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2020 Development of Predictive Equations for Nocturnal Hypertension and Nondipping Systolic Blood Pressure 2020
2020 Excess mucus viscosity and airway dehydration impact COPD airway clearance 2020
2019 An R2 statistic for covariance model selection in the linear mixed model 2019
2019 Out-of-Clinic Sympathetic Activity Is Increased in Patients with Masked Uncontrolled Hypertension 2019
2018 Impact of bladder cancer on health-related quality of life 2018
2018 Assessing responsiveness over time of the PROMIS® pediatric symptom and function measures in cancer, nephrotic syndrome, and sickle cell disease 2018
2017 A test of separate hypotheses for comparing linear mixed models with non nested fixed effects 2017
2017 Early extubation in pediatric heart surgery across a spectrum of case complexity: Impact on hospital length of stay and chest tube days 2017
2017 An R2 statistic for fixed effects in the generalized linear mixed model 2017
2017 Novel baseline predictors of adverse events during oral immunotherapy in children with peanut allergy 2017
2016 Predictors of Preference for Hospice Care Among Diverse Older Adults 2016
2016 Visit-to-Visit Variability in Blood Pressure Is Related to Late-Life Cognitive Decline 2016
2016 Responsiveness of PROMIS® Pediatric Measures to Hospitalizations for Sickle Pain and Subsequent Recovery 2016
2016 Plastic surgery in-training exam scores correlate with US medical licensing exam step 1 and 2 scores 2016
2016 The performance and association between patient-reported and performance-based measures of physical functioning in research on individuals with arthritis 2016
2015 Dietary Patterns and Cognitive Decline among Chinese Older Adults 2015
2015 Outcomes of pediatric patients with abdominal sepsis requiring surgery and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation using the extracorporeal life support organization database 2015
2015 Weighing projections of physical decline in lung cancer surgery decisions 2015
2014 Public attitudes about lung cancer: Stigma, support, and predictors of support 2014
2014 Patient characteristics associated with favorable perceptions of patient-provider communication in early-stage lung cancer treatment 2014
2014 Kronecker product linear exponent AR(1) correlation structures for multivariate repeated measures 2014
2014 An Intervention to Decrease Stigma in Young Adults With Sickle Cell Disease 2014
2014 An analysis of 24-h ambulatory blood pressure monitoring data using orthonormal polynomials in the linear mixed model 2014
2014 Fish intake is associated with slower cognitive decline in chinese older adults 2014
2014 Separability tests for high-dimensional, low-sample size multivariate repeated measures data 2014
2013 Erratum: Management of stage IIIA non-small cell lung cancer by thoracic surgeons in North America (Ann Thorac Surg (2012) 94 (922-928)) 2013
2013 A circular LEAR correlation structure for cyclical longitudinal data 2013
2013 Preferences for arthritis interventions: Identifying similarities and differences among African Americans and whites with osteoarthritis 2013
2013 Quality of life among long-term survivors of non-Hodgkin lymphoma: A follow-up study 2013
2012 Management of stage IIIA non-small cell lung cancer by thoracic surgeons in North America 2012
2012 Early-life soy exposure and age at menarche 2012
2012 Fixed and random effects models 2012
2011 Post-traumatic stress symptoms in long-term non-Hodgkin's lymphoma survivors: Does time heal? 2011
2011 Avoiding bias in mixed model inference for fixed effects 2011
2011 Disparities in postacute rehabilitation care for stroke: An analysis of the state inpatient databases 2011
2011 Disparities in post-acute rehabilitation care for joint replacement 2011
2011 Early-life soy exposure and gender-role play behavior in children 2011
2011 Estimating variance components and random effects using the box-cox transformation in the linear mixed model 2011
2010 Patient preferences for stroke rehabilitation 2010
2010 A linear exponent AR(1) family of correlation structures 2010
2010 Factors associated with decisions to undergo surgery among patients with newly diagnosed early-stage lung cancer 2010
2010 Genetic and functional characterization of putative Ras/Raf interaction inhibitors in C. elegans and mammalian cells 2010
2010 Real longitudinal data analysis for real people: Building a good enough mixed model 2010
2009 Ror2, a developmentally regulated kinase, promotes tumor growth potential in renal cell carcinoma 2009
2008 Nursing home deficiency resolution: Are the states following federal guidelines? 2008
2008 An R2 statistic for fixed effects in the linear mixed model 2008
2008 Nursing home deficiencies: An exploratory study of interstate variations in regulatory activity 2008
2008 Fixed-effect variable selection in linear mixed models using R2 statistics 2008
2007 Continuity of care and hypertension control in a university-based practice 2007
2007 Statistical tests with accurate size and power for balanced linear mixed models 2007
2007 Testing transformations for the linear mixed model 2007
2006 Comparing United States versus international medical school graduate physicians who serve African- American and wite ederly 2006
2006 Extending the Box-Cox transformation to the linear mixed model 2006
2006 A method for fitting regression splines with varying polynomial order in the linear mixed model 2006
2005 Physician-patient racial concordance, continuity of care, and patterns of care for hypertension 2005
2005 Naïve T cells are maintained in the periphery during the first 3 months of acute HIV-1 infection: Implications for analysis of thymus function 2005
2005 Prediction of 3-year developmental outcomes from sleep development over the preterm period 2005
2005 Effect of olanzapine on body composition and energy expenditure in adults with first-episode psychosis 2005
2004 Obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus: A population-based study of adolescents 2004
2003 Nontuberculous mycobacteria: I: Multicenter prevalence study in cystic fibrosis 2003
2003 Phosphatidylethanolamine N-methyltransferase (PEMT) knockout mice have hepatic steatosis and abnormal hepatic choline metabolite concentrations despite ingesting a recommended dietary intake of choline 2003
2002 Deficiency in methionine, tryptophan, isoleucine, or choline induces apoptosis in cultured cells 2002
2002 HIV infection: Treatment outcomes in older and younger adults 2002
2002 Randomized study of temporary hemodialysis catheters 2002
2002 Protease inhibitors are associated with a slowed progression of HIV-related renal diseases 2002
2002 Screening for diabetes in an outpatient clinic population 2002
2001 Improving the reliability of stroke subgroup classification using the Trial of ORG 10172 in Acute Stroke Treatment (TOAST) criteria 2001
2001 Results of a randomized, prospective, multicenter trial of mycophenolate mofetil versus azathioprine in the prevention of acute lung allograft rejection 2001
2001 Immunologic profile of human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients during viral remission and relapse on antiretroviral therapy 2001
2001 Identification of higher risk thin melanomas should be based on Breslow depth not Clark Level IV 2001
2001 Effect of thymectomy on human peripheral blood T cell pools in myasthenia gravis 2001
2001 Impact of sodium and ultrafiltration profiling on hemodialysis-related symptoms 2001
2001 A prospective evaluation of health-related quality of life after ileal pouch anal anastomosis for ulcerative colitis 2001
2001 Linear equality constraints in the general linear mixed model 2001
2000 Modern statistical techniques for the analysis of longitudinal data in biomedical research 2000
2000 Significance of blood stream infection after lung transplantation: Analysis in 176 consecutive patients 2000
2000 A randomized trial of 3,4-diaminopyridine in Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome 2000
2000 Depression and other determinants of values placed on current health state by stroke patients: Evidence from the VA acute stroke (VASt) study 2000
2000 Predictive Value of Single-Fiber Electromyography in the Extensor Digitorum Communis Muscle of Patients with Ocular Myasthenia Gravis: A Retrospective Study 2000
2000 Racial variation in initial stroke severity 2000
1999 Attitudes of African Americans toward participation in medical research 1999
1998 Temporal organization of sleep-wake states in preterm infants 1998
1998 Modeling development of sleep-wake behaviors. II. Results of two cohorts of preterms 1998
1998 Modeling development of sleep-wake behaviors: I. Using the mixed general linear model 1998
1998 Measurement error in dietary data: Implications for the epidemiologic study of the diet-disease relationship 1998
1997 Acute safety and effects on mucociliary clearance of aerosolized uridine 5′-triphosphate ± amiloride in normal human adults 1997
1997 Airway deposition and clearance and systemic pharmacokinetics of amiloride following aerosolization with an ultrasonic nebulizer to normal airways 1997
1997 Longitudinal analysis of pulmonary function decline in patients with cystic fibrosis 1997
1996 Acute safety and effects on mucociliary clearance of aerosolized uridine 5'-triphosphate ± amiloride in normal human adults 1996
1996 Relief of the 'air hunger' of breathholding A role for pulmonary stretch receptors 1996
1995 A controlled study of adenoviral-vector–mediated gene transfer in the nasal epithelium of patients with cystic fibrosis 1995
1995 Effect of measurement error in testing separate linear models 1995
1995 Errors-in-variables and the Box-Cox transformation 1995
1995 Relief of distress of breathholding: separate effects of expiration and inspiration 1995
1994 An alternative approach to estimation in the functional measurement error problem 1994
1994 Approximating Fisher’s information for the functional measurement error model 1994
1994 Beyond couvade: Pregnancy symptoms in couples with a history of infertility 1994
1994 Pathologic apnea and brief respiratory pauses in preterm infants: Relation to sleep state 1994
1994 The Fowler breathholding study revisited: continuous rating of respiratory sensation 1994
1992 Nontuberculous mycobacteria in adult patients with cystic fibrosis 1992
1991 Aerosolized amiloride as treatment of cystic fibrosis lung disease: A pilot study 1991
1990 Aerosolized Amiloride for the Treatment of Lung Disease in Cystic Fibrosis 1990
1990 A Pilot Study of Aerosolized Amiloride for the Treatment of Lung Disease in Cystic Fibrosis 1990
1990 Aerosolized amiloride for the treatment of lung disease in cystic fibrosis (Reply) 1990


Year Title Altmetric
2007 8 Mixed Models.  Ed. 27.  2007
2000 35 Bridging the biostatistics-epidemiology gap.  Ed. 18.  2000


Year Title Altmetric
2011 Mixed Models.  146-173. 2011

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