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2019 Prevalence of Hospital-Associated Disability in Older Adults: A Meta-analysisJournal of the American Medical Directors Association2019
2018 Palliative Care and Hospice Interventions in Decompensated Cirrhosis and Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Rapid Review of LiteratureJournal of Palliative Medicine.  21:1177-1184. 2018
2018 Review of Online Provider/Services Referral DatabasesJournal of Consumer Health on the Internet.  22:286-291. 2018
2018 Review of AbleData: Tools & Technologies to Enhance LifeJournal of Consumer Health on the Internet.  22:188-194. 2018
2018 Review of PubMed HealthJournal of Consumer Health on the Internet.  22:80-87. 2018
2017 Review of U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration’s Find a Health Center LocatorJournal of Consumer Health on the Internet.  21:430-435. 2017
2017 Review of Health Source–Consumer EditionJournal of Consumer Health on the Internet.  21:313-318. 2017
2017 Review of Rare Diseases Resources: National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) Rare Disease Database, NIH Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center, and OrphanetJournal of Consumer Health on the Internet.  21:216-225. 2017
2017 Review of ConsumerLab.com: A Database of Dietary SupplementsJournal of Consumer Health on the Internet.  21:95-102. 2017
2015 Patient-centered approach to designing sickle cell transition educationJournal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology.  37:43-47. 2015
2014 Aging and Health LiteracyJournal of Consumer Health on the Internet.  18:94-100. 2014
2012 Web Sense: Assisting Individuals with Disabilities and Caregivers to Find Online Health InformationJournal of Consumer Health on the Internet.  16:295-306. 2012
2010 HealthyME HealthyU©2010UCPGB: A collaborative project to enhance access to health information and services for individuals with disabilitiesJournal of Health Communication.  15:46-59. 2010
2010 Responding to health information and training needs of individuals with disabilitiesJournal of Consumer Health on the Internet.  14:23-32. 2010
2009 The "big three" consumer health sites and web technology trends: MedlinePlus®, Healthfinder®, and CAPHISJournal of Consumer Health on the Internet.  13:213-222. 2009
2008 Consumer health information services 2.0Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet.  12:187-199. 2008
2007 MedlinePlus "Go Local" and consumer health collection developmentJournal of Consumer Health on the Internet.  11:43-59. 2007
2006 The price of privilege.Library Journal.  131:101-101. 2006
2006 Whose game is it, anyway?: A guide to helping your child get the most from sports, organized by age and stage.Library Journal.  131:93-93. 2006
2006 12 simple secrets real moms know: Getting back to basics and raising happy kidsLibrary Journal.  131:141-141. 2006
2006 The brightening glance: Imagination and childhood.Library Journal.  131:96-96. 2006
2006 Copyright knowledge of faculty at two academic health science campuses: Results of a surveySerials Review.  32:59-67. 2006
2005 Living with kids and dogs... without losing your mind: A parent's guide to controlling the chaos.Library Journal.  130:82-82. 2005
2005 The minds of boys: Saving our sons from failing behind in school and lifeLibrary Journal.  130:114-114. 2005
2005 Early-start potty training.Library Journal.  130:113-113. 2005
2005 And one more thing...: A mother's advice on life, love and lipstick.Library Journal.  130:104-104. 2005
2005 Area woman blows gasket: And other yales from he domestic frontier.Library Journal.  130:105-105. 2005
2005 Because I said so: 33 mothers writer about sex, men, aging, faith, race, and themselves.Library Journal.  130:105-105. 2005
2005 Confessions of a slacker wife.Library Journal.  130:104-105. 2005
2005 Knocked up: Confessions of a hip mother-to-be.Library Journal.  130:104-104. 2005
2005 My girl: Adventures with a teen in training.Library Journal.  130:105-105. 2005
2005 Unraveled: The true story of a woman who dared to become a different kind of mother.Library Journal.  130:104-104. 2005
2005 What no one tells the mom: Surviving the early years of parenthood with you sanity, your sex life, and your sense of humor intact.Library Journal.  130:105-105. 2005
2005 Why animals sleep so close to the road: (And other lies I tell my children).Library Journal.  130:104-104. 2005
2005 Good night, sleep tight: The sleep lady's gentle guide to helping your child go to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up happy.Library Journal.  130:151-154. 2005
2005 Sleeping through the night: How infants, toddlers, and their parents can get a good night's sleep.Library Journal.  130:151-154. 2005
2005 Why is my baby crying?: The parent's survival guide for coping with crying problems and colicLibrary Journal.  130:140-140. 2005
2004 Coaching your kids to be leaders: The keys to unlocking their potentialLibrary Journal.  129:81-81. 2004
2004 Mamaphonic: Balancing motherhood and other creative acts.Library Journal.  129:110-110. 2004
2004 Raising motivated kids.Library Journal.  129:90-+. 2004
2004 School starts at home: Simple ways to make learning fun.Library Journal.  129:90-+. 2004
2004 Talkers, watchers and doers.Library Journal.  129:90-+. 2004
2004 Tongue Fu!(TM) at school.Library Journal.  129:97-97. 2004
2004 Big Net, Little Pond: Use and Upkeep of Smaller Scope Health Information SitesJournal of Consumer Health on the Internet.  8:23-40. 2004
2004 The sensory-sensitive child: Practical solutions for out-of-bounds behavior.Library Journal.  129:118-118. 2004
2004 Catch a fish, throw a ball, fly a kite: 21 timeless skills every child should know (and any parent can teach!).Library Journal.  129:100-100. 2004
2004 The happiest toddler on the block.Library Journal.  129:156-156. 2004
2004 The Between the Lions (R) book for parents: Everything you need to know about how children learn to read-and what you can do to help.Library Journal.  129:148-148. 2004
2003 101 ways to be a terrific sports parent: Making athletics a positive experience for your child.Library Journal.  128:120-120. 2003
2003 Sign me up!: The parents' complete guide to sports, activities, music lessons, dance classes, and other extracurriculars.Library Journal.  128:120-120. 2003
2003 "Because I said so!": Family squabbles and how to handle them.Library Journal.  128:156-156. 2003
2003 Signals from the child: Learn to read the secrets in drawings and refrigerator art.Library Journal.  128:116-116. 2003
2003 The secret language of children: How to understand what your kids are really saying.Library Journal.  128:116-116. 2003
2003 American Academy of Pediatrics guide to toilet training.Library Journal.  128:109-109. 2003
2003 Proactive parenting: Guiding your child from two to six.Library Journal.  128:163-164. 2003
2003 Baby steps: A guide to your child's social, physical, mental, and emotional development in the first two years.Library Journal.  128:146-+. 2003
2002 The wonder weeks: How to turn your baby's 8 great fussy phases into magical leaps forward.Library Journal.  127:164-+. 2002
2002 Watch me grow: I'm one-two-three; A parent's essential guide to the extraordinary toddler to preschool years.Library Journal.  127:94-94. 2002
2002 FussBusters on the go: Strategies and games for stress-free outings, errands, and vacations with your preschooler.Library Journal.  127:121-122. 2002
2001 Tiger's eye: A memoir.Library Journal.  126:113-113. 2001
2001 Health InfoNet of Jefferson County: Collaboration in consumer health information serviceMedical Reference Services Quarterly.  20:13-21. 2001
1996 Patents for medical librariansMedical Reference Services Quarterly.  15:23-31. 1996


Year Title Altmetric
2015 Health information and older adults.  191-208. 2015
2014 Consumer health information services.  324-345. 2014

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