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  • The Impact of Hospital Competition on Strategies and Outcomes of Hospitals: A Systematic Review of the U.S. Hospitals 1996-2016.  23-42. 2018
  • Exploring the Association between Quality and Financial Performance in U.S. Hospitals: A Systematic Review 2017
  • Cash Reserves and System Membership: Does System Membership Improve Not-For-Profit Hospitals’ Access to Internal Capital by Reducing Optimal Cash Balances?.  43. 2016
  • Do physician-based or hospital-based provider service networks better control medicaid expenditures?.  42. 2016
  • The Growing Importance of Cost Accounting for Hospitals.  43. 2016
  • The Impact of Privatization on Efficiency and Productivity: The Case of US Public Hospitals.  43:105-123. 2016
  • Private equity ownership of nursing homes: Implications for quality.  42. 2015
  • Health information exchange: Current challenges and impediments to implementing national health information infrastructure.  42. 2015
  • Hospital quality of care: Evaluation of resulting financial risk for disclosure in annual reports.  42. 2015
  • EHR Adoption and Cost of Care - Evidence from Patient Safety Indicators.  41. 2015
  • The cash conversion cycle and profitability: A study of hospitals in the state of Washington.  41. 2015
  • Public hospitals in peril: factors associated with financial distress..  40:14-30. 2014
  • The role of non-financial performance measures in predicting hospital financial performance: the case of for-profit system hospitals..  38:12-23. 2011
  • Outsourcing administrative functions: service organization demonstrations and Florida Medicaid PCCM program costs..  37:1-12. 2010
  • Patient assessments of care and utilization in Medicaid managed care: PCCMs vs. PSOs..  36:13-23. 2010
  • The Balanced Budget Act (1997) and the supplyof nursing home subacute care..  34:38-47. 2007
  • Do governance, equity characteristics, and venture capital nvolvement affect long-term wealth creation in U.S. health care and biotechnology IPOs?.  33:54-71. 2006
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  • The financial impacts of the nursing shortage..  31:52-64. 2005
  • The relationship between quality of care and financial performance in nursing homes..  29:48-60. 2003
  • Impact of HMO mergers and acquisitions on financial performance..  29:64-77. 2002
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