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  • SNAREs: Could they be the answer to an energy landscape riddle in exocytosis?.  10:1258-1268. 2010
  • Postnatal imaging of antenatal hydronephrosis.  9:393-399. 2009
  • Prenatal intervention for lower urinary tract obstruction.  9:390-392. 2009
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  • Health effects of long-term exposure to insecticide-treated mosquito nets in the control of malaria in endemic regions, revised.  6:1631-1641. 2006
  • Endothelin-A receptor blockade inhibits the effects of hypoxia on the newborn lung vasculature..  6:669-670. 2006
  • Clinical microbiological aspects of epileptic seizures in the tropical countries with specific focus on Nigeria..  5:401-409. 2005
  • Assessing the health effects of long-term exposure to insecticide-treated mosquito nets in the control of malaria in endemic regions..  4:978-988. 2004
  • Coexisting angiomyolipoma and renal cell carcinoma in a kidney of an elderly woman: case report and review of the literature..  4 Suppl 1:27-30. 2004
  • Efficacy of sodium valproate in the treatment of photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) and the probable reasons for the persistence of occipital spikes..  4:521-530. 2004
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  • The neurological significance of abnormal natural killer cell activity in chronic toxigenic mold exposures..  3:1128-1137. 2003
  • Use of antenatal services in Kampung District, Cambodia..  3:1081-1092. 2003
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