• Dr. Markaki is an Associate Professor at the UAB School of Nursing and in charge of the school's Global Leadership pillar. As Deputy Director of the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center (WHOCC), she leads one of only eight designated centers in the USA, integrating global health into nursing education, research, and clinical practice. Combining advanced practice in public/community health nursing with a medical anthropologist’s perspective, she has extensively taught and mentored nursing, medical and public health students, medical residents, and professional nurses. As a health systems researcher, she studies nursing’s effect on primary health care outcomes. A strong believer in crossing discipline and culture boundaries, Dr. Markaki aims to empower providers and communities towards sustainable development goals.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2019 Integrated people-centred primary health care in Greece: Unravelling Ariadne's thread 2019
    2018 Organ donation awareness: Rethinking media campaigns 2018
    2018 Interprofessional palliative care education for pediatric oncology clinicians: An evidence-based practice review 2018
    2017 Compassionate collaborative care: An integrative review of quality indicators in end-of-life care 2017
    2017 Operational integration in primary health care: Patient encounters and workflows 2017
    2016 Blood donation knowledge and attitudes among undergraduate health science students: A cross-sectional study 2016
    2016 Are municipal solid waste collectors at increased risk of Hepatitis A Virus infection? A Greek cross-sectional study 2016
    2015 Financial crisis and suicide mortality in Greece: Do we need more evidence to be convinced 2015
    2015 From patient centered generalists to GPs with special interests: 'You only live twice" or maybe once 2015
    2015 Overuse of antibiotics in primary health care: A practitioner-or patient-induced problem? 2015
    2014 Organ donation knowledge and attitudes among health science students in Greece: Emerging interprofessional needs 2014
    2014 Patient-centered decisions in primary care: From necessity to realism 2014
    2014 Patients' beliefs and attitudes towards hypertension and its treatment: a rural practice pilot study. 2014
    2013 Oral human papillomavirus infection: new challenges for a new era? 2013
    2013 Out of hours: Greek research capacity and economic hardships: A social network ripple effect? 2013
    2013 Shifting towards an opt-out system in Greece: A general practice based pilot study 2013
    2013 Quality assessment systems in rehabilitation services for people with a disability in Greece: A critical review 2013
    2012 Kidney organ donation knowledge and attitudes among health care professionals: Findings from a Greek general hospital 2012
    2012 Monitoring reasons for encounter via an electronic patient record system: The case of a rural practice initiative 2012
    2011 Introducing and implementing a compassionate care elective for medical students in Crete 2011
    2010 Self-reported health complaints in a primary care population living under stressful conditions in the gaza strip, palestine 2010
    2009 Does urinary incontinence affect quality of life of Greek women less severely? A cross-sectional study in two Mediterranean settings 2009
    2009 Exploring training needs of nursing staff in rural Cretan primary care settings 2009
    2009 Cancer control practices: Translation and cultural adaptation of an instrument in Crete, Greece 2009
    2009 Integrated primary health care in Greece, a missing issue in the current health policy agenda: A systematic review 2009
    2008 Do patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease receive smoking cessation advice and interventions in rural Crete? Report from a medical audit study 2008
    2008 Capacity building within primary healthcare nursing: a current European challenge. 2008
    2008 Job analysis and professional development needs of nursing staff in Primary Health Care Centres 2008
    2007 An evaluation of patients' opinions of primary care physicians: The use of EUROPEP in Gaza Strip-Palestine 2007
    2007 Translating and validating a Training Needs Assessment tool into Greek 2007
    2007 Open health maintenance networks: A proposal concerning the contribution of local government to the national health policy 2007
    2006 Nurses in primary health care: A necessity or utopia 2006
    2006 Primary health care nursing staff in Crete: An emerging profile 2006


    Year Title Altmetric
    2015 Empathy and compassion in doctor-patient relationship 2015
    2014 Understanding and protecting against compassion fatigue.  214-231. 2014
    2002 Management of health problems and health education in the community setting 2002
    2002 Prevalent disease management in primary health care 2002
    2002 Survey of primary health care status 2002
    2001 Select goals for primary health care nursing in Crete. 2001

    Research Overview

  • Health systems research:
    a) capacity building in primary health care, global health, nursing education
    b) integration of primary health care, collaborative practice, compassionate care, organ
  • Full Name

  • Adelais Markaki