• James A. Bonner, M.D., is Senior Advisor to the Director of the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Merle M. Salter Endowed Chair in Radiation Oncology. A member of the UAB faculty since 1998, Dr. Bonner served as co-leader of the Cancer Center’s Experimental Therapeutics Program from 1998 to 2010.

    Dr. Bonner received his undergraduate degree from Duke University and his M.D. from Wayne State University. His research interest focuses on methods of enhancing radiosensitization such as combinations of chemotherapy or targeted therapy with radiotherapy. His current laboratory interests are directed at the development of single chain antibodies that target the epidermal growth factor receptor and can be delivered in a gene therapy approach.
  • Research Overview

  • Major Research Interests:
    1. The interaction of radiation and novel chemotherapeutic and biological agents.
    2. Gene therapy delivery of anti-EGFr single chain antibodies.
  • Teaching Overview


    1. Radiation Oncology Residency Program (Participant in formal clinical and radiobiology lectures as well as daily “bedside” discussions concerning patient management), Mayo Clinic and UAB.

    2. Mayo Radiation Oncology Technology Program Radiobiology Lectures, 1990 – 1997.

    3. Director of Mayo Radiation Oncology Monthly Clinical Journal Club, 1991 – 1998.

    4. Awards received by residents who performed laboratory rotations: K. Minehan (recipient of ASTRO residents essay award for laboratory project), E. Durr (recipient of Radiation Research Society Travel Award), T. Sawyer (recipient of Morton Fellowship for laboratory project), R. Miller (recipient of ASTRO resident essay award for laboratory project, recipient of Morton Fellowship for laboratory project, recipient of American Radium Society residents essay award)

    5. Course director for Mayo Graduate School Course 5150su: Introductory Radiation Biology (Biophysics Sciences: 2 semester credits), 1995 – 1998 – designed entire semester course and taught a large portion of the course.

    6. Lecturer in the Tumor Biology Graduate School Program, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, 1995 – 1998.

    7. Primary Director of First, Second and Third Annual Radiation Oncology Symposia in Scottsdale, Arizona - February 1997, February 1998, February 1999, respectively (collaboration with the Mayo Clinic): worked with CME office to set objectives, select faculty, organize teleconferences with faculty and moderated the Program. Also, obtained pharmaceutical company support for the project.

    8. Co-Director of the Fourth Annual Radiation Oncology Symposium in Orlando, Florida – July 2000 (collaboration with The University of Michigan): similar duties as first – third symposiums which were done in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic.

    9. Residency Director for the Department of Radiation Oncology at UAB, April 1998 – April 2001. The program was somewhat in disarray due to lack of faculty and no Department Chairman for three years. Worked to recruit excellent residents and build the educational component of the program. We started a core curriculum of 52 lectures per year. This core curriculum was intended to cover all major cancer treatments. This program exists today.

    10. Co-Director of Translational Research meeting sponsored by the American Society of Therapeutic Radiology (ASTRO): San Francisco, CA – August 5 – 6, 2005.

    11. Numerous co-director positions for CME courses (see invited presentations): 2005 – Present, (most recently co-director of International HPV in Cancer Conference, Amsterdam, November 2010. Sponsored by Lancet Oncology).
  • Full Name

  • James Bonner