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Year Title Altmetric
2018 Palliative Care and Hospice Interventions in Decompensated Cirrhosis and Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Rapid Review of Literature 2018
2018 Review of Online Provider/Services Referral Databases 2018
2018 Review of AbleData: Tools & Technologies to Enhance Life 2018
2018 Review of PubMed Health 2018
2017 Review of U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration’s Find a Health Center Locator 2017
2017 Review of Health Source–Consumer Edition 2017
2017 Review of Rare Diseases Resources: National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) Rare Disease Database, NIH Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center, and Orphanet 2017
2017 Review of ConsumerLab.com: A Database of Dietary Supplements 2017
2015 Patient-centered approach to designing sickle cell transition education 2015
2014 Aging and Health Literacy 2014
2012 Web Sense: Assisting Individuals with Disabilities and Caregivers to Find Online Health Information 2012
2010 HealthyME HealthyU©2010UCPGB: A collaborative project to enhance access to health information and services for individuals with disabilities 2010
2010 Responding to health information and training needs of individuals with disabilities 2010
2009 The "big three" consumer health sites and web technology trends: MedlinePlus®, Healthfinder®, and CAPHIS 2009
2008 Consumer health information services 2.0 2008
2007 MedlinePlus "Go Local" and consumer health collection development 2007
2006 The price of privilege. 2006
2006 Whose game is it, anyway?: A guide to helping your child get the most from sports, organized by age and stage. 2006
2006 12 simple secrets real moms know: Getting back to basics and raising happy kids 2006
2006 The brightening glance: Imagination and childhood. 2006
2006 Copyright knowledge of faculty at two academic health science campuses: Results of a survey 2006
2005 Living with kids and dogs... without losing your mind: A parent's guide to controlling the chaos. 2005
2005 The minds of boys: Saving our sons from failing behind in school and life 2005
2005 Early-start potty training. 2005
2005 And one more thing...: A mother's advice on life, love and lipstick. 2005
2005 Area woman blows gasket: And other yales from he domestic frontier. 2005
2005 Because I said so: 33 mothers writer about sex, men, aging, faith, race, and themselves. 2005
2005 Confessions of a slacker wife. 2005
2005 Knocked up: Confessions of a hip mother-to-be. 2005
2005 My girl: Adventures with a teen in training. 2005
2005 Unraveled: The true story of a woman who dared to become a different kind of mother. 2005
2005 What no one tells the mom: Surviving the early years of parenthood with you sanity, your sex life, and your sense of humor intact. 2005
2005 Why animals sleep so close to the road: (And other lies I tell my children). 2005
2005 Good night, sleep tight: The sleep lady's gentle guide to helping your child go to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up happy. 2005
2005 Sleeping through the night: How infants, toddlers, and their parents can get a good night's sleep. 2005
2005 Why is my baby crying?: The parent's survival guide for coping with crying problems and colic 2005
2004 Coaching your kids to be leaders: The keys to unlocking their potential 2004
2004 Mamaphonic: Balancing motherhood and other creative acts. 2004
2004 Raising motivated kids. 2004
2004 School starts at home: Simple ways to make learning fun. 2004
2004 Talkers, watchers and doers. 2004
2004 Tongue Fu!(TM) at school. 2004
2004 Big Net, Little Pond: Use and Upkeep of Smaller Scope Health Information Sites 2004
2004 The sensory-sensitive child: Practical solutions for out-of-bounds behavior. 2004
2004 Catch a fish, throw a ball, fly a kite: 21 timeless skills every child should know (and any parent can teach!). 2004
2004 The happiest toddler on the block. 2004
2004 The Between the Lions (R) book for parents: Everything you need to know about how children learn to read-and what you can do to help. 2004
2003 101 ways to be a terrific sports parent: Making athletics a positive experience for your child. 2003
2003 Sign me up!: The parents' complete guide to sports, activities, music lessons, dance classes, and other extracurriculars. 2003
2003 "Because I said so!": Family squabbles and how to handle them. 2003
2003 Signals from the child: Learn to read the secrets in drawings and refrigerator art. 2003
2003 The secret language of children: How to understand what your kids are really saying. 2003
2003 American Academy of Pediatrics guide to toilet training. 2003
2003 Proactive parenting: Guiding your child from two to six. 2003
2003 Baby steps: A guide to your child's social, physical, mental, and emotional development in the first two years. 2003
2002 The wonder weeks: How to turn your baby's 8 great fussy phases into magical leaps forward. 2002
2002 Watch me grow: I'm one-two-three; A parent's essential guide to the extraordinary toddler to preschool years. 2002
2002 FussBusters on the go: Strategies and games for stress-free outings, errands, and vacations with your preschooler. 2002
2001 Health InfoNet of Jefferson County: Collaboration in consumer health information service 2001
2001 Tiger's eye: A memoir. 2001
1996 Patents for medical librarians 1996


Year Title Altmetric
2015 Health information and older adults.  191-208. 2015
2014 Consumer health information services.  324-345. 2014

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