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2019 Planar cell polarity signaling regulates polarized second heart field morphogenesis to promote both arterial and venous pole septation. 2019
2018 Planar Cell Polarity Signaling in Mammalian Cardiac Morphogenesis. 2018
2017 Bimodal regulation of Dishevelled function by Vangl2 during morphogenesis 2017
2016 Sema6D acts downstream of bone morphogenetic protein signalling to promote atrioventricular cushion development in mice 2016
2016 Spatial regulation of cell cohesion by Wnt5a during second heart field progenitor deployment. 2016
2015 Mapping the dynamic expression of Wnt11 and the lineage contribution of Wnt11-expressing cells during early mouse development 2015
2015 Loss of Wnt5a disrupts second heart field cell deployment and may contribute to OFT malformations in DiGeorge syndrome 2015
2012 Disheveled mediated planar cell polarity signaling is required in the second heart field lineage for outflow tract morphogenesis 2012
2012 Wnt signaling in mammalian development: Lessons from mouse genetics 2012
2011 Disruption of PCP signaling causes limb morphogenesis and skeletal defects and may underlie Robinow syndrome and brachydactyly type B 2011
2010 Planar polarization of node cells determines the rotational axis of node cilia 2010
2008 Murine Dishevelled 3 Functions in Redundant Pathways with Dishevelled 1 and 2 in Normal Cardiac Outflow Tract, Cochlea, and Neural Tube Development 2008
2007 Initiation of Wnt signaling: control of Wnt coreceptor Lrp6 phosphorylation/activation via frizzled, dishevelled and axin functions 2007
2006 Dishevelled genes mediate a conserved mammalian PCP pathway to regulate convergent extension during neurulation 2006
2005 Regulation of polarized extension and planar cell polarity in the cochlea by the vertebrate PCP pathway 2005
2004 The canonical Wnt pathway in early mammalian embryogenesis and stem cell maintenance/differentiation 2004
2002 Dishevelled 2 is essential for cardiac outflow tract development, somite segmentation and neural tube closure 2002
2002 Identification of a Wnt/Dvl/β-Catenin → Pitx2 Pathway Mediating Cell-Type-Specific Proliferation during Development 2002
2002 The mouse PcG gene eed is required for Hox gene repression and extraembryonic development 2002
2002 Regulation of AChR clustering by Dishevelled interacting with MuSK and PAK1 2002
2001 Imprinted X inactivation maintained by a mouse Polycomb group gene 2001
2000 Mouse homolog of the Drosophila Pc-G gene esc exerts a dominant negative effect in Drosophila 2000
Mechanism of Prickle Function in PCP Signaling During Convergent Extension
Planar Cell Polarity Signaling Regulates Polarized Second Heart Field Morphogenesis to Promote Both Arterial and Venous Pole Septation
Vangl2 Antagonize Wnt5aà Fz3à Dvl Branch of PCP Signaling to Promote Cell Cohesion


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2006 The Wnt Signaling Pathways in Mammalian Development and Morphogenesis 2006

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