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2018 Constitutive and Synaptic Activation of GIRK Channels Differentiates Mature and Newborn Dentate Granule Cells.Journal of Neuroscience.  38:6513-6526. 2018
2018 α-Synuclein fibril-induced paradoxical structural and functional defects in hippocampal neurons.Acta Neuropathologica Communications.  6:35. 2018
2017 Non-synaptic signaling from cerebellar climbing fibers modulates Golgi cell activityeLife.  6. 2017
2017 Non-synaptic signaling from cerebellar climbing fibers modulates Golgi cell activity.eLife.  6. 2017
2017 Adult-born neurons modify excitatory synaptic transmission to existing neurons.eLife.  6. 2017
2015 Development of glutamatergic innervation during maturation of adult-born neuronsFrontiers in Biology.  10:310-320. 2015
2015 Viral and transgenic reporters and genetic analysis of adult neurogenesis.Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology.  7:a018804. 2015
2014 Hilar mossy cells provide the first glutamatergic synapses to adult-born dentate granule cells.Journal of Neuroscience.  34:2349-2354. 2014
2013 Distinct determinants of sparse activation during granule cell maturation.Journal of Neuroscience.  33:19131-19142. 2013
2013 GABA depolarization is required for experience-dependent synapse unsilencing in adult-born neurons.Journal of Neuroscience.  33:6614-6622. 2013
2012 Neuronal glutamate transporters regulate glial excitatory transmission.Journal of Neuroscience.  32:1528-1535. 2012
2012 Dynamic functions of GABA signaling during granule cell maturation.Frontiers in Neural Circuits.  6:113. 2012
2011 Adult hippocampal neurogenesis and plasticity in the infrapyramidal bundle of the mossy fiber projection: I. Co-regulation by activity.Frontiers in Neuroscience.  5:107. 2011
2011 Enhanced integration of newborn neurons after neonatal insults.Frontiers in Neuroscience.  5:45. 2011
2010 Microglia shape adult hippocampal neurogenesis through apoptosis-coupled phagocytosis.Cell Stem Cell.  7:483-495. 2010
2010 Parvalbumin deficiency and GABAergic dysfunction in mice lacking PGC-1alpha.Journal of Neuroscience.  30:7227-7235. 2010
2009 Input-specific GABAergic signaling to newborn neurons in adult dentate gyrus.Journal of Neuroscience.  29:15063-15072. 2009
2008 GABAergic signalling to adult-generated neurons.Journal of Physiology.  586:3745-3749. 2008
2008 Integration of adult generated neurons during epileptogenesis.Epilepsia.  49 Suppl 5:3-12. 2008
2006 Seizures accelerate functional integration of adult-generated granule cells.Journal of Neuroscience.  26:4095-4103. 2006
2006 Delayed development of adult-generated granule cells in dentate gyrus.Journal of Neuroscience.  26:2326-2334. 2006
2006 Functional maturation of adult-generated granule cells.Hippocampus.  16:208-215. 2006
2005 GABAergic signaling to newborn neurons in dentate gyrus.Journal of Neurophysiology.  94:4528-4532. 2005
2005 New neurons in the adult mammalian brain: synaptogenesis and functional integration.Journal of Neuroscience.  25:10366-10368. 2005
2004 A transgenic marker for newly born granule cells in dentate gyrus.Journal of Neuroscience.  24:3251-3259. 2004
2004 GABA release from proopiomelanocortin neurons.Journal of Neuroscience.  24:1578-1583. 2004
2003 Synapse density regulates independence at unitary inhibitory synapses.Journal of Neuroscience.  23:2618-2626. 2003
2001 Paradoxical reduction of synaptic inhibition by vigabatrin.Journal of Neurophysiology.  86:596-603. 2001
2000 Slow desensitization regulates the availability of synaptic GABA(A) receptors.Journal of Neuroscience.  20:7914-7921. 2000
1999 Glutamate transporters contribute to the time course of synaptic transmission in cerebellar granule cells.Journal of Neuroscience.  19:9663-9673. 1999
1997 Prolonged physiological entrapment of glutamate in the synaptic cleft of cerebellar unipolar brush cells.Journal of Neurophysiology.  78:1320-1333. 1997
1997 A role for adenosine A2 receptors in the induction of long-term potentiation in the CA1 region of rat hippocampus.Brain Research.  756:184-190. 1997
1996 Impaired cerebellar synaptic plasticity and motor performance in mice lacking the mGluR4 subtype of metabotropic glutamate receptor.Journal of Neuroscience.  16:6364-6373. 1996
1995 AP5 blocks LTP in developing rat dentate gyrus and unmasks LTD.Experimental Neurology.  131:83-92. 1995


Year Title Altmetric
2007 The use of reporter mouse lines to study neurogenesis.  81-100. 2007
2003 Measuring and Modeling the Spatiotemporal Profile of GABA at the Synapse. In Transmembrane Transporters 2003

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