Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2020 MR Imaging Texture Analysis in the Abdomen and PelvisMagnetic Resonance Imaging Clinics of North America2020
2020 Portable Perfusion Phantom Offers Quantitative Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Accurate Prostate Cancer Grade Stratification: A Pilot StudyAcademic Radiology2020
2019 Multi-institutional Clinical Tool for Predicting High-risk Lesions on 3 Tesla Multiparametric Prostate Magnetic Resonance ImagingEuropean Urology Oncology.  2:257-264. 2019
2018 How Would MRI-targeted Prostate Biopsy Alter Radiation Therapy Approaches in Treating Prostate Cancer?Urology.  122:139-146. 2018
2018 Targets missed: predictors of MRI-targeted biopsy failing to accurately localize prostate cancer found on systematic biopsyProstate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases.  21:549-555. 2018
2018 Diffusion-weighted MRI as a screening tool for hepatocellular carcinoma in cirrhotic livers: correlation with explant data—a pilot study 2018
2018 MRI findings guiding selection of active surveillance for prostate cancer: A review of emerging evidenceTranslational andrology and urology.  7:S411-S419. 2018
2018 Defining the optimal method for reporting prostate cancer grade and tumor extent on magnetic resonance/ultrasound fusion–targeted biopsiesHuman Pathology.  76:68-75. 2018
2018 A magnetic resonance imaging–based prediction model for prostate biopsy risk stratificationJAMA Oncology.  4:678-685. 2018
2018 MRI/US fusion-guided prostate biopsy allows for equivalent cancer detection with significantly fewer needle cores in biopsy-naive menDiagnostic and Interventional Radiology.  24:115-120. 2018
2018 Incidental findings on multiparametric MRI performed for evaluation of prostate cancer 2018
2018 Multi-institutional nomogram predicting benign prostate pathology on magnetic resonance/ultrasound fusion biopsy in men with a prior negative 12-core systematic biopsyCancer.  124:278-285. 2018
2018 Practical Considerations for Clinical PET/MR ImagingPET Clinics.  13:97-112. 2018
2017 Lymph node imaging in initial staging of prostate cancer: An overview and update.World Journal of Radiology.  9:389-399. 2017
2017 Benign testicular neoplasm in a human immunodeficiency virus-positive patient masquerading as testicular cancerUrology Annals.  9:393-396. 2017
2017 Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Classification of Previously Indeterminate Renal LesionsJournal of Ultrasound in Medicine.  36:1819-1827. 2017
2017 Clinical and multiparametric MRI signatures of granulomatous prostatitis 2017
2017 Factors predicting prostate cancer upgrading on magnetic resonance imaging–targeted biopsy in an active surveillance populationCancer.  123:1941-1948. 2017
2017 Practical Considerations for Clinical PET/MR ImagingMagnetic Resonance Imaging Clinics of North America.  25:281-296. 2017
2017 Higher prostate cancer grade groups are detected in patients undergoing multiparametric MRI-targeted biopsy compared with standard biopsyAmerican Journal of Surgical Pathology.  41:101-105. 2017
2016 A Guide to Writing Academic Portfolios for RadiologistsAcademic Radiology.  23:1595-1603. 2016
2016 Perivesical unicentric Castleman disease initially suspected to be metastatic prostate cancerUrology Annals.  8:245-248. 2016
2016 Gadoxetate Disodium enhanced spectral dual-energy CT for evaluation of cholangiocarcinoma: Preliminary data 2016
2015 Incidental Bladder Cancer Detected on Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Prostate Gland.Case Reports in Urology.  2015:503154. 2015
2013 Single-source dual-energy spectral multidetector CT of pancreatic adenocarcinoma: Optimization of energy level viewing significantly increases lesion contrastClinical Radiology.  68:148-154. 2013
2010 Correlation between levator ani muscle injuries on magnetic resonance imaging and fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and urinary incontinence in primiparous womenAmerican Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  202:488.e1-488.e6. 2010
2009 Adrenal nodules at FDG PET/CT in patients known to have or suspected of having lung cancer: A proposal for an efficient diagnostic algorithmRadiology.  250:523-530. 2009
2008 Emergency Department Imaging: Current PracticeJournal of the American College of Radiology.  5. 2008
2007 Bevacizumab, Oxaliplatin, and Capecitabine With Radiation Therapy in Rectal Cancer: Phase I Trial Results 2007
2007 Multi-detector row CT of the small bowel: Peak enhancement temporal window - Initial experienceRadiology.  243:438-444. 2007
2007 Accuracy of abdominal radiography in acute small-bowel obstruction: does reviewer experience matter?American Journal of Roentgenology.  188. 2007
2007 Levator ani abnormality 6 weeks after delivery persists at 6 monthsAmerican Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  197:65.e1-65.e6. 2007
2006 MR liver imaging and cholangiography in the presence of surgical metallic clips at 1.5 and 3 TeslaEuropean Radiology.  16:2309-2316. 2006
2006 Postprocedure sepsis in imaging-guided percutaneous hepatic abscess drainage: How often does it occur?American Journal of Roentgenology.  186:1419-1422. 2006
2006 3.0- Versus 1.5-T MR cholangiography: A pilot studyAmerican Journal of Roentgenology.  186:516-521. 2006
2006 Pseudoaneurysm of the uterine artery after an uncomplicated spontaneous vaginal deliveryJournal of Ultrasound in Medicine.  25:1593-1597. 2006
2006 Small-bowel obstruction: Coronal reformations from isotropic voxels at 16-section multi-detector row CTRadiology.  238:135-142. 2006
2005 Racial differences in pelvic morphology among asymptomatic nulliparous women as seen on three-dimensional magnetic resonance imagesAmerican Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  193:2035-2040. 2005
2005 Gadolinium-enhanced CT angiography of endovascular stent-graftsAmerican Journal of Roentgenology.  184:1178-1180. 2005
2004 Abdominal aortic aneurysms at multi-detector row helical CT: Optimization with interactive determination of scanning delay and contrast medium doseRadiology.  232:854-859. 2004
2004 MDCT of patients with acute abdominal pain: A new perspective using coronal reformations from submillimeter isotropic voxelsAmerican Journal of Roentgenology.  183:899-906. 2004
2004 Multidetector Helical Computed Tomography of the Liver: Comparison of Hepatic Enhancement Using Two Different Contrast Media StrategiesAcademic Radiology.  11:267-271. 2004
2003 Usefulness of sonographic guidance during percutaneous biopsy of mesenteric massesAmerican Journal of Roentgenology.  180:1563-1566. 2003

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Medicine, 1986
  • Trivandrum Medical College, Internship 1987
  • Albany Medical Center, Residency 1999
  • Western Infirmary, Residency 1997
  • Royal College of Physicians, Residency 1993
  • Trivandrum Medical College, Residency 1988
  • Duke University Medical Center, Postdoctoral Fellowship 2001
  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Postdoctoral Fellowship 2000
  • Full Name

  • John Thomas