• Dr. Tector is a liver transplant surgeon with clinical expertise in multi-visceral and small bowel transplantation. He is a funded surgeon-scientist with a nationally recognized research program in xenotransplantation. Dr. Tector is the director of the UAB Xenotransplant program.

    Dr. Tector received his undergraduate degree from Indiana University in 1987. He earned his doctorate at Saint Louis University in 1992 and completed his general surgery training at McGill University in Montreal, Canada in 1999. Dr. Tector completed his fellowship in Abdominal Transplant at the University of Miami in 2001. Dr. Tector earned his doctorate from McGill University in 2003.

    Prior to joining UAB, Dr. Tector was chief medical officer at the Indiana University Health Transplant Institute, chairman of the board of trustees at Indiana University, and medical director of organ transplantation. Dr. Tector was very involved in teaching the Research Organ Transplant, Transplant Immunology Lab at Indiana, which is a lab technique instruction course. He has worked with Riley transplant rotation Education of Pediatric GI Fellows in their Clinical Education and Conference, the Transplant Fellowship Program and adult Hepatology Fellows. He has also been an instructor of The Organ Trail: New Pathways in Transplantation at IUSM Mimi Medical School; Continuing Medical Education Course at the 7th Annual Gastroenterology/Hepatology Update: Gastroenterology in Practice.

    Tector has given 54 presentations in the United States and Canada, and he has 101 peer-reviewed articles and one book chapter.

    Tector is the associate editor of “Xenotransplantation Journal,” editorial board member of the “World Journal of Transplantation,” and “Xenotransplantation Journal.” He also is Ad Hoc Reviewer for the “Annals of Surgery,” “American Journal of Transplantation,” and the “British Journal of Surgery.”
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
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    Year Title Altmetric
    2017 Clinical aspects of liver transplantation.  605-627. 2017

    Research Overview

  • Xenotransplantation
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Medicine, Saint Louis University 1992
  • McGill University School of Medicine, Residency 1999
  • University of Miami, Postdoctoral Fellowship 2001
  • Full Name

  • Joseph Tector