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Year Title Altmetric
2019 A Pilot Study Examining the Effects of Educational Setting and Stress on Multitasking Among Medical Students 2019
2019 Vaccine Education, Reasons for Refusal, and Vaccination Behavior 2019
2019 Capacity for Preferences and Pediatric Assent Implications for Pediatric Practice 2019
2018 Placebo Analgesia as Nocebo Reduction 2018
2018 The value of parental permission in pediatric practice 2018
2018 Qualitative Analysis Reveals Complex Patterns of Medical Student Experiences in the First Dissection 2018
2018 Capacity for Preferences: Respecting Patients with Compromised Decision-Making 2018
2017 Harm and Parental Permission: A Response to Our Critics 2017
2017 Reasons to Amplify the Role of Parental Permission in Pediatric Treatment 2017
2017 Nonmaleficence, Nondisclosure, and Nocebo: Response to Open Peer Commentaries 2017
2017 When Respecting Autonomy Is Harmful: A Clinically Useful Approach to the Nocebo Effect 2017
2017 Epistemic cognition in medical education: a literature review 2017
2016 Prevalence of nasal colonization by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in persons using a homeless shelter in Kansas City 2016
2016 Experimental evidence showing that physician guidance promotes perceptions of physician empathy 2016
2016 Differences in Emotional Experience and Coping with Human Cadaver Dissection Between a Sample of US and Lebanese Medical Students: A Pilot Study 2016
2016 Attitudes toward euthanasia: A comparative study of university students in Iran and the United States 2016
2015 Response to Stephens and Heitman 2015
2015 Walking During Leisure-Time in Relation to Perceived Neighborhoods 2015
2015 Moral Reasoning among HEC Members: An Empirical Evaluation of the Relationship of Theory and Practice in Clinical Ethics Consultation 2015
2015 Perceived neighborhood size: Implications for physical activity-environment research 2015
2015 Playground safety is associated with playground, park, and neighborhood characteristics 2015
2014 Personality Factors and Attitudes Toward Euthanasia in Iran: Implications for End-of-Life Research and Practice 2014
2014 A multi-level analysis showing associations between school neighborhood and child body mass index 2014
2014 Bicycling policy indirectly associated with overweight/obesity 2014
2014 Community development corporations could potentially improve research on causal associations between environmental features and physical activity 2014
2014 Nonmedical use of stimulants among medical students 2014
2014 On art and science: An epistemic framework for integrating social science and clinical medicine 2014
2014 The religious person revisited: cross-cultural evidence from the HEXACO model of personality structure 2014
2013 Attitude Toward Euthanasia Scale: Psychometric Properties and Relations With Religious Orientation, Personality, and Life Satisfaction 2013
2013 Response 2013
2013 The insufficiency of fairness: The logics of homeless service administration and resulting gaps in service 2013
2013 Relations between perceptions of environmental features and physical activity 2013
2012 Park quality in racial/ethnic minority neighborhoods 2012
2012 Bibliometric measures and National Institutes of Health funding at colleges of osteopathic medicine, 2006-2010 2012
2012 The "Homeless Problem" and the Double Consciousness 2012
2011 Comment on Russell Schutt's review of at home on the street: People, poverty, and a hidden culture of homelessness (C.S., January 2011, Vol. 40, No. 1, pp. 100-01) 2011
2011 Six in one hand, half a dozen in the other: An ontological content analysis of radical Islam and the Christian right 2011
2011 Chronic illness as incalculable risk: Scientific uncertainty and social transformations in medicine 2011
2011 Housing patterns of homeless people: The ecology of the street in the Era of Urban Renewal 2011
2011 The medicalization of homelessness and the sociology of the self: A grounded fractal analysis 2011
2009 Picture and social concept: A fractal-concept analysis of advertising art 2009
2009 Problematics of grounded theory: Innovations for developing an increasingly rigorous qualitative method 2009
2009 But where do we go from here: A reply to Tomso on the state and direction of postmodern theory 2009
2008 The social psychology of amateur ethicists: Blood product recall notification and the value of reflexivity 2008
2008 Insight on Demand: Teaching Social Science Using Heat-Thinking Analysis of Visual Imagery 2008
2007 Rasing the ivory tower: The production of knowledge and distrust of medicine among African Americans 2007
2007 Developing, integrating, and perpetuating new ways of applying sociology to health, medicine, policy, and everyday life 2007
2005 A scale to assess attitudes toward Euthanasia 2005
2005 Racial differences in attitudes toward Euthanasia 2005


Year Title Altmetric
2013 Reflexive modernity and the sociology of health.  215-232. 2013

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