Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2018 Associations between Race, Perceived Psychological Stress, and the Gut Microbiota in a Sample of Generally Healthy Black and White Women: A Pilot Study on the Role of Race and Perceived Psychological StressPsychosomatic Medicine.  80:640-648. 2018
2018 The Neonatal Microbiome and Its Partial Role in Mediating the Association between Birth by Cesarean Section and Adverse Pediatric OutcomesBiology of the Neonate.  114:103-111. 2018
2018 Dietary Patterns Among Overweight and Obese African-American Women Living in the Rural SouthJournal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities.  5:141-150. 2018
2018 Assessment of the nutrition environment in rural counties in the Deep SouthJournal of Nutritional Science2018
2018 Reasons for Late-Night Eating and Willingness to Change:A Qualitative Study in Pregnant Black WomenJournal of Nutrition Education2018
2017 What Are Optimal Cesarean Section Rates in the U.S. and How Do We Get There? A Review of Evidence-Based Recommendations and InterventionsJournal of Women's Health.  26:1285-1291. 2017
2017 Longitudinal Analysis of Nut-Inclusive Diets and Body Mass Index Among Overweight and Obese African American Women Living in Rural Alabama and Mississippi, 2011-2013Preventing Chronic Disease.  14:E82. 2017
2017 Weight loss and improved metabolic outcomes amongst rural African American women in the Deep South: six-month outcomes from a community-based randomized trialJournal of Internal Medicine.  282:102-113. 2017
2017 Lower depression scores associated with greater weight loss among rural black women in a behavioral weight loss programTranslational Behavioral Medicine.  7:320-329. 2017
2017 Body image and dissatisfaction among rural Deep South African American women in a weight loss interventionJournal of Health Psychology2017
2016 The Activity Support Scale for Multiple Groups (ACTS-MG): Child-reported Physical Activity Parenting in African American and Non-Hispanic White FamiliesBehavioral Medicine.  42:112-119. 2016
2015 A study of the relationship between food group recommendations and perceived stress: Findings from black women in the deep southJournal of Obesity.  2015. 2015
2014 Dietary interventions and quality of life: A systematic review of the literatureJournal of Nutrition Education.  46:90-101. 2014
2014 Assessing environmental support for better health: Active living opportunity audits in rural communities in the southern United StatesPreventive Medicine.  66:28-33. 2014
2014 Association of run-in periods with weight loss in obesity randomized controlled trialsObesity Reviews.  15:68-73. 2014
2014 Considerations for bio-specimen collection among black women residing in the rural Deep South participating in a cancer prevention studyJournal of Community Genetics.  5:257-263. 2014
2014 Differences in weight loss and health outcomes among African Americans and whites in multicentre trialsObesity Reviews.  15:46-61. 2014
2014 Relationship between social support and body mass index among overweight and obese African American women in the rural Deep South, 2011-2013Preventing Chronic Disease.  11. 2014
2013 Examining social influence on participation and outcomes among a network of behavioral weight-loss intervention enrolleesJournal of Obesity.  2013. 2013
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2012 Examining the Association Between Body Mass Index and Weight Related Quality of Life in Black and White WomenApplied Research in Quality of Life.  7:309-322. 2012
2011 Attitudes and beliefs associated with leisure-time physical activity among African American adultsEthnicity and Disease.  21:63-67. 2011
2011 Body image as a mediator of the relationship between body mass index and weight-related quality of life in black womenJournal of Women's Health.  20:1573-1578. 2011
2011 Stressful life events and behavior change: A qualitative examination of African American women's participation in a weight loss programQualitative Report.  16:622-634. 2011
2011 Measuring parental support for children's physical activity in white and African American parents: The Activity Support Scale for Multiple Groups (ACTS-MG)Preventive Medicine.  52:39-43. 2011
2010 Body Image and Quality of Life in a Group of African American WomenSocial Indicators Research.  99:531-540. 2010
2010 A study of a culturally enhanced EatRight dietary intervention in a predominately African American workplaceJournal of Public Health Management and Practice.  16. 2010
2010 Fruit and Vegetable Pricing by Demographic Factors in the Birmingham, Alabama, Metropolitan Area, 2004-2005Preventing Chronic Disease.  7. 2010
2008 Using formative research to develop a worksite health promotion program for African American womenWomen and Health.  48:189-207. 2008
2007 Physical activity patterns during weight maintenance following a low-energy density dietary interventionObesity Research.  15:1226-1232. 2007


Year Title Altmetric
2014 Body image as a contributor to weight in pregnancy and postpartum: Racial differences.  121-155. 2014

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Epidemiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2010
  • Master of Public Health in Epidemiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2005
  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Biology, Florida State University 2002
  • Full Name

  • Tiffany Carson