Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2022 Volumetric de‐escalation and improved acute toxicity with proton craniospinal irradiation using a vertebral body‐sparing technique 2022
2021 Dosimetric Evaluation Between the Conventional Volumetrically Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) Total Body Irradiation (TBI) and the Novel Simultaneous Integrated Total Marrow Approach (SIMBa) VMAT TBI.Cureus.  13:e15646. 2021
2021 Variability of Breast Surface Positioning Using an Active Breathing Coordinator for a Deep Inspiration Breath Hold Technique.Cureus.  13:e15649. 2021
2021 Double-strand breaks measured along a 160 MeV proton Bragg curve using a novel FIESTA-DNA probe in a cell-free environmentPhysics in Medicine and Biology.  66. 2021
2020 DNA dosimeter measurements of beam profile using a novel simultaneous processing techniqueApplied Radiation and Isotopes.  165:109316-109316. 2020
2020 A review of patient questions from physicist—patient consultsJournal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.  21:305-308. 2020
2020 DNA Dosimeter Measurement of Relative Biological Effectiveness for 160 kVp and 6 MV X RaysRadiation Research.  194:173-173. 2020
2020 Incorporating biological modeling into patient‐specific plan verificationJournal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.  21:94-107. 2020
2019 Clinical safety assessment of the Halcyon systemMedical Physics.  46:4340-4345. 2019
2019 Optimizing the response, precision, and cost of a DNA double-strand break dosimeterPhysics in Medicine and Biology.  64:10NT02-10NT02. 2019
2019 Quantification of DNA double‐strand breaks using Geant4‐ DNAMedical Physics.  46:405-413. 2019
2018 DNA double‐strand breaks as a method of radiation measurements for therapeutic beamsMedical Physics.  45:3460-3465. 2018
2018 Comparative performance evaluation of a new a-Si EPID that exceeds quad high-definition resolutionJournal of Balkan Union of Oncology.  23:507-513. 2018
2018 Comparative performance evaluation of a new a-Si EPID that exceeds quad high-definition resolution.Journal of Balkan Union of Oncology.  23:507-513. 2018
2018 Dosimetric evaluation of pinnacle’s automated treatment planning software to manually planned treatmentsTechnology in Cancer Research and Treatment.  17. 2018
2017 Comparison of initial patient setup accuracy between surface imaging and three point localization: A retrospective analysisJournal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.  18:58-61. 2017
2016 Comparison of different QA methods for deformable image registration to the known errors for prostate and head-and-neck virtual phantomsBiomedical Physics and Engineering Express.  2:067002-067002. 2016
2012 comparative study of CANDLE reactor-based US Nuclear Fuel Cycles 2012

Research Overview

  • Radiobiological modeling, microdosimetry, particle therapy
  • Education And Training

  • The University of California San Diego Radiation Medicine and Applied Sciences, Residency
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Health / Medical Physics, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio 2018
  • Full Name

  • Kristen McConnell