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2018 Characterization of paint dust aerosol generated from mechanical abrasion of TiO2-containing paints 2018
2017 Dose-response analysis of epigenetic, metabolic, and apical endpoints after short-term exposure to experimental hepatotoxicants 2017
2017 Influence of ambient temperature on the heterogeneity of ambient fine particle chemical composition and disease prevalence 2017
2016 Analysis of the ambient particulate matter-induced chromosomal aberrations using an in vitro system 2016
2016 Multiyear analyses of ground-level air contaminants over Paris metropolitan region using real-time observations and air mass backward trajectories 2016
2016 Thermal decomposition of nano-enabled thermoplastics: Possible environmental health and safety implications 2016
2016 Characterization of water-soluble organic matter in urban aerosol by 1H-NMR spectroscopy 2016
2016 Particulate dust emission factors from unpaved roads in the U.S.-Mexico border semi-arid region 2016
2015 Air pollution and cardiovascular and respiratory emergency visits in Central Arkansas: A time-series analysis 2015
2015 In vitro toxicity and epigenotoxicity of different types of ambient particulate matter 2015
2015 Linking exposures of particles released from nano-enabled products to toxicology: An integrated methodology for particle sampling, extraction, dispersion, and dosing 2015
2015 Chemical Variability of PM<inf>10</inf> and PM<inf>2.5</inf> in Southwestern Rural Nevada, USA 2015
2015 An integrated methodology for the assessment of environmental health implications during thermal decomposition of nano-enabled products 2015
2015 UVA and cutaneous melanoma incidences: Spatial patterns and communities at risk 2015
2015 Erratum: Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for determining the functional content of organic aerosols: A review (Environ. Pollut. (2014) 191 (232-249)) 2015
2015 Monitoring, source identification and health risks of air toxics in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A 2015
2015 Response of transposable elements to environmental stressors 2015
2014 Trends of non-accidental, cardiovascular, stroke and lung cancer mortality in Arkansas are associated with ambient PM2.5 reductions 2014
2014 Functional characterization of the water-soluble organic carbon of size-fractionated aerosol in the southern Mississippi Valley 2014
2014 Air pollution and hospital emergency room and admissions for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases in Doña Ana County, New Mexico 2014
2014 Epigenetic alterations induced by ambient particulate matter in mouse macrophages 2014
2014 Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for determining the functional content of organic aerosols: A review 2014
2014 The effect of anthropogenic volatile organic compound sources on ozone in Boise, Idaho 2014
2013 NMR Analysis of the Water-Soluble Fraction of Airborne Pollen Particles 2013
2013 Soil humic-like organic compounds in prescribed fire emissions using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy 2013
2013 The impact of wind on particle mass concentrations in four European urban areas 2013
2013 Assessment of the contribution of wildfires to ozone concentrations in the central US-Mexico border region 2013
2013 Sources, trends and regional impacts of fine particulate matter in southern Mississippi valley: Significance of emissions from sources in the Gulf of Mexico coast 2013
2013 Spatiotemporal variability of ground-level ozone and influence of smoke in Treasure Valley, Idaho 2013
2013 Quantification of environmental tobacco smoke contribution on outdoor particulate aliphatic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons 2013
2013 Quantitative determination of regional contributions to fine and coarse particle mass in urban receptor sites 2013
2013 Spatial attribution of sulfate and dust aerosol sources in an urban area using receptor modeling coupled with Lagrangian trajectories 2013
2012 Particulate matter air pollution and respiratory symptoms in individuals having either asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A European multicentre panel study 2012
2012 Environmental tobacco smoke aerosol in non-smoking households of patients with chronic respiratory diseases 2012
2012 The effects of fuel evaporation and biomass burning on toluene concentrations in an urban area 2012
2012 Association between exhaled breath condensate nitrate + nitrite levels with ambient coarse particle exposure in subjects with airways disease 2012
2012 Effects of smoking on the levels of urinary biomarkers of aromatic hydrocarbons in oil refinery workers 2012
2012 Erratum: In situ observations of soil minerals and organic matter in the early phases of prescribed fires (Journal of Geophysical Research D: Atmospheres (2012) 117 (D12313) DOI: 10.1029/2011JD017420) 2012
2012 In situ observations of soil minerals and organic matter in the early phases of prescribed fires 2012
2011 Temporal variations of atmospheric aerosol in four European urban areas 2011
2010 Ambient air pollution and respiratory health effects in mail carriers 2010
2010 Lung function and indicators of exposure to indoor and outdoor particulate matter among asthma and COPD patients 2010
2009 Development of a geospatial screening tool to identify source areas of windblown dust 2009
2009 Source reconciliation of atmospheric dust causing visibility impairment in Class I areas of the western United States 2009
2009 A new technique for characterizing the efficacy of fugitive dust suppressants 2009
2008 Indoor-outdoor relationships of particle number and mass in four European cities 2008
2007 Spatial variation of particle number and mass over four European cities 2007
2007 Assessment of the local windblown component of dust in the western United States 2007
2007 Performance of a high-volume cascade impactor in six European urban environments: Mass measurement and chemical characterization of size-segregated particulate samples 2007
2007 Dependence of home outdoor particulate mass and number concentrations on residential and traffic features in urban areas 2007
2006 Particulate polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and n-alkanes in recycled paper processing operations 2006
2002 Direct evidence of atmospheric secondary organic aerosol formation in forest atmosphere through heteromolecular nucleation 2002
2002 Development of a high volume cascade impactor for toxicological and chemical characterization studies 2002
2002 The composition and sources of PM2.5 organic aerosol in two urban areas of Chile 2002
2002 Particle size distribution of organic primary and secondary aerosol constituents in urban, background marine, and forest atmosphere 2002
2002 Gas/particle partitioning and size distribution of primary and secondary carbonaceous aerosols in public buildings 2002
2001 Development and laboratory performance evaluation of a personal multipollutant sampler for simultaneous measurements of particulate and gaseous pollutants 2001
2001 Ambient isoprene and monoterpene concentrations in a Greek fir (Abies Borisii-regis) forest. Reconciliation with emissions measurements and effects on measured OH concentrations 2001
2001 Comment on 'Formation of new particles in the gas-phase ozonolysis of monoterpenes' by Koch et al. (Atmospheric Environment 34 (2000) 4031-4042) [1] 2001
2001 Source apportionment of urban particulate aliphatic and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) using multivariate methods 2001
2001 Source Apportionment of PM10 and PM25 in Five Chilean Cities Using Factor Analysis. 2001
2001 Chemical characterization of emissions from vegetable oil processing and their contribution to aerosol mass using the organic molecular markers approach 2001
2001 Development and evaluation of an impactor for a PM2.5 Speciation sampler 2001
2001 Source apportionment of PM10 and PM2.5 in five Chilean cities using factor analysis 2001
2001 Use of Polyurethane Foam as the Impaction Substrate/Collection Medium in Conventional Inertial Impactors 2001
2000 Development and validation of a high-volume, low-cutoff inertial impactor 2000
2000 Formation of biogenic secondary organic aerosol 2000
2000 Inhaled concentrated ambient particles are associated with hematologic and bronchoalveolar lavage changes in Canines 2000
1999 Measurement of particulate aliphatic and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in Santiago de Chile: Source reconciliation and evaluation of sampling artifacts 1999
1999 Secondary organic aerosol formation vs primary organic aerosol emission: In situ evidence for the chemical coupling between monoterpene acidic photooxidation products and new particle formation over forests 1999
1999 Formation and gas/particle partitioning of monoterpenes photo-oxidation products over forests 1999
1998 Formation of atmospheric particles from organic acids produced by forests 1998
1998 Iso- and anteiso-alkanes: Specific tracers of environmental tobacco smoke in indoor and outdoor particle-size distributed urban aerosols 1998


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2014 Occupational safety and health 2014
2014 Preface 2014


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Concentrations and physicochemical properties of ambient aerosol in the northern hemisphere

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  • Ilias Kavouras