Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry


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  • A general chemical shift decomposition method for hyperpolarized (13) C metabolite magnetic resonance imaging..  54:665-673. 2016
  • Solution structures of the putative anti-σ-factor antagonist TM1442 from Thermotoga maritima in the free and phosphorylated states.  44. 2006
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  • 13C NMR assignments of conforma‐tionally defined 6‐s‐trans‐retinoids.  33:497-499. 1995
  • Proton NMR study on rhamnolipids produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa.  30:1025-1026. 1992
  • 1H and 13C NMR studies on the self‐association of retinoic acid.  28:223-226. 1990
  • 13C and 1H NMR studies of some aminoarsonium chlorides.  27:616-623. 1989
  • Proton nuclear magnetic resonance study of the biologically active peptide analog [Pro2]thymopentin.  27:496-497. 1989
  • 13C NMR assignments of the isoprenoid chain carbons of retinoids from empirical chemical shift differences.  25:1040-1045. 1987
  • 13C and 31P NMR studies of some aminophosphonium chlorides.  25:320-324. 1987
  • Effect of intramolecular and intermolecular exchange processes on the 1H NMR spectra of 2‐chloro‐1,3,2‐dioxarsolanes.  25:484-488. 1987
  • A multinuclear NMR spectroscopic study of some Mo(CO)4[(R2″PO)2Si(R)R′] complexes [R2″=Ph2, OCH2CMe2CH2O; R, R′ = alkyl, haloalkyl, aryl].  24:519-526. 1986
  • Multinuclear NMR and infrared spectroscopic study of a series of cis‐Mo(CO)4(py‐R)2 (Py‐R = 3‐ or 4‐substituted pyridine) complexes: Relationship between chemical shifts and infrared force constants and the Taft electron donor/acceptor parameters of the pyridine substituents.  24:527-533. 1986
  • 15N and 13C NMR study of the effects of hydrogen bonding and protonation in linear schiff bases: Models for structural studies of rhodopsin and bacteriorhodopsin.  22:121-124. 1984
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