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2019 Vaccine Education, Reasons for Refusal, and Vaccination BehaviorAmerican Journal of Preventive Medicine.  56:359-367. 2019
2019 Capacity for Preferences and Pediatric Assent Implications for Pediatric PracticeHastings Center Report.  49:43-51. 2019
2018 Placebo Analgesia as Nocebo ReductionAJOB Neuroscience.  9:198-199. 2018
2018 The value of parental permission in pediatric practiceJAMA Pediatrics.  172:613-614. 2018
2018 Qualitative Analysis Reveals Complex Patterns of Medical Student Experiences in the First DissectionMedical Science Educator.  28:359-365. 2018
2018 Capacity for Preferences: Respecting Patients with Compromised Decision-MakingHastings Center Report.  48:31-39. 2018
2017 Harm and Parental Permission: A Response to Our CriticsAmerican Journal of Bioethics.  17:W1-W4. 2017
2017 Reasons to Amplify the Role of Parental Permission in Pediatric TreatmentAmerican Journal of Bioethics.  17:6-14. 2017
2017 Nonmaleficence, Nondisclosure, and Nocebo: Response to Open Peer CommentariesAmerican Journal of Bioethics.  17:W4-W5. 2017
2017 When Respecting Autonomy Is Harmful: A Clinically Useful Approach to the Nocebo EffectAmerican Journal of Bioethics.  17:36-42. 2017
2017 Epistemic cognition in medical education: a literature reviewInternational Journal of Medical Education.  8:1-12. 2017
2016 Prevalence of nasal colonization by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in persons using a homeless shelter in Kansas CityFrontiers in Public Health.  4. 2016
2016 Experimental evidence showing that physician guidance promotes perceptions of physician empathyAjob Empirical Bioethics.  7:135-139. 2016
2016 Differences in Emotional Experience and Coping with Human Cadaver Dissection Between a Sample of US and Lebanese Medical Students: A Pilot StudyMedical Science Educator.  26:203-206. 2016
2016 Attitudes toward euthanasia: A comparative study of university students in Iran and the United StatesOMEGA - Journal of Death and Dying.  72:247-270. 2016
2015 Response to Stephens and HeitmanJournal of Clinical Ethics.  26:270-271. 2015
2015 Walking During Leisure-Time in Relation to Perceived NeighborhoodsEnvironment and Behavior.  47:816-830. 2015
2015 Moral Reasoning among HEC Members: An Empirical Evaluation of the Relationship of Theory and Practice in Clinical Ethics ConsultationJournal of Clinical Ethics.  26:108-117. 2015
2015 Perceived neighborhood size: Implications for physical activity-environment researchJournal of Physical Activity and Health.  12:282-288. 2015
2015 Playground safety is associated with playground, park, and neighborhood characteristicsJournal of Physical Activity and Health.  12:402-408. 2015
2014 Personality Factors and Attitudes Toward Euthanasia in Iran: Implications for End-of-Life Research and PracticeDeath Studies.  38:91-99. 2014
2014 A multi-level analysis showing associations between school neighborhood and child body mass indexInternational Journal of Obesity.  38:912-918. 2014
2014 Bicycling policy indirectly associated with overweight/obesityAmerican Journal of Preventive Medicine.  47:715-721. 2014
2014 Community development corporations could potentially improve research on causal associations between environmental features and physical activityJournal of Physical Activity and Health.  11:1373-1378. 2014
2014 Nonmedical use of stimulants among medical studentsJournal of the American Osteopathic Association.  114:643-653. 2014
2014 On art and science: An epistemic framework for integrating social science and clinical medicineJournal of Medicine and Philosophy.  39:279-303. 2014
2014 The religious person revisited: cross-cultural evidence from the HEXACO model of personality structureMental Health, Religion and Culture.  17:24-29. 2014
2013 Attitude Toward Euthanasia Scale: Psychometric Properties and Relations With Religious Orientation, Personality, and Life SatisfactionAmerican Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine.  30:781-785. 2013
2013 ResponseJournal of the American Osteopathic Association.  113:266-268. 2013
2013 The insufficiency of fairness: The logics of homeless service administration and resulting gaps in serviceCulture and Organization.  19:162-183. 2013
2013 Relations between perceptions of environmental features and physical activityPerceptual and Motor Skills.  117:49-64. 2013
2012 Park quality in racial/ethnic minority neighborhoodsEnvironmental Justice.  5:271-278. 2012
2012 Bibliometric measures and National Institutes of Health funding at colleges of osteopathic medicine, 2006-2010Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.  112:716-724. 2012
2012 The "Homeless Problem" and the Double ConsciousnessSociological Inquiry.  82:331-355. 2012
2011 Comment on Russell Schutt's review of at home on the street: People, poverty, and a hidden culture of homelessness (C.S., January 2011, Vol. 40, No. 1, pp. 100-01)Contemporary Sociology.  40:648-649. 2011
2011 Six in one hand, half a dozen in the other: An ontological content analysis of radical Islam and the Christian rightScottish Journal of Religious Studies.  12:39-58. 2011
2011 Chronic illness as incalculable risk: Scientific uncertainty and social transformations in medicineSocial Theory and Health.  9:41-58. 2011
2011 Housing patterns of homeless people: The ecology of the street in the Era of Urban RenewalJournal of Contemporary Ethnography.  40:71-101. 2011
2011 The medicalization of homelessness and the sociology of the self: A grounded fractal analysisStudies in Symbolic Interaction.  37:29-62. 2011
2009 Picture and social concept: A fractal-concept analysis of advertising artVisual Communication.  8:427-448. 2009
2009 Problematics of grounded theory: Innovations for developing an increasingly rigorous qualitative methodQualitative Research.  9:355-381. 2009
2009 But where do we go from here: A reply to Tomso on the state and direction of postmodern theorySocial Theory and Health.  7:78-80. 2009
2008 The social psychology of amateur ethicists: Blood product recall notification and the value of reflexivityJournal of Medical Ethics.  34:530-533. 2008
2008 Insight on Demand: Teaching Social Science Using Heat-Thinking Analysis of Visual ImageryJournal of Curriculum and Pedagogy.  5:134-148. 2008
2007 Rasing the ivory tower: The production of knowledge and distrust of medicine among African AmericansJournal of Medical Ethics.  33:177-180. 2007
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2005 A scale to assess attitudes toward EuthanasiaOMEGA - Journal of Death and Dying.  51:229-237. 2005
2005 Racial differences in attitudes toward EuthanasiaOMEGA - Journal of Death and Dying.  52:263-287. 2005


Year Title Altmetric
2013 Reflexive modernity and the sociology of health.  215-232. 2013

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