Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2021 Genotype–phenotype correlations and novel molecular insights into the DHX30-associated neurodevelopmental disorders 2021
2021 Puma, noxa, p53, and p63 differentially mediate stress pathway induced apoptosisCell Death and Disease.  12. 2021
2019 Truncating PKHD1 and PKD2 mutations alter energy metabolism 2019
2016 Approaches to inactivate genes in zebrafishAdvances in Experimental Medicine and Biology.  916:61-86. 2016
2015 Erratum: Activity suppression behavior phenotype in SULT4A1 frameshift mutant zebrafish (Drug Metabolism and Disposition (2015) 43 (1037-1044))Drug Metabolism and Disposition.  43:1284. 2015
2015 Variations in dysfunction of sister chromatid cohesion in esco2 mutant zebrafish reflect the phenotypic diversity of Roberts syndrome 2015
2015 Activity suppression behavior phenotype in SULT4A1 frameshift mutant zebrafishDrug Metabolism and Disposition.  43:1037-1044. 2015
2014 Inhibition of sult4a1 expression induces up-regulation of phototransduction gene expression in 72-hour postfertilization zebrafish larvaeDrug Metabolism and Disposition.  42:947-953. 2014
2010 Genetic modeling of Li-Fraumeni syndrome in zebrafish 2010
2009 A rapid and efficient method of genotyping zebrafish mutantsDevelopmental Dynamics.  238:3168-3174. 2009
2008 EWS-FLI1 induces developmental abnormalities and accelerates sarcoma formation in a transgenic mouse modelCancer Research.  68:8968-8975. 2008
2007 The Tol2kit: A multisite gateway-based construction Kit for Tol2 transposon transgenesis constructsDevelopmental Dynamics.  236:3088-3099. 2007
2004 Gain of function of a p53 hot spot mutation in a mouse model of Li-Fraumeni syndromeCell.  119:861-872. 2004
2003 Switching Mechanisms of Cell Death in mdm2- and mdm4-null Mice by Deletion of p53 Downstream TargetsCancer Research.  63:8664-8669. 2003
2003 Pirh2, a p53-induced ubiquitin-protein ligase, promotes p53 degradationCell.  112:779-791. 2003
2003 Disrupting TP53 in mouse models of human cancersHuman Mutation.  21:321-326. 2003
2002 Mutual dependence of MDM2 and MDMX in their functional inactivation of p53Journal of Biological Chemistry.  277:19251-19254. 2002
2001 Organization, expression, and localization of the murine mdmx gene and pseudogeneGene.  270:277-283. 2001

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Sciences, University of Texas System : Health Science Center-Houston 2001
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  • John Parant