Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2018 Can a Vitamin A day keep tuberculosis away? 2018
2018 Neonatal bladder inflammation alters the role of the central amygdala in hypersensitivity produced by Acute Footshock stress in adult female rats 2018
2014 Neuroplastic changes occur early in the development of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma 2014
2014 Abdominal pain and the neurotrophic system in ulcerative colitis 2014
2014 TRPA1 mediates bladder hyperalgesia in a mouse model of cystitis 2014
2013 Optimization of a pain model: Effects of body temperature and anesthesia on bladder nociception in mice 2013
2011 Footshock stress differentially affects responses of two subpopulations of spinal dorsal horn neurons to urinary bladder distension in rats 2011
2010 Neonatal Bladder Inflammation Produces Functional Changes and Alters Neuropeptide Content in Bladders of Adult Female Rats 2010
2008 Rostral Ventral Medulla Modulation of the Visceromotor Reflex Evoked by Urinary Bladder Distension in Female Rats 2008
Chronic psychological stress enhances nociceptive processing in the urinary bladder in high-anxiety rats
Differential Regulation of Bladder Pain and Voiding Function by Sensory Afferent Populations Revealed by Selective Optogenetic Activation
Electrophysiological properties of lumbosacral primary afferent neurons innervating urothelial and non-urothelial layers of mouse urinary bladder
Innovative device illuminates the horizon of bioelectronic medicines
Keratinocytes can modulate and directly initiate nociceptive responses
Lesions of the central amygdala and ventromedial medulla reduce bladder hypersensitivity produced by acute but not chronic foot shock
Lessons from fibromyalgia: Abnormal pain sensitivity in knee osteoarthritis
Merkel disc is a serotonergic synapse in the epidermis for transmitting tactile signals in mammals
Neonatal Urinary Bladder Inflammation Produces Adult Bladder Hypersensitivity
Profound alteration in cutaneous primary afferent activity produced by inflammatory mediators
The amygdala central nucleus is required for acute stress-induced bladder hyperalgesia in a rat visceral pain model
Translating promising strategies for bowel and bladder management in spinal cord injury

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Behavioral Sciences, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2010
  • Bachelor of Social or Behavioral Science in Psychology, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2002
  • University of Pittsburgh Center for Pain Research, Postdoctoral Fellowship 2014
  • Full Name

  • Jennifer DeBerry