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Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2011 How We Got ThereILAR news.  52:427-428. 2011
2004 UntitledVeterinary Pathology.  41:540-540. 2004
2004 Letter to the editor (multiple letters)Veterinary Pathology.  41:540. 2004
2001 Elements of an occupational health and safety program: deficiencies identified by AAALAC international.Lab Animal.  30:23-26. 2001
1998 Expecting one disaster and getting anotherLab Animal.  27:29-29. 1998
1990 The effect of euthanasia technique on vascular arachidonic acid metabolism and vascular and intestinal smooth muscle contractility.Laboratory Animal Science.  40:277-283. 1990
1989 Evaluation and characterization of the hypothyroid hyt/hyt mouse. I: Somatic and behavioral studies.Neuroendocrinology.  49:138-143. 1989
1988 Distribution of a monoclonal antibody-recognized protective protein immunogen on the outer membranes of Pasteurella multocida rabbit isolates.Journal of Clinical Microbiology.  26:1326-1330. 1988
1986 Dimethyl sulfoxide does not protect against arachidonic acid-induced pulmonary platelet thrombosis in rabbitsIRCS Medical Science.  14:423-424. 1986
1985 17 beta-Hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase: a ubiquitous enzyme. Interconversion of estrone and estradiol-17 beta in BALB/c mouse tissues.Metabolism.  34:938-944. 1985
1985 17β-Hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase: A ubiquitous enzyme. Interconversion of estrone and estradiol-17β in BALB c mouse tissuesMetabolism.  34:938-944. 1985
1984 Steroid sulfatase and 17 beta-hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase activities in mouse tissues.Journal of steroid biochemistry.  21:529-538. 1984
1983 What is your diagnosis? Right-sided heart enlargement.Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.  183:1345-1346. 1983
1982 Choosing animal models of human inborn errors of metabolism.Progress in clinical and biological research.  94:459-461. 1982
1979 Anomalous origin of the right subclavian artery in a marmoset (Callithrix jacchus).Journal of Medical Primatology.  8:305-307. 1979


Year Title Altmetric
2008 Parasites of Rabbits.  451-499. 2008

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