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2019 O-GlcNAcylation of GLI transcription factors in hyperglycemic conditions augments Hedgehog activity.Laboratory Investigation.  99:260-270. 2019
2018 Deficiency of tumor suppressor Merlin facilitates metabolic adaptation by co-operative engagement of SMAD-Hippo signaling in breast cancer.Carcinogenesis.  39:1165-1175. 2018
2018 Conditional knockout of N-Myc and STAT interactor disrupts normal mammary development and enhances metastatic ability of mammary tumors.Oncogene.  37:1610-1623. 2018
2017 Biomimetic strategies to recapitulate organ specific microenvironments for studying breast cancer metastasis.International Journal of Cancer.  141:1091-1109. 2017
2017 BH3 mimetics suppress CXCL12 expression in human malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor cells.Oncotarget.  8:8670-8678. 2017
2017 Genomic regulation of invasion by STAT3 in triple negative breast cancer.Oncotarget.  8:8226-8238. 2017
2017 Loss of Merlin induces metabolomic adaptation that engages dependence on Hedgehog signaling.Scientific Reports.  7:40773. 2017
2017 Developing Cures: Targeting Ontogenesis in Cancer.Trends Cancer.  3:126-136. 2017
2016 Tamoxifen Induces Cytotoxic Autophagy in Glioblastoma.Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology.  75:946-954. 2016
2016 Emerging roles and underlying molecular mechanisms of DNAJB6 in cancer.Oncotarget.  7:53984-53996. 2016
2016 Erratum to: 'Hedgehog signaling: modulation of cancer properties and tumor microenvironment'.Molecular Cancer.  15:35. 2016
2016 Loss of tumor suppressor Merlin results in aberrant activation of Wnt/β-catenin signaling in cancer.Oncotarget.  7:17991-18005. 2016
2016 Hedgehog signaling: modulation of cancer properies and tumor mircroenvironment.Molecular Cancer.  15:24. 2016
2016 Identification of initial leads directed at the calmodulin-binding region on the Src-SH2 domain that exhibit anti-proliferation activity against pancreatic cancer.Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters.  26:1237-1244. 2016
2015 The Impact of Hedgehog Signaling Pathway on DNA Repair Mechanisms in Human Cancer.Cancers.  7:1333-1348. 2015
2015 N-Myc and STAT Interactor regulates autophagy and chemosensitivity in breast cancer cells.Scientific Reports.  5:11995. 2015
2014 microRNA-29 negatively regulates EMT regulator N-myc interactor in breast cancer.Molecular Cancer.  13:200. 2014
2014 Nonclassical hedgehog-GLI signaling and its clinical implications.International Journal of Cancer.  135:1-6. 2014
2014 Role of osteopontin in the pathophysiology of cancer.Collagen and related research.  37:131-141. 2014
2014 Loss of N-Myc interactor promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition by activation of TGF-β/SMAD signaling.Oncogene.  33:2620-2628. 2014
2014 GLI1 upregulates C-JUN through a specific 130-kDa isoform.International Journal of Oncology.  44:655-661. 2014
2014 GLI1 upregulates C-JUN through a specific 130-kDa isoform.International Journal of Oncology.  44:655-661. 2014
2014 ALDH1A1 maintains ovarian cancer stem cell-like properties by altered regulation of cell cycle checkpoint and DNA repair network signaling.PLoS ONE.  9:e107142. 2014
2014 NMI and EMT.Oncoscience.  1:476-477. 2014
2013 Nonclassical activation of Hedgehog signaling enhances multidrug resistance and makes cancer cells refractory to Smoothened-targeting Hedgehog inhibition.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  288:11824-11833. 2013
2012 Merlin: the wizard requires protein stability to function as a tumor suppressor.BBA - Biochimica et Biophysica Acta.  1826:400-406. 2012
2012 Sulindac inhibits tumor cell invasion by suppressing NF-κB-mediated transcription of microRNAs.Oncogene.  31:4979-4986. 2012
2012 Inhibition of Gli1 results in altered c-Jun activation, inhibition of cisplatin-induced upregulation of ERCC1, XPD and XRCC1, and inhibition of platinum-DNA adduct repair.Oncogene.  31:4718-4724. 2012
2012 DNAJB6 chaperones PP2A mediated dephosphorylation of GSK3β to downregulate β-catenin transcription target, osteopontin.Oncogene.  31:4472-4483. 2012
2012 Cytoplasmic translocation of p21 mediates NUPR1-induced chemoresistance: NUPR1 and p21 in chemoresistance.FEBS Letters.  586:3429-3434. 2012
2012 Micro-RNA-632 downregulates DNAJB6 in breast cancer.Laboratory Investigation.  92:1310-1317. 2012
2012 Increased vascularity and spontaneous metastasis of breast cancer by hedgehog signaling mediated upregulation of cyr61.Oncogene.  31:3370-3380. 2012
2012 DNAJB6 governs a novel regulatory loop determining Wnt/β-catenin signalling activity.Biochemical Journal.  444:573-580. 2012
2012 Cellular stress stimulates nuclear localization signal (NLS) independent nuclear transport of MRJ.Experimental Cell Research.  318:1086-1093. 2012
2012 Dickkopf1: a tumor suppressor or metastasis promoter?International Journal of Cancer.  130:1477-1483. 2012
2012 Targeted inhibition of telomerase activity combined with chemotherapy demonstrates synergy in eliminating ovarian cancer spheroid-forming cells.Gynecologic Oncology.  124:598-605. 2012
2012 CD44+/CD24- ovarian cancer cells demonstrate cancer stem cell-like properties and correlate to survival.Clinical and Experimental Metastasis.  28:400-406. 2012
2012 Hedgehog signaling in tumor cells facilitates osteoblast-enhanced osteolytic metastases.PLoS ONE.  7:e34374. 2012
2012 The hedgehog pathway conditions the bone microenvironment for osteolytic metastasis of breast cancer.International Journal of Breast Cancer.  2012:298623. 2012
2012 The influence of the cancer microenvironment on the process of metastasis.International Journal of Breast Cancer.  2012:756257. 2012
2011 Loss of tumor suppressor Merlin in advanced breast cancer is due to post-translational regulation.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  286:40376-40385. 2011
2011 Hedgehog signaling pathway regulates the growth of ovarian cancer spheroid forming cells.International Journal of Oncology.  39:797-804. 2011
2011 Hedgehog signaling: networking to nurture a promalignant tumor microenvironment.Cell Growth and Differentiation.  9:1165-1174. 2011
2011 Hedgehog signaling induced by breast cancer cells promotes osteoclastogenesis and osteolysis.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  286:9612-9622. 2011
2011 Recent advances in anti-angiogenic therapy of cancer.Oncotarget.  2:122-134. 2011
2010 Mechanisms of transcriptional regulation and prognostic significance of activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule in cancer.Molecular Cancer.  9:266. 2010
2010 DNAJB6 induces degradation of beta-catenin and causes partial reversal of mesenchymal phenotype.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  285:24686-24694. 2010
2010 Functional characterization of the progestagen-associated endometrial protein gene in human melanoma.Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine.  14:1432-1442. 2010
2010 Spheroid-forming subpopulation of breast cancer cells demonstrates vasculogenic mimicry via hsa-miR-299-5p regulated de novo expression of osteopontin.Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine.  14:1693-1706. 2010
2010 Osteopontin: an effector and an effect of tumor metastasis.Current Molecular Medicine.  10:71-81. 2010
2010 Elevated osteopontin levels in metastatic melanoma correlate with epigenetic silencing of breast cancer metastasis suppressor 1.Oncology.  78:75-86. 2010
2009 The hedgehog pathway transcription factor GLI1 promotes malignant behavior of cancer cells by up-regulating osteopontin.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  284:22888-22897. 2009
2009 Nmi (N-Myc interactor) inhibits Wnt/beta-catenin signaling and retards tumor growth.International Journal of Cancer.  125:556-564. 2009
2009 Emerging role of nuclear protein 1 (NUPR1) in cancer biology.Cancer and Metastasis Reviews.  28:225-232. 2009
2009 Microparticles/Exosomes: Isolation and TEM AnalysisMicroscopy Today.  17:42-45. 2009
2009 Multi-faceted role of HSP40 in cancer.Clinical and Experimental Metastasis.  26:559-567. 2009
2008 Lung Endothelial Cells Express ALCAM on Released Exosomes/MicroparticlesMicroscopy and Microanalysis.  14:1520-1521. 2008
2008 NUPR1 interacts with p53, transcriptionally regulates p21 and rescues breast epithelial cells from doxorubicin-induced genotoxic stress.Current Cancer Drug Targets.  8:421-430. 2008
2008 Quantum dots - Utilization in TEMMicroscopy and Microanalysis.  14:702-703. 2008
2008 Is N-cadherin expression important in ductal carcinoma?Southern Medical Journal.  101:470-475. 2008
2008 The gene expression profiles of primary and metastatic melanoma yields a transition point of tumor progression and metastasis.BMC Medical Genomics.  1:13. 2008
2008 Elevated levels of Ser/Thr protein phosphatase 5 (PP5) in human breast cancer.BBA - Biochimica et Biophysica Acta.  1782:259-270. 2008
2008 BRMS1Targeted Protein Database 1.  22093. 2008
2008 Epigenetic silencing contributes to the loss of BRMS1 expression in breast cancer.Clinical and Experimental Metastasis.  25:753-763. 2008
2008 Global comparative gene expression analysis of melanoma patient samples, derived cell lines and corresponding tumor xenografts.Cancer Genomics and Proteomics.  5:1-35. 2008
2008 Large isoform of MRJ (DNAJB6) reduces malignant activity of breast cancer.Breast Cancer Research.  10:R22. 2008
2007 Rac1 activity regulates proliferation of aggressive metastatic melanoma.Experimental Cell Research.  313:3832-3839. 2007
2007 Identification of Differentially Secreted Biomarkers Using LC-MS/MS in Isogenic Cell Lines Representing a Progression of Breast CancerJournal of Proteome Research.  6:2993-3002. 2007
2007 Breast cancer metastasis suppressor 1 (BRMS1) inhibits osteopontin transcription by abrogating NF-kappaB activation.Molecular Cancer.  6:6. 2007
2006 Breast cancer metastasis suppressor 1 (BRMS1) is stabilized by the Hsp90 chaperone.Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.  348:1429-1435. 2006
2006 Suppression of murine mammary carcinoma metastasis by the murine ortholog of breast cancer metastasis suppressor 1 (Brms1).Cancer Letters.  235:260-265. 2006
2006 Osteopontin knockdown suppresses tumorigenicity of human metastatic breast carcinoma, MDA-MB-435.Clinical and Experimental Metastasis.  23:123-133. 2006
2004 Breast cancer metastasis suppressor 1 (BRMS1) forms complexes with retinoblastoma-binding protein 1 (RBP1) and the mSin3 histone deacetylase complex and represses transcription.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  279:1562-1569. 2004
2004 A small molecule antagonist of the alpha(v)beta3 integrin suppresses MDA-MB-435 skeletal metastasis.Clinical and Experimental Metastasis.  21:119-128. 2004
2003 Metastasis suppressor pathways--an evolving paradigm.Cancer Letters.  198:1-20. 2003
2002 Suppression of human melanoma metastasis by the metastasis suppressor gene, BRMS1.Experimental Cell Research.  273:229-239. 2002
2002 Identification and characterization of the murine ortholog (brms1) of breast-cancer metastasis suppressor 1 (BRMS1).International Journal of Cancer.  97:15-20. 2002
2000 Analysis of mechanisms underlying BRMS1 suppression of metastasis.Clinical and Experimental Metastasis.  18:683-693. 2000
1999 Immune functions, clinical parameters and hormone receptor status in breast cancer patientsJournal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology.  125:313-320. 1999
1998 Studies on Functional Status of Circulating Lymphocytes in Unaffected Members from Cancer FamiliesHuman Immunology.  59:373-381. 1998
1998 Impaired T Lymphocyte Function and Differential Cytokine Response Pattern in Members from Cancer FamiliesNatural Immunity.  16:146-156. 1998
1998 Natural killer cell function and genetic instability in unaffected members from cancer familiesEur J Cancer Prev.  7:141-148. 1998

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