• Dr. Bloomer is Professor Emeritus of Medicine. He received his medical degree from Western Reserve Medical School and completed his fellowship training in gastroenterology at Yale University. Dr. Bloomer is considered to the one of the leading experts in the treatment of hepatitis B and porphyria, and is world renowed for his research in genetic diseases of the liver. Since joining UAB in 1995 he has aided in the growth of services available to patients sufering from liver related diseases. Dr. Bloomer is active in the Faculty practice treating patients suffering from all liver related disorders. He is also active in both basic science and clinical research with a focus in liver disease, porphyria, genetics, and hepatitis B.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
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    Year Title Altmetric
    2005 Evaluation of hepatic function.  129-138. 2005

    Education And Training

  • Doctor of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University 1966
  • UCSF Medical Center, Internship 1967
  • UCSF Medical Center, Residency 1968
  • Yale - New Haven Hospital, Postdoctoral Fellowship 1972
  • Full Name

  • Joseph Bloomer