021
    2021 Voltage-Switchable Biosensor with Gold Nanoparticles on TiO2Nanotubes Decorated with CdS Quantum Dots for the Detection of Cholesterol and H2O2ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.  13:3653-3668. 2021
    2020 TiO2 nanotube array-modified electrodes for L-cysteine biosensing: Experimental and density-functional theory studyNanotechnology.  31. 2020
    2020 Surface Plasmonic-Assisted Photocatalysis and Optoelectronic Devices with Noble Metal Nanocrystals: Design, Synthesis, and Applications 2020
    2020 Retraction Note to: A Comparative Study of the Toxicity of Polyethylene Glycol–Coated Cobalt Ferrite Nanospheres and Nanoparticles (Nanoscale Research Letters, (2019), 14, 1, (386), 10.1186/s11671-019-3202-9)Nanoscale Research Letters.  15. 2020
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    Accurate theoretical bandgap calculations of II-VI semiconductors

    Research Overview

  • My research work and activities cover multiple areas of Physics. Students are engaged in most of those areas of my research. Currently I work in the following areas.

    Materials for Radiation Shielding & Protection.
    Optical Materials for Biomedical Applications.
    Nanostructured Materials for Biomedical Applications,
    Radiation Dosimetry and Assessment
    Optics & Photonics,
    Condensed Matter Physics,
    Surface Science
  • Teaching Overview

  • I have taught more than 50 various courses in physics, health physics and related areas multiple times. I have taught more than 50 various courses in physics, health physics and related areas multiple times. I would divide them in two categories; courses taught at UAB and courses taught before joining UAB (in my previous employer institutes). A list of those courses is given below.

    Course Number Course Title Level University

    At UAB:

    MHP 601 Principles of Health Physics Graduate UAB
    MHP 611 Physics of Diagnostic Imaging Graduate UAB
    MHP 620 Principles of Dosimetry Graduate UAB
    MHP 621 Nonionizing Radiation Graduate UAB
    MHP 651 Advanced Radiation Biology Graduate UAB
    MHP 675 / Research Methodology & Graduate UAB
    NMT 675 Publications Analysis
    MHP 691 Supervised Practice Graduate UAB
    MHP 698 Non-thesis Research Graduate UAB
    NMT 610 Medical Radiation Physics Graduate UAB
    NMT 623 Computed Tomography Graduate UAB
    NMT 698 Non-thesis Research Graduate UAB

    Before UAB:

    APHY 550 Medical Physics-1 Graduate BSU
    APHY 552 Medical Physics-2 Graduate BSU
    PHYC 534 Thermal Physics Graduate BSU
    PHYC 564 Intro- to Quantum Mechanics Graduate BSU
    PHYC 565 Quantum Mechanics Graduate BSU
    PHYC 552 Electricity & Magnetism-2 Graduate BSU
    PHYC 540 Physical Optics Graduate BSU
    PHYC 540L Physical Optics Lab Graduate BSU
    PHYC 553 Math Methods for Physicists Graduate BSU
    PHYC 683 Seminars in Physics Graduate BSU
    PHYC 120 General Physics-1 (calc based) Undergraduate BSU
    PHYC 120L General Physics-1 Lab Undergraduate BSU
    PHYC 122 General Physics-2 (calc based) Undergraduate BSU
    PHYC 122L General Physics-2 Lab Undergraduate BSU
    PHY 331 University Physics-1 Undergraduate UMO
    (with Lab)
    PHY 332 University Physics-2 Undergraduate UMO
    (with Lab)
    PHY 350 Radiation Physics-1 Undergraduate UMO
    PHY 351 Radiation Physics-1 Undergraduate UMO
    APHY 350 Medical Physics-1 Undergraduate BSU
    APHY 352 Medical Physics-2 Undergraduate BSU
    PHYC 353 Math Methods for Physicists Undergraduate BSU
    PHYC 434 Thermodynamics & Statistical- Undergraduate BSU
    PHYC 464 Intro- to Quantum Mechanics Undergraduate BSU
    PHYC 465 Quantum Mechanics Undergraduate BSU
    PHYC 340 Physical Optics Undergraduate BSU
    PHYC 340L Physical Optics Lab Undergraduate BSU
    PHYC 483 GRE (Physics) Undergraduate BSU
    PHYC 110 General Physics-1 (algeb based) Non-Major BSU
    PHYC 110L General Physics-1 Lab Non-Major BSU
    PHYC 112 General Physics-2 Non-Major BSU
    PHYC 112L General Physics-2 Lab Non-Major BSU
    PHYC 111 Problems in College Physics Non-Major BSU
    PHYC 101 Physics for Teachers Non-Major BSU
    ASTR 100 Introductory Astronomy Non-Major UMO
    PHYS 110 Physics for Non-Majors with Lab Non-Major UMO
    PHYS 221 General College Physics-1 Non-Major UMO
    PHYS 221L General College Physics-1L Non-Major UMO
    PHYS 222 General College Physics-2 Non-Major UMO
    PHYS 222L General College Physics-2L Non-Major UMO
    MATH 130 Pre-Algebra Non-Major UMO
    MATH 132 Pre-Calculus Non-Major UMO
    MATH 140 Contemporary Mathematics Non-Major UMO
    ENVR 110 Introduction to Environmental Non-Major UMO
    MATS 511 Materials Principles & Graduate QU
    MATS 512 Thermodynamics of Materials Graduate QU
    MATS 513 Functional Properties Materials Graduate QU
    MATS 530 Radiation Technology Materials Graduate QU
    MATS 570 Nanotechnology & Advanced Graduate QU
    Characterization Methods
    MATS 514 Research Methodology Graduate QU

    Abbreviations used:
    UAB: University of Alabama at Birmingham, QU: Qatar University
    BSU: Ball State University UMO: University of Mount Olive
  • Teaching Activities

  • MHP621 - Nonionizing Radiation (Summer Term 2020) 2020
  • MHP651 - Advanced Radiation Biology (Summer Term 2020) 2020
  • MHP691 - Supervised Practice (Summer Term 2020) 2020
  • MHP698 - Non-Thesis Research (Summer Term 2020) 2020
  • MHP611 - Physics of Diagnostic Imaging (Spring Term 2020) 2020
  • MHP620 - Principles of Dosimetry (Spring Term 2020) 2020
  • MHP675 - Spec Topics in Health Physics (Spring Term 2020) 2020
  • MHP698 - Non-Thesis Research (Spring Term 2020) 2020
  • NMT675 - Special Topics in NMT (Spring Term 2020) 2020
  • MHP601 - Principles of Health Physics (Fall Term 2019) 2019
  • MHP691 - Supervised Practice (Fall Term 2019) 2019
  • MHP698 - Non-Thesis Research (Fall Term 2019) 2019
  • NMT610 - Medical Radiation Physics (Fall Term 2019) 2019
  • NMT698 - Non-Thesis Research (Fall Term 2019) 2019
  • MHP621 - Nonionizing Radiation (Summer Term 2019) 2019
  • MHP651 - Advanced Radiation Biology (Summer Term 2019) 2019
  • MHP691 - Supervised Practice (Summer Term 2019) 2019
  • MHP698 - Non-Thesis Research (Summer Term 2019) 2019
  • MHP611 - Physics of Diagnostic Imaging (Spring Term 2019) 2019
  • MHP620 - Principles of Dosimetry (Spring Term 2019) 2019
  • MHP675 - Spec Topics in Health Physics (Spring Term 2019) 2019
  • MHP691 - Supervised Practice (Spring Term 2019) 2019
  • MHP698 - Non-Thesis Research (Spring Term 2019) 2019
  • MHP601 - Principles of Health Physics (Fall Term 2018) 2018
  • MHP691 - Supervised Practice (Fall Term 2018) 2018
  • MHP698 - Non-Thesis Research (Fall Term 2018) 2018
  • MHP621 - Nonionizing Radiation (Summer Term 2018) 2018
  • MHP651 - Advanced Radiation Biology (Summer Term 2018) 2018
  • MHP691 - Supervised Practice (Summer Term 2018) 2018
  • MHP698 - Non-Thesis Research (Summer Term 2018) 2018
  • MHP611 - Physics of Diagnostic Imaging (Spring Term 2018) 2018
  • MHP620 - Principles of Dosimetry (Spring Term 2018) 2018
  • MHP691 - Supervised Practice (Spring Term 2018) 2018
  • MHP601 - Principles of Health Physics (Fall Term 2017) 2017
  • NMT610 - Medical Radiation Physics (Fall Term 2017) 2017
  • NMT621 - Nuc Medicine Instrumentation I (Fall Term 2017) 2017
  • MHP621 - Nonionizing Radiation (Summer Term 2017) 2017
  • MHP651 - Advanced Radiation Biology (Summer Term 2017) 2017
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, Ohio University 2005
  • University of Birmingham Physics & Space Sciences, Other 1998
  • Full Name

  • Muhammad Maqbool