• In the capacity of Associate Director with the Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance – a collaboration between UAB and Southern Research - I interface with a wide range of scientists involved in the drug discovery and development process, focusing on infectious diseases, oncology and neurodegenerative disorders, among others. We have currently about 15 programs in our pipeline, ranging from assay development to phase I clinical trials. I am trained in the pharmaceutical sciences and have a broad range of publications in drug delivery, viral vector-based gene therapy as well as nanotechnology in cancer, highlighting my experience in interdisciplinary research teams. I am also a member of the IND/IDE support office at UAB, giving me regulatory expertise for investigator-initiated trials. Finally, I am the Administrative Director of the Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development Center (AD3C), an NIAID-funded Center of Excellence for Translational Research, which brings together biologists and chemists among seven different US-based institutions to find new therapies for flavi-, corona-, and alphaviruses and influenza. Based on this work I was fortunate to be selected for the William Prusoff Young Investigator Lecture Award from the International Society for Antiviral Research in 2017.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
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    Year Title Altmetric
    2002 Development of vasculature targeting strategies for the treatment of cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases.  Ed. 8.  2002

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