Publication Venue For

  • Analysis of α-synuclein pathology in PINK1 knockout rat brains.  13. 2019
  • Evolving applications, technological challenges and future opportunities in neuromodulation: Proceedings of the fifth annual deep brain stimulation think tank.  11. 2018
  • Neural correlates of consumer buying motivations: A 7T functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study.  11. 2017
  • Evaluating efficiencies of dual AAV approaches for retinal targeting.  11. 2017
  • Protocols for visually guided navigation assessment of efficacy of retina-directed cell or gene therapy in canines.  11. 2017
  • The life span model of suicide and its neurobiological foundation.  11. 2017
  • The international deep brain stimulation registry and database for gilles de la tourette syndrome: How does it work?.  10. 2016
  • Novel methodology for creating macaque retinas with sortable photoreceptors and ganglion cells.  10. 2016
  • Noradrenergic dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease.  9. 2015
  • Brain state-dependent abnormal LFP activity in the auditory cortex of a schizophrenia mouse model 2014
  • Evidence for transcriptional factor dysregulation in the dorsal raphe nucleus of patients with major depressive disorder 2012
  • Adult hippocampal neurogenesis and plasticity in the infrapyramidal bundle of the mossy fiber projection: I. Co-regulation by activity 2011
  • Enhanced integration of newborn neurons after neonatal insults 2011
  • Micropatterned substrates for studying astrocytes in culture.  4:381-387. 2010
  • Micropatterned substrates for studying astrocytes in culture.  3:381-387. 2009