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  • Establishing a Research Agenda for Suicide Prevention Among Veterans Experiencing Homelessness.  13. 2022
  • Distrust, False Cues, and Below-Chance Deception Detection Accuracy: Commentary on Stel et al. (2020) and Further Reflections on (Un)Conscious Lie Detection From the Perspective of Truth-Default Theory.  12. 2021
  • Construct Validity and Test–Retest Reliability of the Automated Vehicle User Perception Survey.  12. 2021
  • Pain-Specific Resilience in People Living With HIV and Chronic Pain: Beneficial Associations With Coping Strategies and Catastrophizing.  10. 2019
  • Five reasons why i am skeptical that indirect or unconscious lie detection is superior to direct deception detection.  10. 2019
  • The oxytocin receptor gene (OXTR) variant rs53576 is not related to emotional traits or states in young adults.  9. 2018
  • Effects of a 12-week aerobic spin intervention on resting state networks in previously sedentary older adults.  9. 2018
  • Measuring women's empowerment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analyses of the demographic and health surveys.  9. 2018
  • Interaction in spoken word recognition models: Feedback helps.  9. 2018
  • Prospective Relations among Low-Income African American Adolescents’ Maternal Attachment Security, Self-Worth, and Risk Behaviors.  8. 2017
  • Distinct effects of lexical and semantic competition during picture naming in younger adults, older adults, and people with aphasia.  7. 2016
  • Abnormal ventral and dorsal attention network activity during single and dual target detection in schizophrenia.  7. 2016
  • Processing Information about Support Exchanges in Close Relationships: The Role of a Knowledge Structure.  7. 2016
  • Hypothesis-driven research for G × E interactions: the relationship between oxytocin, parental divorce during adolescence, and depression in young adulthood.  6. 2015
  • Preliminary evaluation of an analog procedure to assess acceptability of intimate partner violence against women: The Partner Violence Acceptability Movie Task.  6. 2015
  • Real-time sampling of reasons for hedonic food consumption: Further validation of the Palatable Eating Motives Scale.  6. 2015
  • Short-time scale dynamics in the responses to multiple stimuli in visual cortex.  2. 2011
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